C3 10/20 Results

3S- 26 entrants

  1. Therapist (AK)
  2. CajunStrike (MA) TIE
  3. Flare (RY)
  4. Eric Lee (KE)
  5. Rockman (UR)
  6. Exodus (YU)

Team 3S- 9 Teams

  1. Team Therapist
  2. Team Flare
  3. Team Dood

CvS2- 11 entrants

  1. Rugal B.
  2. Skisonic
  3. Havoc
  4. Renegade
  5. caliagent
  6. epsilon_

ST- 16 entrants

  1. Comeback
  2. Renegade
  3. Devil Jin
  4. Rugal B.
  5. Biron
  6. caliagent

MvC2- 7 entrants

  1. Skisonic
  2. Victor
  3. Eric V.

GGAC- 17 entrants

  1. Mulligan
  2. Beast of Fire
  3. VR
  4. Therapist
  5. Reloy
  6. CajunStrike

Tournament highlights:


Power goes out during 3S finals. Firemen came. Niggas had to be out. wtf

props to everyone for making it out – how did you guys feel about the $10 entry hike in 3S and CVS2? good? bad? go back to $5?

i was totally out of it this weekend. not sure if it was those asian girls walking back and forth, or poker, or kaillera, or whatever…but it definitely wasn’t on 3S. casuals were fun, tourney was fun, come back next month! :slight_smile:

the prophecy was too much. even when i managed to win, i still had to run it back and lose.

Good stuff Kyle on winning ST:cool:

And LOL @ 3S finals:lol:


Had a good time, and i really like the fact that everything ran pretty much on time. Good job hav and ramza:tup:

Nice one Comeback!! Fuckin’ A!

Good shit. Wish the fucking power didn’t go out. So gay that we couldn’t finish the grand finals match. :frowning: I really wanted to finish that shit.

I loved it. It should stay that way.

Congrats Comeback.

Wow Rugal.B…where is steve at…I know I havent been playin for a month but where the MD players at?


i leave n the power goes out wtf is that shit lol it was the ultimate reset… im losing so the gods had mercy on me:lovin: sorry to rockman for sucking it up in 3s my heart just wasnt in it i guess idk ive been in a slump lately with that game i couldnt even do hugo 360 earlier in the day. eric v always good to see u and ski it was nice to meet u n get some casuals in for marvel. see you all next time also ggs to all in ST n CVS2 they were all fun. PVFP IS A HOMO!!! YOU MOTHER F@$KER

thanks for everyone coming out, i had fun beating bas-killer in alpha 3. power going out was stupid. also anyone at the tournament please keep an eye out for flare, his wallet is missing after this c3. if anyone has any info please let him know

edit: khang ran away from our cvs2 mm as expected=/

lol I still owe you one…I cant let that shit slip.hehe I waited weeks to play you just ofr them fags at work to tell me I gotta start wokring on fridays and saturdays…Yo I got top of the list for yo next mm…when ever I can get off…:rofl:

…in your dreams, son. :zzz:

Nice try though. :rofl:

Captain N-Ken’s team obviously wins in the chicken match, clearly led by the greatest general of our time when it comes to fighting for fried fowl. Hav, Eric Free, and rockman were all crucial in the battle portion as well.

Good to see everyone. Robin Palm offical new name is Robin Calm

Good shit Justin.


Good shit to my boy comeback…

I forfeit for third in mvc2, I put Skisonic in losers, Victor and I play Grand Finals and he takes, I forfeit to Skisonic and he comes back 2 sets on Victor, and in cvs2 right after beating Eric Kim I called it quits, due to 30 hrs without sleep, good shit to all placers!!!

the chicken match and the power outage was the best part of the weekend…

oh and also the firetruck gang pics…CLASSIC!!!

THX to ALL OUT of TOWNERS FOr maKINg iT ouT!!!

I have a question for our community!!!



good shit to the two white guys, i was that asian kid with the spikey hair and baggy pants