C&L Championship Joystick for SNES + help me identify another fight stick (pics)

I remembered I had 2 fight sticks packed away with my classic game collection, after 1-1/2 hours of digging in the garage I finely located them. Please help me identify one of them - I was able to identify one of them just now via a google search, when I originally got them around 2000 (at a flea market) I couldn’t find any info about either of them.

  1. C&L Championship Joystick (C&L Controls - manufactured by KBM in the USA)
    this thing is a freaking tank! , I have identified this as a SNES fight stick and its not only sought after but quite rare - from my google searches just now… It uses real arcade parts and feels excellent!

  2. Fighter Power Stick (PRO-4)
    This one I still can’t identify , I think it might be for PC - from the looks of the connector. This one isn’t built as solid and the joystick is kinda loose.

So my questions are:

can anyone identify joystick #2 ?

Is there anyway to modify the SNES C&L stick to be used with the 360 or the PC (for when SF4 is released on the PC)?




im trying to find an adaptor to use the SNES stick on the 360 and i’ve found one, SNES retroport - it converts snes controllers to USB - but im not sure that would work on the 360. I guess I could buy a cheap 360 pad and wire the buttons up - not sure if that’d work either and it sounds like a lot of work.

any ideas guys?

Unfortunately the 360 won’t work with just any usb, so you won’t find a converter to make an snes controller work. I’d go the cheap 360 pad method, flip through the padhacking thread for diagrams and similar.

Damn those are old school.

I really don’t have any clue, because I’ve never seen them before, but I wouldn’t mod those.

First because they don’t really look like they have a lot of room on the inside for modding.

And second because there’s a chance those are kind of rare. Maybe I’m just nostalgic but I would keep them intact

Man, I saved for that Championship stick forever back in the day. I’m sure it’s buried in a box at one of my parents’ places or something. It was a damn good stick, especially for its time.

No idea on that other stick.

they are old school! but the SNES C&L stick has arcade parts and is built like a tank - its very heavy.

Im nostalgic too, my pre-nintendo collection is f’n Massive, over 30pages typed and fills 2/3rds of a 2 car garage -BUT i want to play SF4 and can’t find a good stick for a decent price.

That SNES stick is badass considering its age. I would have loved to had something like that as a kiddo, especially when I bought one crappy plastic stick after another. Like others have said, it won’t work on the 360 without hacking it. What’s the height of the case?

Don’t let your impatience destroy something this classic though, I really wouldn’t recommend it. Just wait for the Madcatz SE to come out with a new shipment.

Check your PM’s.

2-1/2" thick and i’d guess it to be about 5 pounds (i suck at guessing weight though - it feels great and weight is evenly distributed)

I remember wanting one of those C&L Championship sticks bad back in the day. Perfect of course if you happen to have a CPS Changer (which I do not… sniff) as well!

If that stick is legitimately worth something then I wouldn’t recommend messing with it either. Otherwise open it up and take some pictures. If there’s enough room then you should be able to fit a 360 PCB in there.

but then i have to pay $80 + buy new buttons and a stick :frowning:

well then, anyone want to trade this C&L for a TE 360 stick?

what is a CPS changer?

I wish someone knew something about the other stick, maybe I should start a different thread about it with the name in the title

If you can open it up with tearing it apart and it’s got room for easy snap in’s, and a stick mod and room for a PCB…maybe…, I personally would fork over the money tbh for a new stick. BUT! I’ve seen people take some classic stuff and mod it.

It’s up to you, definitely see if there is room for new parts. It might not be so painful after all.

But do some searching, if you really don’t care for them as is, you might be able to sell them for quite a bit of cash and buy yourself a brand new stick. Lots of stick collectors out there.

there are only 4 screws, under 4 rubber ‘feet’. im gonna take them off in a bit and i’ll snap a pic of the insides and post.

im guessing there is plenty of room. If i do mod it I will carefully document how the wires go back together so I could restore it if needed.

I will check into selling it before I hack it though, I agree, someone could want this thing quite bad, I do know its rare and sought after. its prob the best stick released for the SNES.

here’s someone else that hacked up a C&L , i wish he’d documented a bit better :frowning:


I doubt it’s worth alot, maybe $50 in amazing condition, to the right person. I say mod away.

A CPS Changer was kind of like Capcom’s version of a NeoGeo. It was basically a arcade system for the home that used SNES style plugs for the controllers. It was very expensive and not a big hit, but it was the next best thing to owning an arcade machine to play Champion Edition or Hyper Fighting at home.

hmm, interesting, as a huge video game collector I hadn’t heard of that thing, but then again I mainly concentrated on pre-NES stuff.

I was thinking around $100, i couldn’t find any on ebay and not much info on google. NOTHING about the other stick, i guess i’ll try to plug it into my PC and see what happens, although it won’t be Plug ‘n’ Pray so i’ll have to locate drivers if it does fit.

i’ve had both these sticks tucked away in my collection tubs for 8 years, maybe 9. i’d forgot about them till i started looking up modding sticks so I wouldn’t have to buy some madcatz product. i paid $5 for each of them at a flea market… i hunted fleas and thrifts for a few years when ebay first started, i’d come home with a car full of stuff each hunting trip, then everyone and their grandmaw thought any classic gaming item was worth $100s of dollars and it got to be VERY hard to find ANYTHING, so I quit hunting.

That should be enough indication that it’s doable.

If you want an estimate of the price check eBay’s completed listings and the trading forum here. If you’re concerned about spending $80 (cheap like myself) then I would just mod the thing. I’ll wait for pictures but bet it’s a straightforward job.

There are SNES to USB adapters if you want to use it on the PC.