C&L Championship Joystick for SNES + help me identify another fight stick (pics)

Yeah, I’m going through my collection right now and cleaning and organzing… You gotta miss the pre-ebay days when old game stuff was CHEAP and plentiful.

If you decide not to mod it and want to deal it off I have an extra SNES Capcom Power Stick Fighter I’d probably be willing to trade you for it. Let me know.

for some reason i can’t search here… tells me to wait 21848202384 seconds - which is A LONG TIME.

couldn’t find anything on ebay, current or completed

i meant with the other stick, it appears to be an older style pc joystick plug

With 15 pins I can almost guarantee that’s what it is.

i just don’t understand why there’s a female to male adaptor on it… ?

I may have your pictures mixed up. This one definitely looks like a PC joystick. I can’t think of any console that had screw down db15 plugs.

the one that says “Fighter Power Stick” is the one with a 15-pin PC like joystick plug. the male adaptor I don’t think came with the controller.

I haven’t been able to find any info about it

edit: I see why you are confused now, both pictures of plugs are the same stick, one with adaptor on and the other with it off. I"d figured out what the C&L stick was , SNES, so i didn’t snap that plug

btw: thanks for all the participation in this thread guys

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That second stick is a rebadged Apollo fighting stick. The reason for the odd plug on the end is that it works with PC (with no adapter), Neo Geo (with the female adapter you have), and with special adaptors containing encoders, SNES, TG16, Mega Drive, and a couple of others. I just sold one of these. They aren’t made very well, but they work with a ton of systems. The green bat-top and the strange buttons give it away.

how much did you get for it? are they easy to sell?

but, if its easy to get working with a PC i’ll keep it. do i need any special drivers?

so i can just search around for Apollo Fighting Stick ?

thank you sir!

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well, a 360 joystick pcb will definitely fit inside the C&L , i’ll post pics in a bit

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bump , hoping the guy who mentioned Apollo sticks will jump back in here, i can’t find any info about that one either.

I know it’s been a few days, but here’s another Apollo thread.