C-bus Bar Battle, (Columbus, Oh) results

Street Fighter IV Singles

1 Antwan “Alucard” Ortiz MI
2 Henry “Iron Zangief” Zhang Columbus, OH
3 Sean “SH_” Columbus, OH
4 Omgerstistony Columbus, OH
5 Jason “DandyJ” Columbus, OH
5 Steven “Q” Kiluk South Gate, MI
7 AviH20 Columbus, OH
7 Mike Adams Lincoln Park, MI
9 PimpSirRichard Columbus, OH
9 Clint “Rakae” Columbus, OH
9 Nick “Servo” Cincinnati, OH
9 Josh “JimSen” Columbus, OH
13 Lucky Day Columbus, OH
13 Wayne “CrimsonZero” Columbus, OH
13 Tim Repson Parkersburg, VA 22
13 Simon
17 Ailerus Cincinnati, OH
17 Martine “Man of Columbus” Columbus, OH
17 “VJ” San Khon Columbus, OH
17 Todd “RyujinFlame” Columbus, OH
17 Chris Ramseen Columbus, Oh
17 Dave “DetroitDeathGod” Detroit, MI
17 Bob G Parkersburg, VA
17 Josh “BillyZane” Parkersburg, VA
25 Jacob “Face” Columbus, OH
25 “Radical” Edward “101” Modecki-Mellett Columbus, OH
25 Steve “8-bit” Columbus, OH
25 DJ2x Columbus, OH
25 Mike "xxxMufasa
25 Rob “Kohnsu” Cleveland, OH
25 Tam "Ocks Columbus, OH
25 Brad Burton

Street Fighter IV Teams

1 313 Detroit, MI
2 Balls in Ass Dick in Pussy Columbus, OH
3 Masters of Teras Kasi: A Documentary Cincinnati, OH
4 Detroit’s Worst Detroit, MI
5 Team Rape Columbus, OH
5 DaigoNukiUSA Columbus, OH
7 Oopaww Columbus, OH
7 Unlimited Sausage $13.99 Cream Puffs Extra
9 Epileptic Gaming OH
9 Bearded Fury Parkersburg, VA
9 The Forbidden

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

1 Jason “DandyJ” Columbus, OH
2 Thomas “Tiggy” Columbus, OH
3 AviH20 Columbus, OH
4 Wayne “CrimsonZero” Columbus, OH
5 “Radical” Edward “101” Modecki-Mellett Columbus, OH
5 Omgerstistony Columbus, OH
7 Lucky Day Columbus, OH
7 Clint “Rakae”

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

1 PimpSirRichard Columbus, OH
2 Jason “DandyJ” Columbus, OH
3 Lucky Day Columbus, OH
4 Wayne “CrimsonZero” Columbus, OH
5 Josh “JimSen” Columbus, OH
5 Clint “Rakae” Columbus, OH
7 Henry “Iron Zangief” Zhang Columbus, OH
7 “Radical” Edward “101” Modecki-Mellett Columbus, OH
9 Steve “8-bit”

Big thanks go out to Ed he really did a great job.
Brent I am not sure if your a human anymore you did a great job.
DJ2Times thanks for the hook up.

To everyone who brought setups and came out to play thank you for making this event a success.

Things went so well looks like we will be doing something in April.

Thanks for holding this, I had a lot of fun. I’m definitely coming to anything else you guys want to hold.

clint thanks for the free soda
zenos thanks for the gyro pizza
big tv thanks for letting me play marvel briefly
tony thanks for winning me so much money
midwest arc good shit in tvc and hdr thanks for looseing everything else

Great tournament, really fun to watch. The commentary was awesome (Brent i think it was?), Tiggy vs DandyJ in TvC finals was too hype. You guys made me want to go find a Wii and give that game a try.

yea that was me my voice is killing me after 12 hours of commentary hype as hell …thanks for the support man you should try tvc its an awesome game

Clint I had a ton of fun, great tourney!
Henry Good shit on 2nd.
Thanks to the MI and VA crews for coming out, had a lot of fun playing yall.
Brent thanks for having my back in my money matches.

Just all around i had a good time, ggs to all i played.

Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

As said in the previous C-bus bar Battle thread I had so much fun. Thanks again to dj2times and Rakae for putting this together. Thanks to WV and MI for coming out.

Thanks to:

Clint for hosting
Ed for running brackets
Brent for commentary/stream and saying our entire team name every time
Zeno’s for the venue/awesome food/drinks
Michigan for coming and taking our money
West Virginia for bringing their entire scene to a tournament
dj2times for saying “don’t bring potato salad to a picnic” (what does that even mean)
Avi and J for being cool dudes and letting us crash at their crib
Tony for letting me throw his hat
Everyone I hugged as I did my tiger woods apology impression

and everyone I played in tourney matches.

good shit to Alucard and the michigan crew for coming down. Alucard, I will get you next time.
Good shit to Cbus for showing that we are not free.
GG to tony, your rog is hard to get in. Turtle is the way to go!
Good shit to Sean for doing well in his 1st sf4 tourney. cammy is looking nice.
i love zenos food and drinks. I shoulda gotten drunk.

This. I’ll for sure be at the next one, whenever that may be.

edit: also thanks to Clint for offering to let us stay at his place if needed

the West Virginia scene is 4 strong! Bearded Fury will be there to poorly represent a poorly populated state come april. Thanks again for running everything and to all the incredibly nice people there. A really classy scene. Also mad props to Alucard for giving me about a million things to work on after watching him play

Clint, for being the first to stop talking and start acting.
DJ2X for hosting and that Cuervo and Tabasco.
Ed for doing a SPECTACULAR job on running brackets for the first time.
MI, WV, and “Masters of Teras Kasi: A Documentary” for bringing challenges and hype.
And Columbus: I don’t have to say shit, you already know.

A special shout-out to Josh aka “JimSensei” aka “Not the doinker, rather the doinkee” for leveling up exponentially in two days.

Oh, and learn form your mistakes, steal strats, or show your homies your balla status: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/c-bus-bar-battle

Your welcome. Just name the time and place if you want it to happen again. lmao. GS to everyone I played. Learned a lot being there, hope to play again!

yo it took awhile but i tagged all of the good shit that happens during the stream for quick access to you favorite matches

Damn, what a great tourney + venue! Shit is definitely happening again. Big thanks to Executive Producer Clint, Director Ed, Key Grip Brent, Producer DJ2x, and the rest of the Columbus crew for running this thing and helping out in any way.

Antwan - the star of this tourney. Glad I had the opportunity to play you, you got that edge that 99% of players don’t.

Josh - my partner, you leveled up big time during the team tourney, goooooood shit! The two best characters man, can’t lose!

Henry - damn good shit, really in your element this tourney. Your game on the ground vs fireball characters is strong!

Thomas - glad to have repped TvC w/ you, game is fun as hell. You gotta make it out to AL w/ us so we can rep down there!

Avi - great to see you again, means a lot to come back all that way to visit your bros! EX TIGERRRR lol

Jimmy - hey man thanks for coming out! It’s always great to see you. Sup with those VF4 tricks huh? haha. Strong mental game in VF as always.

Leejang - nice to finally meet you and get in some games! I’ll definitely have to brush up on VF5 Shun we play again, and your fuzzy guard is crazy!

Brian - good games in HDR, man I thought I could pull it out but I think you were on top of my patterns in the finals, lol!

Sean - are you a STREET FIGHTER player now!? lol! Good shit though, showing off them natural skills!

Ailerus - good to see you and get in a few games as well. Yo I don’t wanna see any execution errors next time I see you!

Q - good shit in team tourney. Just keep it cool and patient w/ Gat, he is a fucking fortress.

Jacob - sorry about that shit in the team tourney, but I consider it BAD KARMA for swtichinggggggggg! LOL, jk

Tony - hype in those money matches! Best Chun in Columbus??? haha

Big thanks to Michigan, Cinci, West Virginia (!?), and everyone else who came out and made this shit hype. Special thanks to ZENO’s and crew for the fuckin free drinks, great food and awesome venue.

Good games to everyone else I played and anyone I forgot (IM SORRY!) See yall next time.

Antwan doesn’t have a SRK account anymore due to drama but I’ll pass it along to him Dandy

cause your such good buddies with him ?

fo sho

Anyway, ggs to everyone. I had to leave early due to plans already made with other friends, but had a blast while I was there.

  • Brent kicked ass on commentary, it was almost hard to concentrate during my matches because I was laughing and listening to him talk.

  • Awesome to see other cities show up, the Michigan crew is all cool as hell, didn’t get to meet the WVA or KY players, but thanks for showing up.

  • good shit to Brian for owning me again in HDR. Fuck your green Ken, lol.

  • I was a little pissed to lose to Dandy, but then I got to thinking for some reason I don’t think I’ve ever even played him in HDR or ST, so I had no idea what to expect. Should have known you were going to be good considering you cruised through just about every tourney all day.

  • Ed did a nice job on the brackets. That tourney software is the real deal. Fuck paper brackets forever.

  • Thanks to Clint and DJ for setting up the event/venue. Food was good and cheap, beer was too, bar upstairs was nice and roomy too, so I think we could fit some more if needed for another event.

Highlight of the day for me was TvC final. Dandy and Tiggy were back and forth and the combos were awesome.

That game was too fun. For some reason I’ve had it sitting on my wii HDD for a month and haven’t even fired it up. Now I’m determined to put some time in and actually learn how it works. Even not knowing what I was doing I was having a blast with it.

Everyone else I forgot, whatever, I probably talk to you all the time anyway.

yes sirree