Buyer beware: Brook Retro Board

TThere are multiple gameplay breaking bugs with the Brook Retro Board that I detail in these two threads:

What is a real concern is how easy it is to notice these bugs… they are not edge cases, they make the product unusable. Worse, the button press dropping bug has been known for a year, and yet no firmware update has been released. Even worse, after spending a couple weeks trying to get customer service from Brook, they told me to reach out to the retailer that I bought the board from: Arcade Shock. After exchanging emails back and forth with Arcade Shock, they were clear that there is no firmware update release date for fixing these issues. In fact, no firmware update of any kind has ever been released for the Brook Retro Board.

The nail in the coffin is when I requested to return the defective product to Arcade Shock, they said that I would have to pay shipping and a 15% restocking fee.

Buyer beware! Avoid the Brook Retro Board until the product has at least the basic advertised functionality fixed with a firmware update. I am skeptical that a firmware update will ever be released to address these issues, and I have doubts now about Arcade Shock’s customer service.

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Here’s the thing … barring your posts/thread creations, which are within the guidelines; you fucked up and did one major thing wrong.

You don’t just simply put users on blast, you just don’t. This subsection isn’t fucking GD, and doing something like this is very likely to get your topic closed/posting privileges removed. Try engaging the users in question via other professional means first before doing something like this.

@d3v - can you take a look at this please?

I would have appreciated if somebody had more widely communicated out the issues with this PCB so that I did not need to take a financial loss. What is wrong with informing people? What good does hiding facts about the technical issues in a PCB do for the community?

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This is the only issue I’d have with this thread. The rest is fine.

I have no issues with this thread. If someone is having issues with a product or vendor in the fgc that I’m likely to use, I’d like to hear about it. Even though I disagree with his opinion of arcadeshock I don’t think this post is overly inflammatory.

I do however have an issue with OP having several threads regarding the same issue including hijacking another users post. That’s just bad etiquette.

Thanks for making this issue known. I’ll hold off on the retro board.

My issue out of the gate with the Retro board is that they did not include thumbstick support, WTF. This would have made it awesome and a wide range of games could then be playable, without it i won’t even waste a cent on it.

Why would you even need thumb stick support for a board meant for Arcade Sticks?
Especially one that designed to support older consoles.

If you really need thumb stick support there other paths to take

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