Button Mashers fighting game tourneys (Warwick, RI)

Hello everyone me again!

Decided to just make a new thread instead of continuing to post in the old one (its a bit messy now)
For those not in the loop I am a URI student putting together the fighting game community in RI/surrounding areas.

I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting a few of you but more is always welcome.
I have a thing going with Button Mashers in Warwick (go visit them) and should be having my first event March 3rd (saturday) hoping that nothing goes wrong.


Go to the facebook group and vote in the poll for what you want to see run there!
So far the favorites are: Soul Calibur V, SSFAE2012, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.
I hope to be making a weekly/biweekly community with events to be held every weekend!
Go join in on the vote and i hope to see you soon!

I’m from Warwick! WhooT!

This would be awesome man. I got my car in Dec and was hoping to attend nearby sessions, but Fall River sessions are closed for the winter. Having something like a store being able to run these events would be great.

yep should be cool :slight_smile:
just gotta get closer to march then we can get it all together

Hey, Cool that they’ll be tournaments in Rhode Island now! I’ll defintely come check them out. A week before though in Fall river there is a tournament, you guys should come, and all the Rhode Island people you can bring too! Saturday the 26th

Please by all means show up and advertise the shit out of your location. We need more players/places to play in the RI/SE Mass areas !

naw i dont work there, theyre just looking for events to be hosted

Ahh, well still tell all the people there! Because I want to go and enjoy it with a lot of people there. Sounds like a great venue.

theres an event before mine going on in 2 weeks on saturday i think,

i have URi games-con going on so i sadly cant attend.
but please go down and support these guys

GUYS!! Whoever wants to attend the upcoming Ultimate marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament at Button mashers in RI needs to sign up by sunday or else it will get cancelled! It is 10$ to sign up and there must be at least 10 people or else they will cancel the tournament! PLEASE GO TO THE FACEBOOK PAGE (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Button-Mashers-Video-Games/193132064073862) FOR MORE DETAILS!


Hey gang, I’m starting a flag football group on sundays in Fall River. If interested please email me at garynaultjr@hotmail.com

Also, see you guys at the tournament on the 10th!

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hey guys. Just signed up and its good to see alot more people around where i live playing some fighting games. Do we have to sign up anywhere or do we just show up to the tournament? Enable where in fall river you from? I lived in fall river but now im in somerset.

Down close to burlington, like 3 minutes away maybe? Pretty much off of Plymouth.

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hey hows it going guys?

planning to do SSF4AE2012 tourney this saturday.

looking for show of interest and possibly supplying xbox’s/game copies if you can.

lemme know!

Maybe yes, maybe no. This Saturday is a bad day for me.

The week before spring break is when every professor decides to have an exam.

i hear ya.
if nothing else im just gonna use it as a break from my exams (most are this week.)
but no pressure.

I should be there. Pmed you on FB ben.

I’ll try to make it there. Around what time?

I’m geussing around 5 or something.
Between people i know, i got 4 setups heading down so were all set on my end.
Just gotta finalize shit with the store.

We in there. Come by and support the local scene guys.

So official time is 1pm saturday.

I’m gonna be there after 10 setting up beforehand.

come play games with us and well get lunch!

Definitely won’t be able to make it this Saturday, sorry. Maybe next time.