Burnout 3 OWNZ JOO!

This is the best arcade racer since Ridge Racer Type 4 or Wipeout XL. The speeds are faster than the secret racing league and the Piranah ship in Wipeout XL and the gameplay is fun as hell. The controls allow for sweet and generally controllable drifts. The multiplayer is sweet as hell because all the dumb ass rednecks and 7 year olds are talking over the mic and spreading their knowledge. BUY IT.

Ill be getting this game also…thanx for the feedback Gammon…ill hit up with a FR, so we can get some games in.

I was never a fan of the two previous games but this shit is hot.

Man, EVERYONE seems to be saying this. Go on any gaming forum and everyone and their mother is raving about it, plus its got crazy scores virtually everwhere, 9.5 ign, 9.5 hard to please gamespot, 9.3 oxm, 9.0/9.0/9.5(I think?) egm, etc etc etc etc.

I think I might get it today.

Yeh I will be buying it for sure. 9.5 from Gamespot is a great score, I watched the video review they said it was just too good.

For the Uk peeps, you can get it for 31.99 inc delivery from play.com

I’m up for it, this game is 100% entertainment! This game can be played competitively too, which is great! They balanced the amount of carnage with circumstances that can be controlled with skill in the races. The traffic is completely avoidable unlike in Midnight Club II where the traffic was virtually impossible to dodge at times. There are very few times where Burnout 3 sets you up with circumstances that could result in an unforeseeable crash. The only times you crash based on unlucky happenings is when you are forced to blindly drift through multiple lanes of traffic and the occasion that some NPC switches lanes. The switching lane bull-shit happened like 500000 times in Midnight Club II which was fucking gay, it almost never happens in this game which is great.

F-Zero Fo Life!

But I’m looking at getting that Burnout 3 too. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it.

I was a huge fan of Burnout 2, and 3 is better in many ways. This has to be the best racer I’ve ever played and easily one of the best Xbox games to date. Everyone should own this game, maybe we can make an SRK team for Team Road Rage!

LOL. It’s funny how I got into Burnout. I knew it had potential from the very first game. Me and my friend were chillin out and we decided to play Burnout just cuz we had nothing else to play and he said he never really played it much. We popped it in and immediately I was having a good time. A game where you get bonuses for driving on the wrong side of the road?! That was some innovative shit at the time. I said to myself…“give this game a sequel or two and it’s gonna be hot shit for real”.

Two sequels later and it gets a 9.5 Editor’s Choice on GameSpot. My dad just picked it up yesterday and he was having a great time with it. Can’t wait to play it myself.

I have the game to and have unlocked 15 cars so far, I have lots of hours to go on this one before I have unlocked all the cars, I tested the game online and there doesn’t seem to be any form of lag as far as I can tell, I tested it for about 20 minutes and everything did run smooth. The game is a lot of fun to with all the race and crash modes so maybe I see you guys online in this one to!

damn i should check this out

I have never played any burnout before and all I gotta say is WOAAAAAH !!! :wow:
Unfuckingbelivable…basically EVERYTHING is great about this game.Controls,graphic(oh yes big time),music,etc.I unlocked this car that runs like 208mph :wow:
I mean DAAAAAAAAAAAMN…both of my brothers doesnt really play but they got hooked instanly.“THE” fastest racer I have ever played…everyone get this game…N:mad:W

Also invest on a steering wheel…its a WHOLE LOT more fun then using a controller :clap:

how much is the game running for?

I don’t know if you have Fry’s Electronics where you live, but you can get it there for $34.99.

I just got back from there. The sticker on the front said $49.99, so I assumed I would have payed that, but then when the girl rang it up…BAM!! $37.88. Fry’s is just gangsta that way.

EDIT: checks Xaronth’s location LOL!! I highly doubt you have Fry’s Electronics over there. Better luck next time, broham.

I just got done playing this on Live for the past 3 hours…so far the best modes seem to be Road Rage and Single Race…Party Crash is alright, if your more up for slow carnage based fun. Haven’t played Team Crush or Double Impact yet…

Just got the game today,just went into worked picked it up and took the rest of the day off. Game fuckin rocks man. look forward to playing all you guys on it.

If you see me on at times it will be me and other times it will be one of my 2 younger brothers or one of my friends. This game is so pick up get buzzin and play every mother fucker that comes to my house is playing it.

Not really a fan of race car games, but this one seems hyped up. I’ll check it out.

Its not hyped up, it’s just damn good.

I am not a fan of racing games, but Burnout 3 is just a master in arcade racing, serius fun for even peeps that play nothing.

g a m m o n - Hopefully I can catch you for a sess soon, and make you eat my dust bitch :tup:

Only kiddin bro I suck

Heh, I’ve been playing it up. It may be a couple of days before I play you on LIVE, setting up in the dorms at my college soon.