Build #3 - Full Wico | Full Optical Joystick

Build #1 SFAE to THIS.
Build #2 2009 SDCC to THIS.

Build #3:


WICO Perfect 360 Joystick
WICO Perfect 360’s Spill Resistant Pushbuttons
Smallish American style case with straight 6 or 8 button holes
Multi-Platform support
Custom Art
Custom Paint

Getting the parts together:

Blank MAS case 2013 design | @Nobus3r1 ver. 2.0

Traded blank MAS case for 8 buttons | @VirtualCosmic

8 more buttons | @sethian0

Deluxe American joystick case, plexi, and Neutrik adapter | @Mekishiko

Joystick (not pictured) | eBay Seller kaleo1980

PS360+, cables, and clips (kinda not pictured) |

More buttons and cables (not pictured) |

More buttons and joystick shafts (not pictured) |

Let the games begin!!!

looks sick! cant wait to see it finish!

A little additional intel arrived today in the mail:

It’s a tradeshow tape, I guess from back in the day when Perfect360 was still shill’n hard.

Hope it’ll be good for more info, screen caps, and at least I got an official sticker on the tap and some art on the VHS box… who knows, still have to unearth my old VCR to see what’s on this thing.

Now you just need the elusive hybrid spill proof button. Still optical but it has a optical sensor that looks to be housed in a switch like (only looks) container.

(middle buton)

I believe this was the one that @CUTWEST was going to send me until he lost it =) He did send me a white one though which is currently in my optical stick. THE HUNT CONTINUES!!!

Rip that VHS and put that bitch on youtube? I got a set of 6 perfect 360 buttons. I may never use them but man, they are nice. Please keep us posted.

yeah, would be interesting to see what’s inside that VHS.

I second that. Get that on YT son!!! or something.

Then its all agreed, we all must see the content of this video.

Video has 2 mins of 360 hype, and 15 minutes of bowl-cuts.

It’s alright.

We neeeeeeed it. Give it us nooooooooww!!!

If you don’t want to muck with digitizing the tape to put online, I know a guy would probably do it for free and treat it real nice in the process. Here’s his channel:

Tell him undamned sent you (seriously, tell him)! :smiley:

Cool channel

Bump for weird arcade parts that used to be mine.

Sorry to say folks, the tape remains undigitized.

Got a chance, over the long 4th of July weekend, to dig this bad boy out of storage; In the hopes of creating the best possible analog to digital conversion setup I can provide for a $3 tape.

stay tuned…

I do have some new news though!!!

Took a deep breath, got brave, and opened one of these bad boys up.

I picked the one that was the most semi-used / looked to have the most miles on it.

Here are the disassembly pics, note there is some mummified glue on the base piece that gives up the ghosts after gently wiggling the base piece away from the housing piece:

The underside of the “plunger” piece:

Down the rabbit-hole of the “housing” piece:

And out the other side of the “housing” piece:

Close up of the Fire-the-Laser PCB in the “base” piece:

Another shot of all the pieces next to each other:

In all honesty I was gonna clean all the used buttons anyway; And boy am I glad that I went ahead and opened one, because even though they are advertized as spill resistant… theys is nots WAATAA proof, and I would’ve jacked them up had I used as much water as I ended up using to clean them. P.S. I soaked the yellow plastic pieces in a mix of warm water and dish soap for about 5mins, scrubbed them with a soft brush and cotton towel, and then left the parts to dry overnight.


Did some internets surfing and I think this is what you’re looking for @sethian0:

(middle button)

I have about 140 something Wico Perfect 360 buttons. I’m open to color trades.

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I also have about 6 Wico Perfect 360 full Wico/Full Optical Joysticks

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Greetings, I am looking to buy some of those optical buttons or make a trade, do you think you can help me out? I have a microswitch hyabusa joystick to trade, and a street fighter 4 ps3 collectors edition untouched, unopened still sealed. I also have some other things…

Hi @CONSTANTINE , welcome to the forum, you should get with the original poster of the below thread for more info:

@WHITE_4ND_N3RDY , dude is the person most recently active/knowledgeable on this forum when it comes to Wico Perfect 360 buttons now-a-days.

@805Nash is cool bros too tho :star_struck:

If you just want buttons PLEASE make a thread in the trading outlet section of the forum.

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Hey there, I’m not selling any sad to say.

I sold off my collection recently, sorry. I have no further insides where to get theses. Just have to grind hard for it, reach out to people but be respectful of their boundaries and keep everything short conversations to the point. Most people dont care to get rid of theirs but money always talks.