Brook Sniper: Giving the FGC (& FPSC) Options

Brook released the sniper and one of the ancillary features is the usb port on the back. It basically acts as a Brook plug and play auto detect Universal Fighting Board. I’ve tried every unboxed stick & pad I own from various consoles at it and so far it works on the PS4 and is hot swappable. Also there is a 3.5mm input for audio\voice on PS4, an easier way to use your 3.5mm headsets with sticks and pads lacking this option and for folks not using USB\BT headsets.

•End goal is to provide a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about this converter and with it’s unique properties I believed it was owed its own thread. As I have more time (If you own the Brook Sniper as well feel free to post your own discoveries or tests and I’ll update this OP) with the sniper I plan to test & upload video(s) on the following;

Input Lag
[] Will use the 60fps recorded video method on USFIV & then SFV per pad/stick.
] Will test input lag with eTokki PSXto360 & Brook PS2toPS4 adapter.
[*] Will compare input lag with a native PS4 stick plugged in directly to the PS4 and the same PS4 stick plugged into the Brook Sniper as a pass through.

Compatibility With Other Consoles
[*]360, XB1, PS3, PC & MAC

Disassembly & The Guts of This Device
[] Mini UFB inside?
] Modular?
[*] Can it be scaled down and used specifically for the converter and 3.5mm headset properties?

Valuable Use
[] I can see the Sniper being used at your local eSport Centers or even zealous TOs. Mount two of these adapters near/to each PS4/Console and advertise the ability for customers/contestants to bring the Stick/Pad of their choice from any console. Or Keyboard & Mouse for the FPS crowd or that one player you know that prefers playing SF on their keyboard.
] Players with multiple adapters can consolidate into this one adapter albeit a larger form factor, unless we find we can scale down the adapter’s pcbs.
[] Brook future support for Tournament Mode, I’ve tested some Macros for Keyboard\Mouse on a FPS but haven’t tried creating a Macro for SFV.
] The micro USB has a USB that has another USB piggy backed onto it. Only 1 of the USB’s need to be plugged into the console, the other USB is only needed if your KB&M draw enough current to require it or the Gamepad\Arcade Stick port draws enough current to require it. Only plugging in the primary USB frees up the only other USB port available on the original PS4s. A powered USB hub can be used here as needed as well.
[] I can use my mechanical keyboard as a hit box! Kind of, worked fine for shotos but I could not register a 360 motion in SFV? Will try USFIV and other fighters\consoles.
] Pad\Stick and KB&M all remain under 1 PSN profile
[] Hotswapping a Pad\Stick when a KB&M is plugged in doesn’t trigger a new PSN profile login (saves a few seconds of next user to just sit down and play instead of picking a PSN profile)
] Hotswapping a Pad Stick without KB&M plugged in untested
[*] 3.5mm Audio plugin support for PS4, untested for other consoles but brooks advertises it only works for PS4

I’very started a video series for Brook for providing this review unit from a FPS perspective;
The playlist will stay the same but will automatically have more videos on the playlist as the videos reach their scheduled date and time for public viewing.

[] Unboxing Video @ 3/3/17[details=Spoiler][/details]
] Initial Impression for FPS/OW @ 3/4/17[details=Spoiler][/details]
[] 5 Weekly Videos @ 3/5/17 and every Sunday for 5 wk.'s, follows a Master Rank Overwatch player go from DS4 to a Corsair Strafe KB & a Razer Imperator[details=Spoiler][list]
[] Final Impression for use on FPS/OW: Available after 5th week
] Comparison to Xim4 @ TBD
[] Hotswapping Sticks and pads demonstration on PS4 @ TBD
] Various Input Lag test @ 4/20/17 more to come
[] Razer Panthera with upgrade FW: 1.01 vs HFC4 & HRAPVX connected to the PS4 via Brook Sniper
] [details=Spoiler][/details]

**I Will update the first post with the new info as it’s created and post the new edits in the reply posts.
**If you own a Brook Sniper or have access to one anything you test or discover update the rest of us and I’ll add it to this OP.

I thought this was just to get mouse and keyboards mapped as a ds4?

Are you sure about it converting USB console peripherals to PS4?

Yes sir :slight_smile: I’ve tested a few sticks and pads already as described in OP. There’s a third USB A port on the back specificially for sticks and pads. As far as console USB peripherals outside of controllers and pads I haven’t tested any like steering wheels, microphones, etc.

Can you plug a Madcatz 360 fightpad in and use it on PS4? If so I know a couple people who would want it!

Wired fight pad? Yes :slight_smile:

That’s cheating though. I don’t play OW on PS4(or PC for that matter), but I’d expect to see a lot of angry console players in the comments or chat.

 The mouse can't move faster then a right analog stick, it's limited by the games input sensitivity. I believe the aim is just more natural and fluid with a mouse and your wrist opposed to your thumb and an analog stick.

 Kind of like a hitbox can hit Cardinals much faster then a standard JLF, I don't see the cheating myself?

Assuming you can crank up the sensitivity pretty high and aim with a precision that you just can’t get with a thumbstick, it’s definitely cheating.

I hate it when people try to justify this. Using a mouse to aim has given people an advantage in online console shooters since Halo 2. I don’t even need to argue this, it’s in the description of the product on

OW could allow for using a mouse on PS4 without the need for any adapters, but it doesn’t. Why do you think that is?

“Why couldn’t the zoo animals pass their test?”
“There was too many Cheetahs.”-Recent NFL players reading bad jokes-dont-laugh-challenge-video

This thread isn’t to discuss the moral compass of competitive FPS peripherals or if one does even exist but rather;

•The ability to and how well that ability performs from this device
•The FGC factor of that third usb port functioning as a plug and play auto-detect UFB

I was just pointing out that you’ll be seeing a lot of negativity in chat and the comments. You’re the one who tried to convince me that it was okay to use it.

On the verge ordering the Sniper, I want to see tests on BF1 and TF2 I got recently. Do these two have adjustments to mouse sliders?

Side two keys, middle key and wheel function are mappable. Screen shot of the Config screen for the mouse, I’m not at home atm but here’s one screen shot of the mouse Config from the app;[details=Spoiler]


For in-game settings set your sensitivity levels to max. For Brook setting; [details=Spoiler][/details]

All the mouse related settings I found on the map

All the mouse related settings I found on the app [details=Spoiler]


If you’re referring to being able to adjust sensitivity and key bindings per game then yes. You can make up to 8 profiles all switchable in game via the function keys with a corresponding custom light color to keep track of the setting you are on.

I wonder how this thing competes against similar devices like the Xim4?

Great stuff. Thx

Hoping to get hands on a Xim 4 to make a direct comparison if not will compile a relative comparison video.

Just received the Sniper. I’m having difficulty pairing the app from my android phone to the Sniper using the latest version 1.1.14 Brook app. While it is scanning, the Brook app says “write failed, bluetooth not enabled” when clearly all my devices are on. I went into the bluetooth setting on my phone and what looks like “AvantCom-BLE” to connect to and won’t.
There’s no way for the Sniper app to configure without pairing it.
I tried two android phones including mines with a tablet and no luck.


All devices are up to date on the latest firmware also meets the BT4.0 requirement from the Sniper hardware. Android OS is 6.0 marshmallow on all 3 mobile devices. Brook sniper app also is up to date to the latest version.
Hardware is set up correctly using my Corsair Strafe keyboard and Corsair mouse with Pro PS4.

@7 5 0
Please use latest firmware to try V1.3
Which modules name of your phone to connect with Sniper ?

Help us to confirm BT button, does it work well? While you pressing down, you feltdown and up…

New released firmware app works now thx. The BT button works yes.

So far I tried one game Battlefield 1 and its not mapping the keys. I followed the manual from the box and seems I still have to find a solution.
Using a Corsair strafe keyboard and mouse.