Brook Converters Thread

Hey Everyone,

Updating this post with all the confirmed working Controllers and PCBs that people have tested thus far from this discussion. If you would like to contribute please add your confirmed findings in the comments and I will update this post. Clearly state which model/color Brook adapter and the confirmed working controller manufacturer / model.

Manufacturers Website:

My Reviews / Lag Test on YouTube:

Official Firmware Updates:

*General Compatibility - Most Officially Licensed Products should work with these converters as they are required to follow exact specifications from Sony / MS.

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haha… i know chances are slim theyll actually be any good but you never know until someone rips one open. i might actually pick one up to test or alteast test them out in store at VGNY since im local.

I am no expert on lag so all that i can say is that my TE, injustice stick, and qanba q1 all respond well on my xbone.

Not brave enough to open it up until i have another xbone fight stick solution. Lol

I might be interested in this just to use my logitech wheel on the xb1 for forza

Wow. This is like the second time I’ve seen some company create a Xbox One or PS4 converter that doesn’t required a pass through method. If these guys are clearly cracking the security check inside of these controllers then where is the PS360+ killer that has everything in one PCB if the technology is available? I don’t get it.

I have the PS3/PS4 to Xbox One version, it’s plug and play, works great, no lag. However, I’m a bit afraid that the weight of the converter + my controller are going to damage my USB port.

You could use a hub to eliminate the strain.

Just found out they have a PS3 to PS4 model. However, I can’t find any info on if it needs to be reset/re-authenticate every 8-10 mins. All I know is that you don’t need a wired PS4 controller.

so, any input lag results?

Just sold my xb1 modded TE gonna buy one of these and test it out…

Any news? Test input lag??
Here’s a review on a Taiwanese forum. (Click on the the links to ciew pictures). The reviewer said no noticable lag. Works on every controller except original TE.

I have those, one for PS3 to Xbox One and another for PS3 to PS4, they’re great converters, no lag, no original controllers needed for verification and no authentication every 8 mins. I’d highly suggest you use those with USB extension cables though.

More info here

I should be getting another one they made this week, PS2 to PS4

I like the usb extension suggestion. My 360 to xbone converter works flawlessly but i was concerned about the usb port thing too

Where is the PS2 to PS4 one available from?

I got it directly from the manufacturer for review, I’m not sure if they’re interested in selling them individually. If any of you is interested in buying in bulk for your local scene, pm me and I’ll give you their contact info.

More info here

Hey guys. So I just sold one of my sticks to pay for some of these adapters. I’m a little torn on which one to get for xbox one though. Most of my sticks use a ps360+ PCB so I really don’t know which one would respond better the 360->XboxOne or the PS3/PS4->XboxOne. My gut is telling me to use the latter due since the PS3 connection doesn’t require any security but if you guys can provide some feedback it would help.

Any news of Xbox 360/ Xbox One to PS4 model? Thanks

i just bought the ps3/ps4 to xbox one as well the ps3 -> ps4 adapters. ill try my best to test them out when they come in.