Breath of Fire 6 announced. PC/tablet/smartphones/looks like garbage

Zero hype or hope for this title. Not feeling the artstyle at all. BOF3/4 artstyle was >> this shit, even the SNES games were more aesthetically pleasing imo.

Edit: Online touch RPG.

I’ll buy it. I love BoF.

This is like one of those “Corrupt a Wish” threads or something in real life. God dammit, Capcom.

Burn Capcom to the ground.

If it wasn’t for the screenshot showing the title, I would’ve guessed this was some random Korean MMO.

looks like ragnarok online. gross.

I had the exact same thought.

Bad Breath of Fire.

(The other) Ryu as the 5th character in SFUltra confirmed?[/details]

You cancel Mega Man Legends 3.
You refuse to bring Ace Attorney Investigations 2 to the West.
You continue to shut down all hopes of a UMvC3 patch.
You let DMC become DmC.
You blame all your fans for your decisions to make these mistakes.

I was willing to forgive you for all of that Capcom, I still loved you.

This. You hold our last gifted child in your hands, while the other children run around drooling, incapable of forming any coherent sentences from years of child abuse, and slit Breath of Fire’s throat over my paralysed body, unable to move from the DLC you fed directly into my veins. Unable to stop you from killing the last thing I loved about you. I show no emotion as the blood pours over my comatose body and I watch as the life slowly drains from the child I had protected from you all of those nights you came home drunk. I held him close to my body as the screams of the other children echoed through the halls. I made a promise to him. That I would always protect him from you. A promise I couldn’t keep today. As his eyes roll to the back of his head, I muster up the energy to whisper my final words to my favourite child.

“I’m sorry.”


I don’t even know what happened there. I realised what I was doing halfway through writing that, but by that point, it was too late.

It…looks like nothing from BoF. Not one of them.

I wish there was another Dragon Quarter. Or a game in a similar style, at least.


What is Capcom?


A miserable little pile of secrets!

Breath of Fire should have stayed dead. It didn’t deserve this.

Because iOS hasn’t molested my childhood memories enough.

First it was Mega Man X (with DLC!) on iOS, then Mega Man Xover, and now this turd.

What is the fucking point?

I mean seriously, if you are dragging the corpse of a franchise up to ass fuck it without lube and sell it to the casual phone game players, you’d think they’d at least pick a franchise their new target audience would recognise and not have something which will leave them asking the question “Do I need to have played the first 5 to get what’s going on?”.

It just seems like a move tailor made to piss fans off with no real benifit.

Yo, guys…



Couldn’t agree more, but the unfortunate fact is that those stupid phone games are HUGE in Japan. So I guess in the end if we are talking America, then yes, why would they bring that shit out here in this form when it’s consumer base are using consoles. In Japan not so much. Hopefully they will be smart and make a old school game with them old artist and release it with some non numeraled name of some sort, but that is not happening lol.

Edit: I was right

They just whoring out the name for a quick cash grab for the jap cell phone market since it is so big.

Double Edit: They just need to outsource that shit to Camelot Software, since them dudes have been wanting to revive the game for quite some time now. Let Arcsys handle the artwork with Tatsuya Yoshikawa as art director.

I hope it has a lot of dlc

The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire! We don’t need no water, let that mother fucker burn!!!

Is there a remote chance, any sort of remote, smallest of chances of chance that it could actually be half decent? If yes, why not?