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Our red and blue hero isn’t just a character in MVC3 as of late. With a new movie coming out, a new video game slated for this summer ( which is free roam!!) and an entirely new Spidey!! (Miles Morales)
Spider-man is definitely relevant to media today.

So shoot.

The Amazing Spider-man trailer looks amazing. Just having Mark webb on board I know this will be a good film. He’s so much more suited for a film like this than Sam. Sam Raimi is a legend, but him being the driving force behind the Spider-man films has always made me feel uncomfortable.

Mark Webb will be able to capture the teen angst that surrounded Peter during the early days way better than Sam IMO. Especially the relationship side. People forget that although Peter was an outcast. All of the female friends, girlfriends, and dates he had. Were really attractive women that made him feel certain ways (MJ,Gwen,Carlie, etc)

Definitely going to be a better Spider-man film than Sam’s 1, 2 and obviously 3 IMO.

The first trailer was amazing…i want a spidey movie in first person lol.
I still hate the spidey actor and the new parker, but other than that the movie does look promising.

so i have this new movie to blame for not having venom? :stuck_out_tongue:


Andrew Garfield is already a million times better than Tobey. I was never a super fan of Tobey’s work. He was a good Peter Parker but a sloppy Spider-man.

I truly feel like one of the perfect actors for Spidey and Peter would be Topher Grace. Instead Sony forced Sam raimi to throw him in there as Venom/Eddie Brock.

And REALLY REALLY agree with the lack of venom. We really shouldn’t see that character for a while. I don’t think him or Carnage should be in a film right now. Especially this being a reboot and starting from the beginning.

I’d be happy with never seeing Carnage in a movie ever, fuck that character.

IMO, if Carnage were to be in a live-action movie, it would have to be rated “R” just to get the right feel of that character. I’m talking like twisted-ass murders… Give him the right laugh, murderous gaze, etc. I want a live-action Carnage that will give me nightmares for weeks!

Maybe some rape.

SM2 is still one of my favourite movies, but I think this one has potential as well – well, its sequel does. Origin has been done so many times but this movie still looks awesome. I dig Garfield as an Ultimate Parker, and I like the more realistic approach after seeing Sam essentially perfect the comic book come to life formula. Only thing I don’t like about this movie so far is that some of the background CG looks hella cheap, like when he’s on the fire escape with Gwen. Other than that, I like the restrictive approach they’ve taken with some of his action so far.

And that final setpiece at the end of the trailer…friggin awesome. Consider me hyped. Has a very good “first time outing for Spidey” feel to it.

Also re: webshooters - I like that they’re mechanical. Re-establishes Peter as a smart kid, since he is one of the smartest in the Marvel universe. As for the age old thing of “why not sell it and be rich lolololol,” he has to stay behind the mask to protect those close to him – selling it and having it traced back to him while using it as Spider-Man puts that in jeopardy.

im really digging the new movie trailer here’s hoping marvel does their flagship character justice!

i never liked the OG spidey films save for 2 as well.
i hope they play on the fact that spidey is also talkative, sarcastic and very, very annoying to all of his enemies,
its his schtick.
he also LOVES to annoy and antagonize the bad guy because its a tactic.
i also hope they show more of him using his spider sense other than detecting attacks.

like how he uses it to trace people with his tracer.

one thing that bothers me is that suit. looks a little too dark at times.

I hope he screws with the Lizard in their encounters too, not just the regular criminals. Maybe it will show him swinging at in the day and the suit will look a little lighter. Also, ya know the swinging scene when he is under the bridge? I hear its practical swinging and it actually does look different than CGI

Movie is coming to brazil in july WTF. I’ll have to watch some handicam crappy version of it…god dammit, we got Thor earlier than everyone else and that movie was terrible, why are you doing this to meeeeeee

Yes Garfield actually did all the swinging in the movie with very little CGI help

I don’t think it comes to America until July… >____>;

the new trailer looks hot. the first trailer didnt show much action so i wondered if it would be more like the first movie with not too much action and just blah…so movie looks good and game looks decent… will i see it opening night? yup

I want to too, but I’m not sure my friends would be willing too.

Very little will keep me out of a midnight show. Even after the horrors of the 3rd movie that was clearly fan-made and doesn’t really exist.

You guys seeing it in 3D at the midnight show? I definitely would.

LOL I’m dumb…you’re totally right. In my defense:

Considering how Marvel handles all their film releases, they would never do Carnage justice anyway


I still don’t like the actor, but this is very spidey lol