Bot Threads

For the past month or so, there have been far more bot threads around the site than usual. This bot made 5 threads here within 12 minutes. I suggest adding a longer cooldown to thread posting (10+ minutes at least) and restricting new members from creating threads for their first week at least.

Mr. Wizard is looking into this.

Seems like it gets worse around the late hours…

Honestly, why can’t there be a waiting period for people to make new threads? These bot threads are popping up like anything, and, it’s solely because people know the can post straight away on SRK.

1st page and a half of GD is nothing but bots…

Asian bots perhaps? Though I imagine they’d have them running all day if possible.

Yeah it seems to be pretty crazy in the late hours. My entire feed is now full of posts about random nfl games or some such stuff.

Check out the screen shot below


Make new account each day of the week.
The next week, log into each of those accounts. Continue to make new accounts each day of that week as well.
The following week, use the accounts created in week 2. Continue to make new accounts for week 4.

Restrictions like these basically only work once - they delay spam but don’t actually do anything to reduce the amount of it. It also does nothing about bots who post in existing threads.

Not only that, it pisses off that one guy who lurks and only registered because he had a question to ask or wanted to introduce himself or something.

If the solution were that simple, forum software would be coming with the feature already implemented :expressionless:

You’re entirely right, especially about the lurkers who want to register. But, this is getting out of hand, before it was one or two posts, but now, there is so MANY.

Could we get a report button on the side of the thread post, instead of having to report it once we’ve opened it. Or, perhaps an option to to batch report without having to open each individual thread. For example, you see the where it says replies/views, an option below could be report, if possible? Just something quicker to inform the mods of this issue.

I just deleted about 400-500 bot threads and banned 20-30 bot accounts. Jesus christ.

I wrote about this in the general questions thread and nobody replied :shake:

But I have a solution: Disable making new accounts, the real, non-bot new users are stupid anyway and nobody likes them. Problem solved.

Now they spam the SFIV Adon forums :(.

Edit: More like the whole of SRK.

I like the idea of a batch report function - having to wait 90 seconds (or however long it actually is) between reports can, at times, mean the threads are being created faster than you can report them…

What’s the process for joining? Is there no captcha and confirmation requirement??

I really don’t understand forum software programming, but is such a thing even possible? As it would be highly useful.

I have less than no idea I’m afraid. Hopefully someone less of a Luddite than myself can answer…

I’m in the same boat as well. :frowning:

Thank you so much for your hard work.

Is there a way to make a “report a bot” button? The idea is this: Community members see what appears to be a bot thread/post. They then hit the “report a bot” button. If a certain number of people hit this button, their name gets sent into a “potential bot” list. These accounts would then be unable to make any posts until a moderator took them off of the list. After a certain time period, the users are automatically deleted.

To curtail abuse of this button, if it is found that the person who reported the bot was doing it to get back at a person they didn’t like at the forum, the person who pressed the button gets banned for a month. Second offense is a permaban.