Blue blazes, he's AWESOME! The Nova Thread!

The last living Nova corp has come to MvC3 to deliver a special brand of intergalactic police brutality!

Official character vignette:



Nova’s segment on Ultimate Assist Me! (at around 11:23)



Movelist (Asterisk’s (* ) by moves symbolize if red life can be sacrificed to make it stronger)

:qcf::atk: Gravimetric Pulse (Air ok)
-:l: Forward burst* (At 10% Red life, it staggers opponent. At 30% red life, this pulse causes wallbounce)
-:m: Upward (45 degree angle) burst
-:h: Forward burst that puts up a small shield* (the more red life, the bigger and more durable the shield is)

:dp::atk: Centurion Rush
-:l: Sliding kick that hits otg and hits low
-:m: Rick hops up and does a diving (RIDAHHHHH) kick. hits mid
-:h: Nova lunges forward, doing a cosmic powered uppercut that launches the opponent. Can be followed up with air comboes.

:qcb::atk: Nova Strike (air ok)
-:l: Rick lunges forward, fist first. Knocks opponent back
-:m: Rick’s punch wallbounces
-:h: Rick’s lunging punch crumples (!!)

:s:+:atk: Energy Javelin (hits on the way up and down, causes groundbounce on airborne foes)

:f::h: Nova Slam- hits otg and ground bounces
:d::m: Rider-slide. Special cancellable

:qcf::atk::atk: Gravimetric Blaster* (Air ok)
:dp::atk::atk: Super Nova (Air ok)
:qcb::atk::atk: Human Rocket (Air ok)

A - Gravimetric Pulse- front - Shot
B - Centurion Rush - Down forward - direct (groundbounces airborne opponents)
Y - Nova Strike - front - direct

You just sealed your fate

I like that Nova has a Rider Kick. It’s explicitly one; he does a special pose, jumps, then vaults toward the target foot-first. Yes, this is a nerd thing I enjoy.

lol you know novaforce is gonna be PISSSSSSSSEEEEEEED lmao. Oh well, he looks good, seems like he might be able to charge his specials since they all seem to have this charge like animation before the initiate. Plus he is so far the only new character without a lvl 3.

Oh crap, is there an existing thread? I searched.

I hear Nova used to have a Level 3, but he gave it to Strider instead in exchange for one of his Level 1s.

No, some random wanted the thread and everyone decided to ride his dick instead of just making it themselves.

OHHHHHHHH CRAP. I forgot about Novaforce. Crapcrapcrap. Maybe I’ll delete this then. I was wondering why no one else got to this.

Glad Nova appears to be a pretty solid character. His Maximum Nova seems to have a lot of invulnerability it goes right through Arthurs goddess bracelet super in the official NYCC UMVC3 trailer.

Loving Nova - now we just need assists.

You’re so cool XD

What do y’all think his assists are gonna be? I hope he gets the otg slide as one, thats always helpful. Also anyone else get this 90’s vibe from his theme? Its pretty darn boss.

Might as well leave it. Somebody not in the know was gonna do it sooner or later.

What should I do? Oh man I feel like a jerk. Should I PM him? I gotta go to work real soon-

Ehh… maybe. I dunno. True, but- jeez. This is akward. When Novaforce gets here tell him I had the best of intentions.

That was gonna be me I literally was about to post this thread but thought I wouldn’t be able to Go into proper detail about the characters moves and everything

If you’re going to properly maintain the thread and take good care of it, you should leave it in place. We’re here. We’re discussing Nova. The thread is serving its purpose.

You could keep it up until he gets back and then delete it I guess? Maybe?

You could keep his seat warm and delete the thread when he gets back? That’s if you wanna be a bro. All that matters is that a regular gets it and not some random.

Its all good bro, you waited for a bit and at the end of the day I doubt he is actually gonna be upset, disappointed maybe but not upset, he just got unlucky and wasn’t here when nova got announced.

this character is so cheesy lol