Blood Violence Gore: Most Violent Fighting Games of all time!

Pretty funny cause me and my friends were having a topic about which was the best fighting game as far as Violence goes so It will be interesting to see what people think.

#1 Time Killers- Strata (Developed in the early 90’s)
Platform: Arcade & Genesis

Description: You get to pick from a cast of warriors, Leif, Lord Wolf,Thugg, Matrix, Musashi, Orion, Mantazz. Death is the last boss. The most unique fighting game even to this day surprisingly. Each character yields some sort of weapon and with the weapons you can use them to Decapitate your opponents arm, head, legs, and body. If you slice off someones arms, they are only limited to kicks attacks, slice off one arm and they do less damage. Decapitate theyre head and its game over and no these arent fatality’s (like in MK) where you have to wait till the fights over. You can start off round 1 chop off theyre haed and its over. I love that about Time Killers. Yes some of the characters have bad animation and are poorly drawn but they really should have this game redone to new gen. Very unique.

#2 Weaponlord-Namco 1995
Platforms: SNES & Genesis
Description: Great game and even to this day one of the most technical and complex fighting games of all time. Korr, Devada, Bane, Zorn, Jentai,Zarak, Telasia (AAAAAAFRICA) all fight in a quest of survival. Thtas exactly what its about in this game. The way you perform fatality’s in this game are great. Fatality’s can be performed when an opponents life bar is low or after they have no vitality but they have to be hit in a combo that leads to a fatality or another for of fatality, Frenzy! Just like in Time Killers if attacks are done at the same time they null eachother out and clash. Games so fun too. Theres no turtling sitting on meteer or any of that shit. The way the weapons falsh and the sound they make when they clash is great too. Not only one of the best Fighting games in terms of Gore but definetly a top 10 in my book.

#3 Mortal Kombat- Midway
Platform: Arcade & Virtually all consoles
Description: Everyone pretty much knows the Mortal Kombat story. Shang TShung gathers Earths strongest warriors in a tournament called Mortal Kombat. Goro was victorious in the previous tournaments and Earthrealm’s Lui Kang defeats him and ShangTshung to claim the first tournament. Shoa Kahn grants Shung youth and the second tournamet is held but this time its in Outworld. Kung Loa wins that one. They coninue for 5 instalments of MK and what stands out in all of them is “Finish Him” Pretty much all of the fatality’s in MK are cool, especially MK2 (which imo are the best fatality’s)
Got kinda dumb when they added stuff like Friendship and Animality but hey Ed Boon needed more ideas.

There are possibly a few others but these are definetly top 3. Its Rumored that Namco’s thinking about remaking Weaponlord and putting it on the 360. That would definetly be a good thing and people can play and appreciate a good fighting game. What do you think?

You know, it retrospect, Timekillers didn’t play all that well, but some of my happiest arcade memories involve slicing the heads off of newcomers within two seconds of the round starting. Great premise, poor execution - it couldn’t live up to its gimmick…

I kind of miss the days when a review of a fighting game would say something like “where’s the blood?”


Down, up, left, left, A, right, down.

thrill kill hahaha

Eternal Champions’ fatalities put MK’s to shame.

Nothing compares to Thrill Kill.

What other game let you beat someone with their own severed arm and then eat it?

Trully EC:CD is the champion of Fighting game Gore!!!

2D Gore > Real Rendered and 3D gore

I agree with Time Killers, that game was gory and disturbing at times. I like it because the game feels really dark due to its eerie music and sound effects, Gory backgrounds and just overall feel.
That T-Rex cadaver background creep the shit out of me when I first saw the game.

I remember when i went to an Arcade in Lake Tahoe, they had a Huge Screen Time Killers Cabinet in the very dark corner of the arcade with the sound set on really high, scared the shit out of me!!!

Honorable mentions

-Same as Time Killers, but with more gore like you can actually chop them in half while their guts are hanging down, and they are still alive but you can’t move and you can only attack!!!

This game!!!
Time Slaughter
-You can download it for free, but its a DOS game!!!
-Better yet, all their games are gory as fuck, try NogginKnockers which is a cool concept to Pong but with severed heads instead of the ball!!

Primal Rage
-Bloody Prehistoric Clay deaths are cool!!!

Tattoo Assasins
-Stupid game with stupid gore!!

ima have to agree, nothing compares to eternal champions cd. dude theres like hundreds of different finishers. you have like 9 different ways to finish someone in a fight,

the best would definitely be on the train stage and a sharp log thrusts through your back, intestines everywhere. and who can forget larcens drive by stage fatal(not too bloody, but it was dope that it was a drive by)

weaponlord is so fucking good and underrated. so ahead of its time with parries n shit. james goddard (creator of that game, and deejay) showed off a lot of shit to me and other az people a while back. he lives out here…

Kasumi Ninja.
As shit as the game was, the violence was brilliant. First game I played where blood actually remained on the floor during the fight, and some of the finishers were “OH MAH GAWWWWD!!!”

Like Senzo’s mid kick into skull crunch kick, or Pakawa’s scalping.

That and Ultra Vortek was another violent fighter for the Atari Jag.

I hope that is a reality, WeaponLord for 360. I’d actually buy a one! :lovin:

WL is a very underrated fighter, no one really gave it a chance. The only 2 mags who praised it were Gamefan and Gamepro, unlike EGM who gave it a really bad score, they complained and ripped on the game like it was the end of the month for them! :cough: Menstrual :cough: The one thing that hurt WL was the fact that they released it at the time the Saturn and PS were being released, so more people were flocking to buy a next generation system. I wish his team would have made it for the Saturn and PS. The game was way ahead of its time, tho it might not have been the 1st to have a deflect/parry, that would be Shodown 2, like in WH2, just pull back at the very last second to block/defend their attack and their stunned, but WL did make the Thrust Block a main part of its gameplay…

Time Killers definitely. 1 hit kills, chopping off heads and arms. THe game was definitely the goriest of its time.

I remember when i first did a fatality in the original Eternal Champions. I was playing against my father on trident’s stage and I thought the game broke when the life bars started floating off the top of the screen. As i was about to get up and reset the genesis he saw something come out the water and told me to wait. Then we saw probably the best finisher in the game. hehe, just to think if i had reset the game i probably would’ve never saw the other finishers since the game had certain areas where the finishers would work.

I guess my memory’s bad, but did this ever actually get released? I remember hearing after a long time that they were going to edit it down to get an “M” rating instead of an “AO” rating (thank you, entertainment industry, for yet another ratings system that promotes censorship). But I don’t remember anything after that. Bah, too much whiskey in the intervening years…

My friend that went to the tourney was one of those guys James G. showed how Weaponlord was a great game. I wish I was there to see how that game is played, I always love fighters that nobody else cares for.

I heard it was released in Europe and not in the U.S., which is really stupid because they ban more stuff in Europe than in the U.S.

The game sucked ass. You didn’t miss out on anything.

How about gory games that have good gameplay? US Bloody Roar 1 ftw.

way of the warrior was a good one

as i recall, some of the recent Samurai Shodowns were both good and gooey at times

lol damn Time Slaughter and Eternal Champions CD really do make MK look like its a bastard grandchild!:rofl: Thats Gore! and Time Slaughter is pretty disturbing with that announcer… :frowning:

didn’t get released.

I had a copy though.