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I also prefer any game with Ingrid in it.
Where is she Capcom?

I totally forgot that they started working on Street Fighter 5 the day after vanilla 4 launched. Sound argument.

SFV gonna need another big update or two for the mechanics and balance to flesh out.

It’s kinda like how things were when SF4 just came out and Sagat’s elbow’s were ruling the skies and trades were 50% loss on the person jumping in.

No I don’t remember any of that because that’s completely false. People were saying that Zangief was one of the best characters in the game when it first came out (in arcades). His light SPD had godly range and focus-dash SPD was terrifying in 08’. Sagat was godly because of his damage, trade-ultra, great normals, and people didn’t know how to deal with Tiger Knee before people figured out how to low-profile it.

As for knee-jerk reactions to things in the game, I agree that people should chill. Learn how to deal with the early cheap shit, record it in training mode or have a friend do the cheapest shit to you until you know it intimately, if you’ve been through that grind and everyone is still losing to that stuff in 6 months, yeah it’s a problem. Until then, people complaining about balance this early are whiners that lack competitive spirit.

I thought SF4 was a huge step down from SF3 initially. I still do feel that SF4 is inferior in some ways.

Give it a chance

Hopefully under a rock that she’ll never crawl out of.

You’re askin for it m8.

Right off the bat, I find SFV to be much better than SF4, and a breath of fresh air. And I like SF4. It’s all personal taste in what you like the feel of.

I agree that I think it’s better than SFIV vanilla

I feel like the awful condition the game launched in is clouding people’s judgment.

I’m liking the more aggressive nature of SFV more than the hard knockdown/vortex style of game that USF4 is.

You think they would’ve learned from SFxTK to come better prepared for launch day

SFV has so much potential. Way more than SFIV, at least in a competitive sense.

I don’t understand how they fucked it up this much, they had many beta’s to figure this crap out -_-

I was hoping this game would light a fire in me to want to play Street Fighter every day like the old days. But when I play the game I don’t feel like I’m doing anything new. I’ve played ST, 3S, and Alpha 3 for countless hours and when I play this game I feel like I’m still playing those games. And not in any kind of nostalgic way. In a tired way.

Still, it’s only been out a few days. In a month or a year I may feel completely different.

The game is INTENDED to remind you of those games.

IMO, IV is “complex” mostly because of stuff players had to do to deal with all the BS the system added, such as having anti-backdash OS just to beat invulnerable backdashes.

Honestly the inherent technical complexity to the SFIV engine may be it’s saving grace in the long term.

I think I will prefer SFV but if people keep playing USFIV I think they will keep on finding crazy shit years down the line.

I’m just really not feeling this game. I know down the line it may shape up to be something worthy of praise but just from my personal standpoint:

Fun I had with Vanilla IV > Fun I’m having with V