Blazeblue for the NW?

I am fishing to gauge the overall interest level in this new fighter. If there seems to be a strong interest, we are thinking of preordering now for mid November delivery. The location would likely be Acme Bowl in Tukwila, as we already have the SF4 in Tacoma. Thanks in advance for any and all input to help us figure out if this would be a wise move.

Yes plz. And man if you ever moved SFIV to Acme Bowl, I would fuckin take refuge in that place. Me and Nate work like 2 seconds away from there lol.

Personally, I think it woud be a very good move, Bill.

Long story short, Guilty Gear 2 won’t be a fighter, so all the Guilty gear players are waiting anxiously for BlazBlue to come out, and set everyone back to an equal level. There are a lot of hardcore GG players close to there, so I’m sure you’d see a lot of play if you bring it in while GG interest is still strong.

i had no idea you also owned or serviced ACME bowl or whatever…i dont if i would play BlazBlue personally but i really would think it would be a smart move on your part to install that game at ACME Bowl…it does look beautiful from what I saw at EVO, so +1 for BB at ACME

Forgot to ask: Have you posted on Dustloop, Bill? It might be a good idea to ask an audience more geared towards Blazblue. Many of the dustloop guys don’t post on SRK, and vice versa.

Dustloop’s northwest forums

I’d make the trip. I already do for sf iv! whats a little further for some BB! plus I know others who would be interested!

Oh damn.

This would be so, so hot.

I for one do not have much desire for those GG type games, but there are a lot of fans of the series and BB should fill in the gap. Just be sure to get Tatsunoko vs Capcom as well!

^ +1 for TvC! and possibly SF4 at ACME when the price of the board comes down?

I am not personally interested in BlazBlu, but I would take Kuenai’s advice and ask on Dustloop. Their is a really dedicated GG scene here who I am sure would be very interested.

Just make sure to watch out for ArcSystems “release a new version twice a year!” habits. They like to re-release their games often and fast, so do some research to make sure you won’t be getting the old version before it even arives.

As one of the Seattle Guilty Gear players. I would like to see a Blazblue Machine in Tukwilla. That’s close to my community college and I’d likely waste a ton of cash at a $1 a play. Accent Core isn’t really dying down at all here. But we are pretty much always open to new things and a lot of people are excited about BB and would likely (Almost 100% chance…) be willing to travel to ACME in Tukwilla for BB. Scene for Guilty is pretty big here so the Player base is here if that’s what you were wondering.

It would be a great thing for the scene to have access to BB as soon as it’s out. I know that I will make trips there if Blazblue is there. Often.

Please, please, please, please, please, move SF4 to ACME Bowl.

Okay, Blazblue is officialy ordered, and will be at Acme Bowl in Tukwila. Will be a hi def 32" widescreen monitor, and will look just like the narrows SF4’s. But this is a two player in one cabinet. Price, probably not 1.00 as this manufacture is being decent and giving us a two player board. Capcoms has whored us with the SF4 deal, hence the 1.00 play on that one. Blazblue most likely 75 cents.

i know its wishful thinking but if you could just open an arcade w/ the newest games that would be friggin sweet. please? pretty please?

oh mysterious hero to the masses!


The Seattle area as a whole NEEDS an arcade for the players first. Profit second. (yeah, yeah. wishful thinking. But after hearing about Denjin Arcade opening up in SoCal, I’m kind of wondering if anyone would want to take a chance for something like that up here.)

Back on topic: I don’t play GG-style games at all, but I’m all for keeping the arcade fighting game scene fresh. So yay for Blaz Blue!

Any idea when this is showing up. I am thinking of picking it up, or at least trying it out.

Does anyone know if acme bowl has got Blazblue yet?

The kits got sent out behind schedule. we have not recieved our kit yet, but was told it should be here tomorrow. If that is the case, we should have it kitted up and at Acme next week. Will be in the same type cabinet as the SF4’s at Narrows, with the same 32" hi def widescreen. We ordered some Sanwa sticks, but they have not arrived yet either. If we get the kit, but not the Sanwa sticks, we will use generic sticks until the Sanwa’s arrive. The Tetris GM3 also at Acme (the only one in the United States) is getting a Sanwa stick upgrade.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Masterman coming through again!


All day…ALL DAY!

I almost got off the freeway to go check if it was in yesterday. But then I was like “That’s stupid, because I know its not.” But I still want to check. :rofl:

Taokaka- I wanted to play her, but she looks like a Chip type character. I’m still going to pick her up and see if I like her. Her character type with the evil smile behind the hood is why I like her.