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Blazblue Centralfiction | PC Release 26.04.2017


8 hours left so time to create this thread :peace:
when you are in the eu feel free to join the steam group

You do know that Blazblue has it’s own section…

same goes for tekken but i dont see you mention it there. :coffee:
strange coincidence to meet you here again? dont think so…move along and go back to your gd degenerates when you are not interested in the game or to join the group!

chances are higher that people see it her and join, thats why i created it her and thats most likely the reason why the tekken thread is her too.

btw, when you guys want to promote your own steam groups from other regions, feel free to post the link to it.
i will add it to the startpost.

port itself seem to have some issues and they did not applied the full % you get when you own a previous version of the game
so it might be better to wait a bit for the purchase till steam/devs solved the issues.

Waiting for the additional 10% discount to kick in before getting it.

same here.
quiet a bunch bought it already…will get for sure upset later on.

dont know whats with fighting game devs and theire releases…

So…do I need to play Story mode again (did it on PS4) to unlock Susanoo? Really don’t want to go through that again. <_<

Waiting for a sale. I rarely pay over $30 for Blazblue games.

It’s less than 30 bucks (at least here) if you already own the previous games on Steam.

based on the steam forum comments he is already unlocked.
same goes for the extra colors?

gallerie still need to be unlocked ingame.

So I bought it, would really like to get into it thins time. Hopefully the netcode is functional like the very first BB.

If not hopefully some offline peeps want to play. Hyped to get into the game now that this should be the final version.

i did a jump into the cold water and played against people with 2-3 bar and it seemed fine but since i have no combos down its hard to tell if its good or not at this point.
after the weekend i should be better prepped…lobby system is strange with the walking around stuff. liked the gg one more but at least several people can play at the same
time and dont have to wait for the top2 to finish their match.

resolution scaling is kinda fucked up at the moment which makes it look more blurry than it should be.
did a direct comparison with bbcsext.

So they decided to add an artbook full of Rachel and Platinum loli pics as an extra.
wtf Japan.

arent that the same images you can unlock in the gallery?

are you guys using amd graphic cards? seem there are major problems with them.
i am affected too.

They’re actually way worse.

I’m on gtx something or other, forget the number, 1070 or 970

No issues.

Also the Bb discord is VERY good. It seems that’s where the entire community has gone from dustloop to discord.

People are actively talking in most character discords from what I can tell.

yeah nvidia cards doesnt seem to have issues, its just related to amd cards -.-

feel free to post the link for people who are into discord.
i can add it in the startpost.