Blanka Master Guide: Match-ups, Combos, Option Selects and More

Blanka is a very versatile character who is able to do many things quite well. Against characters who want to get in he’s able to build a defensive wall of normals and special moves. Against keepaway/projectile characters he’s able to use his diverse movement options including his fast walk speed, hop, quick jump, and slide to get through their defense. Once he’s in he can generate large amounts of frame advantage and start his tricky offense. Against characters who want to play a mid range game he has long range pokes, a long range focus, and the ability to safely chip.


I. Movelist Breakdown

II. Combos
[INDENT=1]a. notation[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]c. Upback MP and other quirks[/INDENT]

III. Matchups

IV. Meaties

V. Option Selects and Safejumps
[INDENT=1]a. Safejumps[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]b. Option selects vs. Backdashes[/INDENT]

VI. Mixups

VII. References and Resources

I. Movelist
Note: click on the move name to get the hitbox images. hitbox images are of SSFIV and not arcade edition. For the most part it is assumed that the hitboxes have stayed the same.

a. Far Normals


far st.lp

  • One of blanka’s two 3 frame normals, and the only safe one
  • Good to frame trap into
  • Primary normal combo ender before canceling
  • Moves Blanka forward if canceled, this allows for additional forward range on ANYTHING the jab is canceled into
  • This allows for additional range on connecting ball xx super
  • This allows for additional range when canceling into electricity which can be really important vs. characters like rufus or vega where xx electricity has a tendency to whiff
  • This allows him to kara throw(lp~lk)/focus(lp~mp+mk)/crouch(lp~mp+hp
  • Incredible hitbox and range for a jab allows for:
  • counterpoking
  • whiff punishing, this is great in conjunction with Blanka’s walk speed, you can walk out of tickthrow attempts even and get a solid punish of jab xx ball
  • safe meaty jabs, can make reversals whiff, but give frame advantage if blocked/hit
  • cancel into hop vs. focus and punish on the other side
  • punishing things that are normally difficult to punish like 1 hit fei rekkas or Yun’s lp shoulder
  • tagging divekicks is another good way to use it


  • Fast recovering
  • +1 on block
  • can combo on hit into st.jab and ULTRA 1(after focus or on a far connecting jumpin)
  • slides Blanka forward when activated, giving it deceptive range
  • a decent amount of active frames allow it to be used as a strong counterpoke and anti air from a far distance. This includes doing well vs. divekicks from Yun/Yang
  • On counterhit or vs. crouchers can combo to sweep, itself, or depending on distance
  • slowish startup at 7 frames and its large hurtbox makes it slightly unreliable

far st.hp

  • generally safe on block due to rarely hitting on the first active frame. This leads to it being pretty slow however
  • high damage compared to blanka’s other normals especially on counterhit
  • good anti air
  • great counterpoke due to weird hitbox/hurtbox. Blanka’s hurtbox low is far behind the swiping claws. Great for counterpoking low forwards
  • Against characters with short range focuses it is hard to get tagged


  • I still haven’t found a good use for this move. Though it has a solid aa hitbox you have better options. Makes for a good taunt though!


  • somewhat unexplored usually suboptimal, but it has a weird hitbox that lets it beat out some things. I sort of like it vs. Cammy


  • 3 frames this allows it to be
  • comboed into, generally only useful to do in very specific instances, mostly in situations where electricity would whiff and ball is unsafe
    -used as a quick and strong counterpoke
  • a quick anti air that does particularly well against divekicks or jumpins that are otherwise descending towards you
  • weird hitbox allows for beating out lows
  • Its -10 block, -5 hit, not the safest option especially on block

b. close normals


cl. st.lp

  • unremarkable
  • commonly canceled into hp electricity in simple punish combos because of ease of use
  • has a bit more range than which sometimes whiffs on skinny characters


  • Blankas normal with the most advantage on hit(+5) and block(+2)
  • Good damage, and can link to lots of things after which makes it ideal as a combo starter/filler
  • 2 frame link to U1 when does as upback off of a jumpin, which makes landing that much easier
  • great frame trap potential, frame trap can be mixed in with kara throw to keep people honest
  • Somewhat useful as a meaty, as a meaty(+6)/counterhit(+8) it links to sweep

cl. st.hp

  • anti air directly above you, okay vs. crossups
  • cancelable to super if you like that sort of thing


  • Most people don’t use this, but it has one important feature. It does more damage than cl.lp and starts up at the same speed. Making it ideal for close punishes into electricity, good after a crossup too.
  • has a similar animation to so can be used as a fakeout, not really useful though


  • 2 hits, this allows it to break focus and beat Gouken’s counter. The ensuing counterhit allows for easy links into a host of stuff including U1
  • odd animation makes some lows whiff under Blanka
  • safe on block, on hit can be linked into st.jab, electricity combos after are less character specific than, but are 1 frame links instead of 3, so a lot tougher.
  • that coupled with odd whiffing issues makes it a subpar choice, though it has some interesting unexplored options because it is possible to make the 2nd knee hit late allowing for additional frame advantage


  • looks a lot like far hk, but don’t be fooled it is much much slower
  • useful as an aa directly over your head though

c. crouching normals


cr. lp

  • Absolutely great hitbox, which allows blanka to safely meaty characters even with good reversals
  • low profile allows him to duck a lot of things which allows additional avenues for safe meaties, and works as a great counterpoke
  • great for buffering balls off of because of the quick recovery, startup and solid range
  • can be comboed into/outof(+3), not very useful on hit, but using it in a string on block can lead to maximum distance on blocked lp balls/mp balls which can make them safe.

cr. mp

  • Works as a great anti air due to the angle of the hitbox, and blanka’s low profile hurtbox. Will cleanly anti air all but a few of the best jumpins in the game
  • low profile hurtbox also allows you to crouch moves such as Viper’s Burnkick, which is very useful for punishing her
  • solid poke due to being mostly safe and having a good hitbox/lots of active frames
  • can be canceled into super from essentially max range and still combo
  • Solid OS tool capable of hitting whiffed reversals and backdashes

cr. hp

  • Very long range hitbox allows for a long range poke and antiair. Controls a lot of horizontal space.
  • relatively high damage for Blanka
  • Not safe on block from close, gets safer at farther ranges and can really only be punished by very fast moves

cr. lk

  • Low combo starter, somewhat quick at 4 frames, can link into itself, cl.lp,, u1(1 frame link) or into far st.jab(2 frame link) or be canceled
  • Has 3 active frames, this allows it to be a great meaty tool as you can link into,, and off of a simple sweep setup. It also recovery quickly allowing meaties against some characters to be completely safe. Meaties are also good for tickthrowing
  • can be linked into from, or

cr. mk

  • Low combo starter, cancelable(to elec even!), somewhat similar to You trade range and damage for worse recovery, startup, and it pushing you out farther.
  • On counterhit can link into itself or sweep
  • Can be linked from which allows blanka’s most damaging combos

cr. hk

  • somewhat quick sweep, great range, safe against most characters. good for os
  • Can be linked from a counterhit frame link)/ frame link) or from a meaty frame links)
  • Can start your mixups from, Blanka does not have many attacks that hard knockdown, so it is important
  • can be kara canceled out of. Most useful for kara hop which moves farther than normal.

d. jump forward/back normals


jump forward lp

  • very weird hitbox allows blanka to skate over certain attacks including fireballs because his legs are projectile invincible
  • quick air to air
  • has fuzzy guard potential
  • can be used as a fake crossup or as a crossup that keeps your opponent cornered vs. fat characters

jump forward mp

  • One of the best jumping normals in the game.
    -The airthrowable box is far behind the hitbox which means it really can’t be beaten by airthrows other than gief U2 if you are in active frames
  • the hitbox extends past the hurtbox which means you can beat several wakeup reversals and some normally great anti airs
  • It’s also a great air to air in general and will generally stuff other air attacks.
  • The long range allows for a great mixup between and empty jump to beat anti airs.
  • slight amount of projectile invincbility on the legs usually doesn’t matter, but occasionally will prevent trades because fireballs keep moving during hitstop

jump forward hp

  • Very odd hitbox allows it to beat normal anti airs that are normally quite solid(like sims)
  • This odd hitbox also allows for crossups, crossups where you land on the same side, jump attacks where you land on the opposite side but do not crossup, and even an unblockable setup
  • This odd hitbox also allows you to cause reversals to whiff, most notably shoto uppercuts
  • a deep j.hp also leaves you very close to your opponent which allows for ease of comboing
  • has some fuzzy guard applications against taller characters
  • slight amount of projectile invincibility on his legs like

jump forward lk

  • ???

jump forward mk

  • Blanka’s primary crossup
  • hitbox is so so for the most part, but not bad exactly.
  • incredibly ambiguous if properly spaced
  • does fairly well vs. wakeup reversals
  • most importantly it is used in Blanka’s primary unblockable setup off of b.throw

jump forward hk

  • Blanka’s most damaging forward jumping normal by a large margin
  • primarily used in safejumps to get maximum damage
  • can be used as a fuzzy guard in certain scenarios
  • hitbox is oddly shaped, and not as good as you would assume, however this allows for ambiguous jumpins, some of which are crossups or even unblockables

e. neutral jumping normals


nj. lp

  • ???

nj. mp

  • It’s pretty much nj.hp but worse. The hitbox goes a little bit farther down though

nj. hp

  • great hitbox
  • can safejump lots of stuff(akuma dp, and ultra 1 are two nice things)
  • pretty much beats everything
  • comes out extremly fast for a jumping normal in only 4 frames

nj. lk


nj. mk

  • okay hitbox, one of Blanka’s more interesting jumping normals, does well vs. zangief lariat
  • Blanka’s most universal fuzzy guard option as it works on most tallish characters
  • the hitbox is able to go very low because of the weird animation, this allows for hitting all crouching characters.
  • This allows allows for some weird resets in that off of a level 2 focus against some character you are able to dash up and do then follow up with a hop or dash reset. This is not normally available until lvl 3 focus with Blanka

nj. hk

  • Primarily used as a combo starter post dizzy, or as a neutral jump on someone’s wakeup
  • tied for most damage out of any of Blanka’s normals
  • lots of range as it stretches out past his other nj. normals

vvv Movelist continued below vvv

f. unique attacks


rockcrusher(b/f+mp while close)

  • links to st.lp, but you normally cannot connect to electricity off of it, only ball.

  • Terrible. It is outdone by some other normal in every way.

charged rockcrusher(b/f+mp while close, hold mp)

  • hard to link after on crouchers because it is +2 on them, and +4 on standing
  • however this keeps people somewhat honest even with the low damage, so people will have some reason not to just cr.block you all day.
  • on meaty can link to lots of stuff, however without a f.throw it is hard to be able to set things up
  • one of the slowest overheads in the game

Both Rockcrushers aren’t good really, but they can do something interesting in conjunction
off of sweep you can dash forward and score an overhead or do one of many fakes.

dash, overhead(meaty)
dash, whiff rockcrusher, 3 frame crouch techs)
dash, whiff rockcrusher, throw/karathrow(throws crouch tech attempts)
dash, whiff rockcrusher, late tech(techs throw attempts, blocks quick reversals)

This opens up your ability to run your normal mixup game if you’ve played a player before, or if you are able to hit the overhead a couple of times.

amazon riverrun(df.hp)

  • Great punish tool, especially in combination with hop or dash
  • Can be used to punish teleports
  • In combo with a hop you can punish lots of things that are normally difficult to punish like a whiffed Yun upkicks
  • Due to massive range can be used to OS vs. a whole host of stuff. Teleports, backdashes,
  • can be used as a far AA, good vs. twin divekicks. Does not work vs. empty jumps
  • Low to the ground allows it to catch things like Balrog dash punches, Gief Lariats, and to get under fireballs
  • unsafe from close range, but towards the end is actually + frames
  • Blanka normals are normally susceptible to focus, but Slide takes the cake. You can be crumpled on reaction, be careful!

coward’s crouch

g. throws and focus


f.throw(Wild Fang)

  • Very slow animation, can be problematic if the timer is running low and you are behind
  • Blanka recovers much sooner than the opponent. This allows for a multitude of safejump setups, ambiguous jumpins, hops, and the ability to retreat if you want to.
  • does slightly more damage/stun than b.throw, but it’s negligible

b.throw(Jungle Wheel)

  • Faster animation than f.throw, generally what you want to use if you are trying to make a low time comeback
  • dashing then doing a jump attack after the recovery leads to some of Blanka’s hardest to block mixups, including most of his “unblockables”
  • While it does less damage than f.throw, it could be argued that the potential damage is better against a large number of characters because of the great mixup you get afterwards


  • Far range, good hitbox, fast startup. These are what it has going for it
  • The negatives are that Blanka is horribly unsafe on a forward and backwards dash after level 1 focus on hit and block. Even at level 2 you are only +1 on block, and -4 on a backdash. Blanka has no 3 frame close normal, so you become predictable after a f.dash, especially because hop is not throw invincible at the start in AE. Players should always throw or do something invincible if Blanka f.dashes, cause it beats EVERYTHING.
  • Blanka’s focus dashes through fireballs can be very dangerous because of how slow his focus dash is, this can lead to you being tagged by another fireball, or something even more damaging. Focus dashing from close in is generally not the best idea.
  • Even with these drawbacks focus fishing is sometimes worth it because a focus landing is one of the few ways Blanka can really initiate his offense against some characters.

h. special moves


horizontal roll

  • generally considered to be one of Blanka’s weaker combo enders despite the possibility of extra damage/meter build. Namely because it’s not too safe on block or hit.
  • focus cancelable and causes a lot of hitstun. On hit canceling to level 2 focus is a perfect frame trap.
  • can be used as a crossup, but is not safe. Best used when you will chip because most reversals will fail to hit you.
  • each strength of roll has different uses
  • lp, great as a spacing tool to move you forward, not only because of the speed, but because it nets you meter. Safest ball on block, at “safeball” range very few things can actually punish this. Good if you are buffering off of jabs due to safety.
  • mp, probably the least used. Safe vs. very few characters, but because it moves faster than lp ball can be used to get chip/hits in footsies. after f.throw whiffing mp ball allows for a safejump
  • hp, massively unsafe on block. Highest damage/highest stun, so it’s primary use is as a combo ender, or when you cancel to super
  • ex, fastest and 2nd safest ball. Projectile invincible during startup/active frames, so it’s primary use is anti projectile.

vertical roll
backstep roll
electric thunder
surprise forward
surprise backwards

i. super/ultras

ground shave roll
lightning cannonball
shout of earth anti ground
shout of earth anti air[/details]

II. Combos

a. Notation

  1. a “,” indicates a link
  2. a xx indicates a cancel

b. BNBs - While not all of Blanka’s combos, getting a few from each section down is essential to playing Blanka, and should serve as the base you build upon.


Grounded combos

st.lp xx hp horizontal roll [150]/[250]
st.lp xx hp electric thunder [170]/[250] xx hp electric thunder [170]/[250], st.lp xx hp electric thunder [172]/[260], st.lp xx hp horizontal roll [196]/[310], st.lp xx hp electric thunder [212]/[310]

Crossup combos, st.lp xx hp electric thunder [202]/[310], xx hp electric thunder [202]/[310],, st.lp xx hp electric thunder [212]/[330],, [220]/[360],, st.lp xx hp horizontal roll [238]/[380]

Jumpin combos,, st.lp xx hp horizontal roll [288]/[480],, st.lp xx hp electric thunder [302]/[480],, st.lp xx hp horizontal roll [298]/[480],, st.lp xx hp electric thunder [312]/[480]

Hit confirms

Hit confirming with Blanka isn’t always essential because of the frame advantage electricity provides, however the ability to counterhit trap, tick karathrow, and the ability to hitconfirm to super/ultra is very important.,, st.lp xx hp electric thunder,, st.lp xx hp horizontal roll,, st.lp xx hp horizontal horizontal roll xx super,,, U1

note to self redo this section

c. Upback MP quirk

Normally you aren’t able to hold charge while doing a close MP, however if you are holding upback during landing recovery and hit MP you get a close MP instead of a rockcrusher. This allows for easier links and for some combos that aren’t normally possible to be possible.

III. Matchups
The old matchup threads can be found here and here. They contain a lot of good info and can be a good read.

Abel, Adon, Akuma, Balrog, Blanka
Cammy, Chun, Cody, C.Viper, Dan
Dee Jay, Dhalsim, Dudley, El Fuerte, E.Honda
Evil Ryu, Fei Long, Gen, Gouken, Guile
Guy, Hakan, Ibuki, Juri, Ken
Makoto, M.Bison, Oni, Rose, Rufus
Ryu, Sagat, Sakura, Seth, T.Hawk
Vega, Yang, Yun, Zangief

IV. Meaties

Meaties generally work on the same concept as safejumps(hitting your opponent as they are rising), but sadly are much less safe generally. Why is that? Landing recovery allows you to block very quickly after a jump in attack(3 frames), which is generally much faster than you can with a grounded attack. Blanka’s fastest recovering move still has 7 frames of recovery, which is a lot when compared to the 2 frames of recovery after a jumping attack where you can’t block.

So why meaty at all then? Blanka’s meaties are very easy to do off of his other knockdowns, notably and electricity. Some of his meaties are actually completely safe vs. certain characters, and you can option select vs. their escape options.

Meaty setups ending in are +3 on block/+6 on hit, is +3 on block/+5 on hit, whiff, (1) - Safe vs. fully invincible reversals that start up in 9 or more frames, whiff, (1), whiff, (2), f.dash, f.dash, (1) - Safe vs. fully invincible reversals that start up in 9 or more frames, f.dash, f.dash, (1), f.dash, f.dash, (2), f.dash, f.hop, (2) - Safe vs. fully invincible reversals that start up in 10 or more frames, f.dash, f.hop, (2), f.dash, f.hop, (3), f.hop, f.hop, (3) - Safe vs. fully invincible reversals that start up in 11 or more frames, f.hop, f.hop, (3), dash, overhead(one hit) - +4 on Blanka, +3 on everyone else

2=Sagat/Cammy, if tried against other characters(except Blanka) will give 1 less frame advantage
1=everyone else

V. Option Selects and safejumps
What are option selects and why do I need them? Read this

option select definition

[details=Spoiler]option select - joystick and button input that simultaneously functions as multiple possible actions, automatically choosing the best possible counter to several of the opponent’s options

Takes a bit of the work out of things. Less guessing and more guaranteed damage = more winning.

a. Safejumps

safejump definition

[details=Spoiler] safe jump - any option select jump attack setup designed to circumvent all counterattack possibilities; usually performed after a knockdown, wherein the last airborne frame of a deep jump attack is timed optimally to coincide with the opponent’s first tangible frame following wakeup animation; opponents whose quickest invincible attack is slower than the landing recovery time of the jumping character can never punish the jump-in attempt while the attacker is holding a defensive joystick position

Basically the idea is that if they try to reversal your jump in you’ll be safe, and if they don’t you’ll hit them or they’ll block.

Blanka has a very good safejump game off of his f.throw, and some not quite as good options off of his sweep and b.throw. Sadly Blanka can’t really safejump off of electricity.

These setups are frame perfect, meaning you have to execute them on the first possible frame as you recover from the throw. Luckily they mostly start with dashes or jumps, which are easily bufferable from the throw animation.

Note: Abel’s EX tornado throw pretty much nullifies these setups. A simple solution is slightly delay the jumpin so he doesn’t scoop you up with the second active frame.

f.throw setups
f.throw, nj, - works on Juri, Ibuki, Makoto, Rufus, Dictator, Fuerte (does not work against U2)
f.throw, f.dash, f.dash, - works on Juri, Ibuki, Makoto, Rufus, Dictator, Fuerte (does not work against U2)
f.throw, f.dash, f.hop, - Works on all 4+ frame reversals
f.throw, f.dash, f.hop, crossup - Works on all 4+ frame reversals
f.throw, mp ball, - Works on all 5+ frame reversals setups, st.jab, - works on 7+ frame reversals,, - works on 7+ frame reversals

b. Option Selects vs. Backdashes
You can safely pressure your opponent with safejumps and safe meaties, but how do you prevent them from getting away? More option selects.

Blanka has multiple moves that can stuff escape options because of their relative speed and long reach.

Generally you want to setup a safejump scenario, then during the time your jumpin would be hitting them input a slide, sweep,, or cr.hp. Then continue to do your normal post jump in string. If you did it correctly your move you inputted during what should have been the hitstop of the jumpin will come out instead of your followup combo.

example of the OS slide [media=youtube]S3ch9REPCqQ[/media]

Play around with it!

c. Defensive Option Selects

Blanka lacks in defensive option selects that are unique to him for the most part, but he’s able to take advantage of some universal ones.

1. Focus backdash + throw tech option select(lp+lk+mp+mk, wait a few frames, backdash)
Sadly this is probably better than Blanka’s reversals in terms of getting you out of trouble.

The lp+lk covers a throw tech input which should stop meaty throw, the mp+mk gives you a focus to stop normal/special meaties and generally stop option selects vs. backdashes, and the backdash will tend to cause the followup hits of multi hit moves to whiff, and by slightly delaying it even cause mashed jabs and such to whiff.

One of the big benefits to this is that even if you do get hit trying to escape you will generally be air reset which doesn’t generally lead to much. It’s just a good position to be in.

This loses to some things obviously like someone just doing meaty jab, then sweep, or to certain special moves done meaty, but at least it’s better than your other options.

2. Buffered Horizontal Rolls
Characters like Ryu or Sakura love buffering special moves into their’s. While Blanka can’t stay mobile and buffer anything but hops, when you are in a defensive position(down back), you can use cr.lp/mk buffered to lp/mp/ex rolls to create a bit of a wall. If you have good reactions and can hitconfirm the jab xx roll, you can even cancel the roll to super. I’m fond of this in certain matches, the mirror especially.

VI. Mixups

Coming Soon

VII. References and Resources

11. Blanka Match Up Thread Round 2

I like the clean up idea. Not too sure about having match-up info in yet another thread, but hey, if it’s valuable info it’d be alright.

Looking forward for the hit box images. I checked a link posted in some thread but the torrent had been removed. Does anyone know where can I find Blanka hitbox images only?

the other matchup threads will be gotten rid of, and the information from them will be gleaned, added to the first post, and there will be new matchup discussion threads.

@yoga fyah: i’m not sure if they exist? (Outside of ilitirits harddrive). I made some last month for u2antiground, and put them into the blanka hitbox video thread. You could help out too, instructions in the thread. :slight_smile:


would be great to have all that “nice to know” stuff in 1 thread

great work ves

small update. Going to flesh out the safejump/meaty sections to have full results vs. the cast because of some quirks like that you can safe meaty honda by making the first frame of ex headbutt whiff.

Good job with this thread. Needed the cleanup.

I still want to flesh this out more, I’ll try to get a bit in this week, I’m doing the matchup threads bit by bit. I’ve been making skeletons and filling out matches here and there.

This is just a hell of a lot of work, and it directly affects the time I have to play. I have to get worse to make you guys better!

And what about mostly used frame traps?

Ur saving blanka from the depths of mid-tier mediocrity! We appreciate it, U da man Ves!

I for one appreciate the newer matchups, since I am coming from Vanilla(on PC) so need to learn all 14 new matchups in super/ae.

Blanka’s frametraps are pretty much the same strings as his combos, and every person uses different ones.

I use far st.strong, cr.fierce which I don’t see a lot of people use. shrug

He can’t create a lot of frame advantage on block without elec, and once you elec it’s more of a free wheeling sort of thing.

Awesome! You used my option select video =)


I think it would be nice to link to a good tutorial on piano and slide techniques.

I’ve seen some of them, but they weren’t enough for me to learn how to do.

I will appreciate some personal input with hints/tips from someone who’s had trouble learning then finally figured it out, not just some explanation on how it’s done.

Honestly if you are having trouble sliding you aren’t practicing it. If you can slide and produce any version of jab xx electricity, you should be able to reign in control and learn to finish on a certain button. just practice it and try to get something.

I’ll try to throw some pianoing guides in, I’m working on a lot of stuff. I’m testing character specific stuff right now, I’m working on vids, I’m tuning option selects, and I’m trying to learn 2 other characters.

when I was learning to piano I just picked the style that worked for me in lhmlh, then I just started drumming it out all the time. On my desk in class, in between matches on my stick, during the loading screens, while I was being thrown/in an ultra, on my leg on the bus, etc… It’s a muscle memory thing, the only real way you can get better at it is by constantly doing it. I think you have to determine if your hand rolls better to the right or the left, then do that.

with slide… it’s just as easy… and like Ves said… if you can’t even do any type of electriicty with slide method it means you probably haven’t practice… or maybe really tried.)… keep in mind… slide uses one finger moving in between different punches quickly… the advantage of slide is… you won’t get finger fatigued unlike pianoing… if you’re playing many matches in a row it’ll put some strain on your fingers (at least for me)… however the disadvantage of slide is… you might accidentally do focus cancel if your fingers big… or… you might end with MP electricity instead of HP if you aren’t careful…

lp, mp, hp, mp, hp for HP electricity
lp, mp, hp, hp, mp for MP electricity (your finger slides off of HP and hits HP again)
lp, mp, hp, mp, lp for LP electricity
lp, mp, hp, hp~hp+mp+lp for EX electricity (basically after you slide off from HP, you bring in your index, middle and ring finger and slide them all back together so they’ll hit multiple punches when you bring them in)

hope this helps…


[S]I don’t know if anyone has answered you question but my personal experience is.[/S]

I tried to slide lp mp hp mp hp and hardly ever had any luck, I found it way to hard to control my fingers going really fast. and alot of the times I ended up with the right input but too slow, or the wrong input and something else would come out and rarely the right input and hp elec came out. what i sorta figured out to get hp elec going and for me its a bit easier. try plink lp mp then slide lp mp hp with your pointer finger. the input needs to be quite fast, it took me a while to get it down, but for me its easier. it should feel like a plink then pressing lp again and sliding to mp hp. i still dont have this 100% but im making progress. check out my thread, cr.lp xx hp elec


Ok, I’ve practiced slide with various results. Most of the time I got M ou L electricty, sometimes I ended up doing, so got EX electricity instead.

By the way, how do you guys avoid hitting the buttons too fast in sequence ( doing slide and/or piano?

After a while I realized that slide wasn’t for me, since I got really tired and my fingers hurt after doing it for some time.

Since most of the “good” Blankas/Hondas use piano, that’s the technique I’m most interested. I’ll try Veserius advice, practicing the movemente whenever I can.

I know that I can piano faster from right to left, so maybe I would have more luck using LP on the right, but it would took ages to get used to :D.

I’ll practice LHMLH and see how it goes.

I figured that I can’t improve my game if I rely on j.MK+LP then mash LP for LP xx LP Elec (or j.MK+LK).

Thanks guys!