Blanka Labwork Thread


The topic has come up a lot recently because ilitirit and myself have been doing some labwork, but we just end up posting it in whatever random thread that the discussion is currently going on in.

I plan to compile everything I can here that seems pretty useful. Sorted sections of what setups work on who will be posted shortly.

Safeball setups
Character specific stuff
Frame data that isn’t in the frame data

notes are in (), [] is contributer.

Safejump setups:

f.throw, nj, - works on Juri, Ibuki, Makoto, Rufus, Dictator, Fuerte (does not work against U2) [ilitirit]
f.throw, f.dash, f.dash, - works on Juri, Ibuki, Makoto, Rufus, Dictator, Fuerte (does not work against U2) [veserius]
f.throw, f.dash, f.hop, - Works on 4+ Frame Reversals
f.throw, f.dash, f.hop, crossup - Works on 4+ Frame Reversals
f.throw, mp ball, - Works on 5+ Frame Reversals, st.jab, - works on 7+ frame reversals

Meaty setups
Meaty setups ending in are +3 on block/+6 on hit, is +3 on block/+5 on hit, whiff, (1), whiff, (1), whiff, (2), f.dash, f.dash, (1), f.dash, f.dash, (1), f.dash, f.dash, (2), f.dash, f.hop, (2), f.dash, f.hop, (2), f.dash, f.hop, (3), f.hop, f.hop, (3), f.hop, f.hop, (3)

2=Sagat/Cammy, if tried against other characters(except Blanka/Adon) will give 1 less frame advantage
1=everyone else

Misc Frame Data:
Wakeup Timing:

? active frame) - 48 frames.
Exceptions: Adon(41 or 42 frames?) Cammy/Sagat(49 frames) Blanka(50 frames)
If you do not hit on the first active frame Blanka will recover 1 frame faster for each frame past the first one.

?f.throw - 81 frames
Exceptions: Adon(??), Juri/Ibuki/Makoto/Rufus/Dictator/Fuerte/Ken/Ryu(80 frames), Cammy/Sagat(82 frames), Blanka(83 frames)

Why Hop Mixups Suck Against Standing Opponents:

Rockcrusher xx f.hop
block -9
hit -4
ch -1 xx f.hop
block -9
hit -6
ch -3

Light Attacks xx f.hop
block - 12
hit -9
counterhit -8

Doubletap Ultra 1
Commonly combos into ultra are 1 frame links, and you lose the ability to doubletap because if your first input actually did hit the ultra, your second one will cancel out your ability to hold the ultra and thus get full hits. Against a small number of characters however you don’t need to time your ultra and instantly releasing the buttons allows you to still get full hits at close proximity. So against these characters you can double or triple tap your ultra input to increase your chance of hitting the link reliably.

Ryu, Ken, Honda, Guy, Blanka, Fei Long, Rose[ilitirit]

I would say U1 would be the ultra of choice against all of those characters other than Rose, and you should have good chances to hit it against them in the normal course of a match.

Move times to help test[table by JOLThead, corrections/additions Veserius]

total frames for meaty/safejump timing

frames: moves:
13 cr lk, far lp
14 cr lp
15 cl lp
16 cl lk
17 cr mk, cl mp
18 far lk
19 far mp
21 dash
22 forward hop
23 cl mk
24 throw, Focus f.dash
25 cr mp, far mk
26 rockcrusher, backdash
29 lp roll, backhop, focus b.dash
31 cr hk, far hk, cl hk
32 far hp, cl hp
38 j.attack(last possible hitting frame of jump)
41 lp elec
42 jump(can attack 4 frames faster with no air moved used, aerial move use turn those frames into an input buffer)
43 overhead
44 slide, mp roll
45 hp roll, ex roll, mp elec
52 hp elec
53 crouch canceled
54 ex elec
58 lp rainbow
62 mp rainbow
65 hp vertical roll
66 hp rainbow, ex rainbow, lp vertical roll
70 mp vertical roll
78 ex vertical roll
90 crouch


reserve #3

I guess I’ll kick this off with my new thing.

Safejump setup:, whiff st.jab, - Works on characters with reversals 7 frames and slower if timed perfectly. Examples, Viper(hp thunder knuckle), Honda(headbutts/super/ultra blockable, splashes whiff)

This is hard to get reliably on viper as you are essentially 1 frame linking the jab, but against characters with very slow reversals ala honda or boxer, it is quite simple.

Also Blanka recovers from sweep on hit 48 frames sooner than the knocked down character(if sweep makes contact on the first active frame). This is true against everyone as far as I know other than Cammy/Sagat(49 frames), Blanka(50 frames), and Adon(41 or 42 frames not sure).

This might be a frame or two off, my frame numbers are reverse engineered, but that totally seems right to me based off of my findings.

So if you are trying to come up with any meaty setups or something similar, keep that number in mind.

haha, telling myself that Blanka’s sweep recovers in that time has given me another setup.

Frame perfect meaty #2(works on everyone but Sagat*/Cammy*/Blanka**/Adon), dash, dash, will hit on the 3rd active frame leaving you at +6, which lets you do cool things like link into sweep.

  • can substitute for or substitute one of the dashes with a f.hop to make frame perfect
    ** can substitute both dashes for f.hops to make frame perfect apparently, but is difficult. Replacing only one seems to work better for my timing, and I’m still getting the meaty correctly like I would on Cammy/Sagat.

here’s mine, safe jump setup

forward throw, LP electricity, j.HK… not exactly sure exactly who it works on… but I know it works on Sagat, Honda, Boxer.


iirc you can actually do the electricity too early and the jumpin will whiff. Can’t check right now.

if you change the strength of the electricity it will change the start up time which might make it a safe jump setup; someone needs to do the math to see if it actually adds up…

Recently, someone posted how a meaty close neutral fierce can be combod into low rh. That made me happy. As a result, I went into the lab, and figured out a couple of other crazy things that I felt like sharing because I need to flatten out some inconsistancies, etc.

So basically, I found out that Banka has a pretty godlike (for blanka anyway) frametrap, that is very similar to Adon’s close fp, but without the okizame followups.

In short, do a relatively meaty crossup strong, then, the timing varies, but do a neutral close mp. If they crouch tech, they get blown up with a ch close mp, leading to either a low rh (ch only) or stand jab into elec (only certain characters, but more than i thought).

Now the thing I find wierd, and need to test more, is that it all depends on how deep the forward crosses us. If super deep, I feel like when i hit the close mp (from here on out, if I say MP, or close MP, assume its the neutral mp) they are still in block stun, and i have to wait the slightest moment. If its a normal, not super deep crossup, then if I land and immediately hit MP, it blows up crouch tech eveery time.

I have tested this on many different characters, and its exceedingly consistant, and has opened up my throwing game quite a bit as i can now blow up the crouch tech.

My only question is sometimes, when i do the close MP, i can get thrown before the mp comes out. Now, theoretically anyway, I should be hitting them with the close mp 1 or 2 frames after they get out of stun (assuming my timing is right) so obviously if they throw me, then i am waiting to long. But sometimes, the throw seems random, I totally blow up the throw sometimes (standing throw, not a crouch tech), and other times the throw wins.

Overall, the crouch tech is super easy to blow up with this technique, but the throw sometimes catches me. I think this has more to do with me finding the right timing between the deepness of the crossup mk and the start of the close MP.


Btw, just neutral mp, sjab, fierce elec was 222, and the ch neutral strong, low rh, was something like 190.

yes that can happen… but if you time the j.HK earlier the jump in won’t ever whiff and since j.HK block/hit stun is so long… you can still do your standard followups

or… you can always replace it with j.MK… because it hits more horizontally it seems to come out ‘slower’ in this setup


by someone I guess that means me.

when I was testing this setup before, I was having issues with it, and the I saw that mp electricity is the same number of frames as mp hori ball. I had already been using the mp horiball setup, so I figured the mp elec setup should be just as good.

The problem was establishing what frame a mash move decides to come out is very very hard. sometimes I’d get the elec to come out on the correct frame 5 times in a row, but other times I wouldn’t. Hell even turbo doesn’t help with the accuracy.

Characters also wake up at different times against f.throw, which can present a whole other host of problems. If I had a way to capture frames I would just frame count each character and then I could say “well f.throw against hakan knocks down for 78 frames so you can do any combo of stuff that adds up to that much” but I don’t.

One of my goals right now in the labwork thread is to reverse engineer throw knockdown counts like I did for sweeps, I just haven’t started yet. It is tedious and time consuming, so it’ll probably take me a while.

so my stick isn’t working properly. The home button has been sort of weird for months, but now turbo(which I use for testing at times), and down which I use for playing all the time are not working. was still able to test the elec stuff. LP IS too fast like I thought, you have to wait a few frames before jumping(which I don’t like). MP is pretty perfect, but like I said before establishing exactly what frame it is going to come out on is hard. If it comes out on the first possible you’re in good shape, but if it comes out a little later you are going to eat a reversal.

gonna see whats up with my stick. Down is just probably the wiring harness being loose which I can just fix with tape. I’m not technical enough to fix my home/turbo buttons though will have to ask a friend if they don’t randomly decide to work.

Turbo/guide buttons still broken, but i fixed down.

Looking at ilititrit’s safejump setup that works on Juri/fuerte etc. got me thinking. I had already previously established that a dash is half of a jump frame wise. So against those characters you can substitute the neutral jump for 2 forward dashes, and a neutral jump for the forward jump and it still works exactly the same.

now here is the tricky part. since a hop is only one frame longer than a dash you can substitute one of the dashes for a hop, and the setup is exactly one frame longer. Why does this matter? Well it makes it work on more characters, though I haven’t done comprehensive testing yet. was able to safejump flashkick/EX jet upper which are both 4 frames, so I think this might be a big time safejump setup as I believe it is frame perfect because #1 it works on 4 framers, #2 it whiffs against the characters who get up slow, #3 I haven’t messed it up yet in my training mode recordings.

Oh also that means the for normal wakeup you are looking for 43 frames of stuff to do before you jump to block 4 frame reversals off of f.throw. Which means your opponent wakes up on frame 79(normal wakeup) which is your last jumping frame. You can’t block till frame 82. If you don’t hit a button you can block on frame 80.

So if you are trying to go for a meaty setup, opponent wakes up in 79 frames after blanka exits the throw animation. so you want your last active frame to be ready to go on that frame.

When i tested mp elec before it was against Sagat, who has a 5 frame reversal and gets up 1 frame slow. Mp elec is 45 frames, so first frame mp elec should safejump Sagat/Cammy/Blanka/any character with a ridiculously slow reversal. LP elec is 41 frames, which is why you have to wait before jumping generally.

I think Mullah was using Slide -> neutral jump before? Slide is 45 frames which is why it works on the characters with slow reversals/who get up slow like Boxer or Sagat.

MP ball is actually 44 frames not 45, which is why it works so well as a safejump setup against slightly slower reversals, but can not work against 4 frame reversals with normal wakeup timing, and why you can actually whiff it against Blanka. I’ve whiffed it against Sagat too, so I think balls might be a little buggy in regards to total frames at times or the frame data is wrong. I’ll double check that later.

mp elec, f.hop, is a frame perfect meaty setup if your opponent techs on the first possible frame. Against Sagat you can do mp elec, hop,, sweep midscreen.

Issues, only gives +5 on hit against characters with normal wakeup timing. Non sweep/throw knockdown times seem to be a little more random. Is very hard to follow up the lk midscreen. MP elec isn’t that good. Opponents don’t always tech on time. It’s hard.

The benefits of this though is I can start to figure out how long elec knocks down for so you can set up more practical stuff. Too bad elec doesn’t knockdown like 6 more frames or you could safejump a good amount of stuff off of lp.

Also no new stuff for a few days. I’m going to go through and verify setups I’ve posted on each individual character instead of just lumping them together before I get too big of a backlog, and ill be updating the first post with stuff.

do diff strengths elec have different pushback? i always use fierce because of the greatest blockstun, but if it pushes me back further maybe i should be using a lighter version to make the time gap between the: elec > walk > st.lp x elec smaller?

just tested. Lp elec knocks back a little less far than mp/hp, but it is about half a training mode tile difference. You can walk farther than that in 5 frames.

Also I started using the meaty in games. Very good! I’m bad at linking the sweep though. link is very easy though, and so is,, st.lp. I hit that meaty into ball xx super and it felt great.

Side benefit of me sweeping more is that I’m getting more dizzies, and while Blanka without super/ultra can’t do too much damage, it’s still a nice benefit.

Also blocked meaty is an incredible frame trap into all sorts of things. and are probably the best though.

Not overly useful, but cr.hp or kara cowards crouch moves you forward.

I’m sort of wondering if any of Blanka’s other kara moves do anything useful.

Edit: oh wow standing jab kara crouch moves you farrrrrrrr.

About the lk meaty- I used to use it but I had a very unsafe setup, just a regular unsafe jump and it worked very well if I didn’t get blasted for my jumpin, but I did cr lk > lp > elec which I’m pretty sure works on everyone and you get the knockdown to reset your shenanagins. If I knew I coulld do it after a sweep I wouldn’t have gave up on that strat. I’ll try to play later and see how this all works out.

Also what program or format could I use to post a spreadsheet like form of data about Blankas moves and ranges etc? I made a chart that has all Blanka ground combos and options ranked by damage according to range, but it’s hard to type up on this.

Use google docs maybe? They have a spreadsheet thing and it would be easily linkable here, and you could give people edit privileges if you wanted.

Also kara f.hop goes about an extra 1.75 training mode tiles. I know all of you will be using it in matches now.