Blackheart team worth noting?

I enjoy using this team -Zangief, Cable, Blackheart- and was wondering if using blackheart, cable, cyclops is the best top tier variation including cable and blackheart. Appears to be the best one that I can think of that helps BH and cable.

I’m not very interested in playing a blackheart team with storm or sentinel in it. Any input involving the addition to a character balancing out team BH/Cable/XXX would be helpful.

possum let me give you the best advice ever, DROP CABLE!!!, trust me he will not be able to help from team msp. Use team watts its the best team for blackheart.

He said he’s not interested in using Storm or Sentinel. Sheesh.

My experience tells me that BH/Cable/Commando actually works better in general than BH/Cable/Cyclops, which contradicts everything I’ve said before about how that team sucks. On paper, BH/Cable/CapCom is crap but it seems to work itself out if your turtling skills are peak.

Btw, not interested only reflects my boredom towards using Storm and Sentinel. I enjoy playing low top tier teams instead of the norm(which doesn’t mean I can’t use them). So that is why I am interested in some low top tier teams that I can have more fun with. Blackheart to me in all aspects is fun and getting rushed down as cable is hella fun for me (I’m insane).
Dasrik: I believe any team that looks like anything on paper can work if a players skills are peak. Which is why I’m interested in a FUN team w/ BH. Is Blackheart even meant to be played as fun?

my fun BH teams that don’t involve storm or sent are…

BH/Strider/Doom (I think is one is obvious as to why I pick it)
BH/Dan/Cyc (I just like this team cuz my Black heart gets better by using it and it’s just too good when I catch people with Dan’s level 3 super by cancelling from BH’s JD) :clap:

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Depends on what you consider fun.

I have fun playing BH because my opponents get unbelievably pissed off when they lose. But it’s not fun at all to play with him in the game because I have to be constantly on guard.

I guess I just like to show up scrubs. I lost interest in being the best a long time ago.

I think both BH/Cable/Cyc and BH/Cable/Capcom are competitive teams. And, for BH, I think Cable may be a better partner than Storm. You have the 150% combo (I am not sure, but I don’t think BH Storm can take much more than 80% in any combo) and CAHVB available all the time.

Plus, Sentinel is a very popular second character, and having Cable against him is better than any other option, IMO. BH/Sent/Capcom may be better (Sent/Capcom is too good and the 100% is there, plus unblockable chances and a better assist). However, IMO, Bh/Cable is pretty close or even as good as BH/Sent, since BH builds so much meter, which means Cable will amost always be at his best when playing on this team.

whoa Das I protest, you CAN do offense with BH. I do a lot more offense than defense with him.

dasrik just curious. Why did u give up on being the best. I only play marvel to be the best. hopefully marvel won’t die by the time i do. LOL.

well my blackheart team is amingo, blackheart and storm, or sonson instead of storm. I too like to play low top tier teams. I can’t really see myself playing santhrax.

I have icethrax: iceman, sent, commando
frostbite: iceman, storm, sent

those r my two main teams but i’m getting really good with anakaris

my team with anakaris is anakaris, ironman, doom.

Ur prolly thinking why amingo with blackheart.
well if they call out their assist i’ll just wavedash towards their assist and do the thc with amingo,storm, and blackheart. amingo does the super with the vine and blackheart does the super when u put him on anti air assist and storm does hailstorm. see they really can’t do much since the hailstorm covers ur ass all the while fucking up their assist big time.

this team has no reliable anti air but if u catch a magneto trijumping just do the super that goes to the air with amingo and he’ll learn to be more careful.

I guess I gave up being the best because I realized that when I accomplished that task, I would be left wondering why I did it.

Being the champion of a video game won’t do anything relevant for the world I live in.

oh, well i’d do it cause it would be good to have some fucked up memories. you know the crazy shit that happens in marvel. besided u could win money. well whatever works for u thats koo.

just depends on the person. check u l8ters.

Litsen if its for fun there are many combinations with blackheart that can be worth playing, but competitive wise blackheart has a hard enough time standing against the big 4. Cable is my favorite character in the game, and i have seen how deadly can cable be but only in the hands of justin wong. Cable can get rushdown by 80% of the characters in the game, and blackheart barely survive mags, but storm and sentinel simply makes black almost worthless. i love playing black and cable but when playing the pros i’ve learned not to put them together in a team cause it wont get you far, trust me.

By the way try blackheart/strider/doom, this team kick’s ass it uses black abilities to gain supermeter, then use the meter with strider to beat even the best of them.

LoL Wong’s cable is ridiculous

man these days everyone gets around cable now BH Storm And cyke is better IMO bcz cyke set’s up hailstorm, infernxxHOD, BH’s Inf.,Air combo to LAxxLS cable gets boring and most storms kill cable. and if ur cable cant block mag’z shit storms even psy’s low and high attacks then ur cable screwed bcz most rushers hit you 2 or 3 times then snap out for ur anti air assist, or just ur assist. And if its capcom…LOL good fuckin luck winning that match agnst MSP. And dont even try to switch if u switch u do dat dumbass taunt of cables “Leave It to Me” then snap out agn. so u tell me which char. is better u need a mixture of speed and strength and assistance in a team. You need speed to recover BH’s slowness, and turtleness cuz dats all he is is a giant turtle hes koo an all and takes a while to kill. The best BH/Cable team is BH Cable Captain Commando IMO cuz if dey get close to BH send out capcom, InfernoxxHOD but if u want to chip ppl dont do InfernoxxHOD cuz inferno’s easy to get out of now. so for chipping do an infernoxxjudgement day (hcb+PP) so dats my thoughts on weather sto0rms better then cable and yes bh storm/cable is tourney wise…

I don’t think Storm is better, simply because BH/Cable is almost a guaranteed 150% out of the opponent’s team. You hit once, with Blackheart, and your opponent is now just with half a character and a full assist. Cable can die immediately and it won’t matter as much, since you will still have BH with a lead + full assist. And Cable does not die as easily as most people think. You cans ee form vids that he is still realtively popular in the NY tourneys (much more than BH). I think Bh/Cable/Cyc is the best for BH because of that. If you want the best best team, drop it all and play Santhrax…

Storm is better than Cable, don’t get me wrong, but Cable is more useful to a BH team

very well said n u provd ur point :clap: :clap:

While I’m still a believer that BH/Sent/Commando is the best all-around BH team for a number of reasons, I would probably go with BH/Cable/Commando over BH/Cable/Cyclops. The main difference between the two is that BH/Cable/Commando is all about controlling space (and it does so about as well as any team in the game) while BH/Cable/Cyclops puts BH in the position where he pretty much has to play it more aggressive while Cable is in a bit better position to turtle. That’s the main tweak on it… and BH having to play offense is, well, less than optimal. His offensive game is more about pressure and control than it is about really doing a lot of damage. OTOH, Cable is quite nasty on this team, so if you can find a way to make BH work then go for it. All in all, though, BH/Cable/Commando is the sounder team from top to bottom.

If your Cable is helpless against the rush, then your Cable is lazy and too reliant on people making mistakes and doesn’t keep on the move enough.

I’m more and more convinced that BH/Ironman/Sent is just too damn fun!

blackheart,cable cyclops is the best team

anybody know a sight where i can find recent videos of some good mvc2 matches?