Black Teen Arrested For "Suspiciously" Purchasing An Expensive Item In A Dept. Store

The amount of times similar situations have happened to me and my friends is just rage inducing. It’s a horrible feeling having to tiptoe and check yourself because you might be discriminated over the simplest little action. Even worse, if he had at one minor charge on his record they would’ve used it as means to keep him locked up.

They was just shooting an episode of WWYD and forgot to tell him and the police duh!!!

I hope he wins his case.

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We already had the outrage/apology tour about this in the lounge.

He was either a thief or a drug dealer, we all agreed. Rock was proud of the local law enforcement. maxx agreed the incident warranted investigation, and DRD just felt awful about the whole thing.

yesterday a girl got jacked up by undercover cops at the same barneys. i was gonna make a thread of this, but was like fuck it. i did post it in gd the other day (the guy story)!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/barneys-01.jpg

Shit like this makes me scared to leave my house. Order everything online I say

Stick to online, but then again with clothes that is a little harder to do. Racial profiling happens by cops all the time, and not just when buying something from a store, also when driving, being outside late at night, at the airport, etc. etc. etc. Ton of BS minorities have to go through, NWA had it right awhile ago…Fuck da police.

I’m glad it happened to the kid, now he’s going to get paid :tup:

You know how you read the title of a thread and it makes your stomach gurgle and can’t control the disgusted “ugh” that escapes your mouth…yeah.

the funny part is, young black people arent even the largest contributors to credit card fraud. i dont know where nypd is getting their facts from, and we’re the second highest ethnic group to be victims of consumer fraud, with american indians almost doubling us.

the cops are doing a ton of extra shit too just to try to prove fraud. like nigga, clubs have id scanners, why the fuck dont yall. you are hauling people down to the precinct in cuffs, asking for a lawsuit over what, a 350 dollar belt he had to show id to get, over a 2300 dollar purse that she had to show id to get. i mean what more does a nigga have to do to prove to you we’re not criminals by default. i have to dress up just to go to barneys, start shuckin and jivin on the way out for you to not think im not committing fraud.

barneys you shouldnt even be allowing this shit on your premises, because you were just asking for your brand to get shit on real quick by issues like what has arisen. i wonder if jay z is gonna say something since he has a line at barneys.

i couldnt imagine being arrested and embarrassed like that, taken down to the precinct, treated like a guilty criminal only to have them be like, oh, you were telling the truth, sorry, bye bye. not even gonna at least give a brotha a ride home. lol. yet another reason i do not like nyc. i hope that girl takes the purse back, and wins a ridiculous amount of money in her lawsuit.

man, cops just stay taking l’s. i swear 90 percent of cops must be morons. lol. but its nyc, i expect no less from officers there of all places.

when I was in college…my roommate, who happens to be Turkish…and looks white btw…went to Macys.
he asked the sales clerk if he could see a 800 dollar watch.
the clerk told him no.
he asked why not?
the clerk told him…because I don’t think you could afford it.

funny thing was that my Turkish roommate was rich as hell.
his mom worked for the world bank in Washington dc and his dad was a rich n famous architect in turkey.
had European ambassadors living in his home in Istanbul.

he had like 10 credit cards and nothing but hundred dollar bills in his wallet. never a 50…let alone a 20.

I remember he even showed me pics of him sitting in a one of a kind chair owned by some rich folk who were friends of his parents…he was visiting them here in new York btw…
then couple months later the rich folk who owned the chair my friend sat on lent the same chair to be displayed in the museum of modern art.

and when we went to the museum and found the chair on display I told him…hey, put that photo of you sitting on that very same chair…put it propped up on the seat of the chair! which he then did.

and people walking by got mindfucked seeing a pic of him sitting on the chair that was behind velvet rope.

point is…
store attendants of high end stores…
are idiotic clueless jerks who cant afford a pot to piss in themselves and shouldn’t be making judgement calls on anyone.

haha, damn. what did he say back to the clerk? he shoulda pulled out his money and cards, then asked to speak to the manager, then told them he was going to contact his lawyer after purchasing the watch. of course you dont really have a case after purchasing the watch, but he could still leave them all trembling. lol

I love you
You love me
Unless you’re black
And you have money

Unless that belt gives out wireless LureBitch™ waves, has a built-in international outlet to charge all your shit, and violently shoots out pennies/nickels/etc. you don’t want cluttering up your wallet @ 500 PSI against would be muggers, that shit should NOT be barely less than a fucking PS4. Lock his ass up :mad:

Everybody is thinking about this the wrong way. Here, let me help you:
-Be black
-Wear gangsta
-Enter store
-Buy expensive shit


The ??? is get arrested for no reason. Haven’t you been paying attention?

But no, if you’re spending $350 on a belt, you deserve whatever happens to you.

That’s the idea. And you aren’t familiar with the meme, apparently.

Maybe because your meme is underdeveloped

If I really have to spill it out for you on a thread that already shows you how it should go…

whats with the nyc cops and black people they’re always fucking up.

for example: Amadou Diallo

True dat. UPS dat shit. Let them send it to me where I can answer the door.