BioShock Infinite: It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Racism!




Anyone else psyched about this game?

  1. I don’t think it’s called racism. Xenophobia is what I think it really is.
  2. We already have a general Bioshock thread.

Did a search, didn’t find anything of the sort. If you’ve seen how foreigners are depicted, it’s pretty clear that it’s racism. Gets a little worse when they start advocating racial purification, too.

Anyway the game looks amazing… cant wait to play it.

The pictures portraying foreigners is rather racist but the over mood smacks of Xenophobia.

And as someo ne whose never played Bioshock or System Shock I am hype for this game. Trying to track down Bioshock 1 just to get a feeling for Levines work.

bioshock 1 is definitely one of those shooters that made me interested in fps games again.

Sadly, even after Bioshock, an FPS that isn’t about zombies/war scenarios is still hard to come by.

Shit, us ps3 owners WISH we had the problem of too many zombie shooters. We ain’t got shit but some stupid overhead view Smash-tv wannabe minigames. And every game that comes along to change that fact…gets turned into more of the same overhead crap. Like HVS’ The Grinder…now only the wii version will be a gritty fps.

I’m actually pretty sick of zombie and war games. Sold my MW2 long ago, regretted every second I spent playing L4D. I’m no fan of the multiplayer but Bioshock took something old and made it fresh. Fan for life now.

Having a talking character might make things interesting. I really liked the silent protagonist thing but based on the demo it looks like they’re going to pull it off.

I’m not that big on modern war FPSs anymore and fuck WWII FPS. I still love Halo though. This series does seem to have a really fresh and different take on the FPS thing. I need to try the MEtroid Prime games again for the same reason.

I hate Silent protagonists though. Them fucks is boring as hell in everything. It wont ruin a game but I do think it holds the game back narritivly more often then not.

The best silent protagonist ever is Gordon Freeman. It has more to do with how everyone around him reacts and less to do with the character himself. That’s what I liked about the HL series so much. People know he’s quiet but they recognize his actions. You can fill Gordon’s head with your own thoughts.

Sad that Unreal Tournament III was such a bust.

That’s exactly why I started to like silent protagonists. There’s a certain amount of yourself that you can place in the game. Still, the way Infinite is coming together looks great.

First review is up:

It’s ironic the reviewer said it’s the savior of FPS a genre that’s gone stale and it also doesn’t have handholding crap…yet this is from IGN who give COD and Halo consistent 9’s lol. Also nice to see PC version actually being vastly superior rather than a watered down port.

That’s one of the reasons why reviews are hard to trust these days. At the end of the day, we have to play a game for ourselves; we can’t let these reviews make our decisions for us. The only exception is when reviews state something factual across the board, like the SimCity issues. But even then, some reviews, like Polygon’s SimCity review, neglect to mention the facts.

I’ll be ignoring everything bioshock related until it comes out in fear of spoilers.

I will be copping this when it comes out. I remember reserving it the moment I saw it at E3, but it kept getting pushed back. Bioshock is easily one of my favorite series and I am excited to see how they pull off such an ambitious story.

Reviews are still useful to find out what’s in the game. I rather read a review that spends less time trying to critically analyze the gameplay and just lists off the content and what you’ll be doing. That way I’m not surprised when I buy a game expecting it to be an Action-RPG only to find out it’s actually a stock market simulator. LOL Diablo III.

That’s what previews are for. Previews will never be critical of a game’s features because that’s not the point. It’s why you might see a certain game on a magazine cover, only for the game to get poor reviews a few issues later.

I am thrilled about that last part. I am getting it for PC.

I am very hyped for the 1999 mode.

I had huge expectations for the first two games but ended up letdown overall. Hopefully this is even better, and hopefully MP doesn’t suck

Any spoilers in that review?