Bill "Deus" Wellman beats Justin Wong 10-0

Like the Title says, they played for money, and Bill Wellman defeated the marvel champion 10-0. No joke, there were at least 10 people in the room. Justin Wong has lost all respect in the marvel community, and his reputation as a legend in gaming has ended…

Wow thats some crazy shit. Good job Bill!

Honestly this has to be a joke.

If this was on console I could believe it. Deus skills get magnified 100x on his own stick.

No vids, huh?

This is quite interesting.

What teams were used?


Bill is good at marvel, but even I beat him ONE match out of our three when we played in the Pre-ECC tournament…

GGPO stupid hype threads. See you fools at EVO when EC rapes again!

Bill is a fucking animal.

That shit was free.

Actually yall are underestimating what Nagata Lock II said…I have even said myself…I’ve played a shit load of players in marvel. And no one is as good as Bill when its on console, his stick. I’ve witnessed him win 100 games straight against the best players…potter…MYSELF…and many others.

Bill is a God, he is Deus.

UCRollerblader on Someone’s sn… I can confirm this happened. Justin will probably come on later and confirm too. potter made 40 bucks off of bill lol

Bill would not beat me 10 straight if my stick broke, my arm broke, and God himself came down and put me in a full nelson. Quote me on that… See you at EVO, homos.

Bill had a 5 hour winning streak in my hotel room.

seriously. what kinda stick does he use? damn if that stick makes that much of a difference for him, i might have to start selling those to players who suck (like me). i find it hard to believe tho until i see him play in person. where has he been during Justin’s 4 year tournament win streak?

Exactly…MvC2 been on console @ Evo for how long???


i can confirm this was probably on MY Paul Frank stick i lent him for ECC


good shit sellman

on august 22nd mr. wellman was FURIOUS for how he did at evo 2k5, becuase he knew he shoulda won, or at least top 3. So he went out and traveled to Istanbul to find the perfect stick. That he did. Mr. Wellman has not lost a console match yet.


I warned you all.

Audioproject - i heard Bill used MSS (drones) and wong used various storm sent combo’s and on the last game Wong went straight to mag/cable/cammy?? Can someone confirm this?

what a biute!

actually now that i think about it, this cant be real…

for the following reasons…

if jesse posted under Albert’s handle,

why would he say he was under “someone else’s” handle as opposed to “Jal’s”…

im assuming that albert logged in on someones computer, and didnt log out…

and if it did happen, so fuck me.