Big Bang Beat

Yeah the boxer looks really good. I like the main character (probably because they should so much of him lol).

I hope it has an online code which is playable too.

Also looks like they have EX moves. Whenever they do a move with blue shadows they lose some meter(but only after the move finishes animating). Seems that the EX moves consume exactly one bar.

Fuckin’ ‘n’ Fightin’!

And yeah what Hydra said, a subforum would be cool.

in the final release, i’m sure the other two main heroines will be added.

senna is the only one right now. but i’m betting that we will be seeing kaen and kunagi (who is actually the real main heroine of the story) as well.

on the other hand, i’m kind of surprised kendo and kyudo (the sisters: kendo fighter and archer) are in the game, as they were pretty minor characters.

EDIT: nvm, i didn’t even realize kunagi is in the game until now. but yea… where the hell is kaen yo??

Seems too GG-like for me to derive any enjoyment from – which is why I like Akatsuki. :frowning:

This game is delivering.



If it don’t have burst then alright.

Is there a demo version or something?

i don’t really get half the character selections. there were like 80 characters (might be off, it’s been a while) for this game… yet everybody seems to be from the initial arc except for kunagi and senna.

the selection of enemy male characters is kind of weird too, since none of them are significant except for yamazaki (the one with long blonde hair). and even he wasn’t that big, as he was only the first boss.

o well, i guess time will tell if they will add more characters.

wow, that game play movie looked awesome. Like the graphical style and what not. Gonna have to try this out some time


First it was Monster…then Hinokakera…now this…

I guess it’s that time of the season for SRK Doujin - Fighter FEVER.

Ikuze! :lovin:

This game looks pretty tight.If this shit has net it’s all good.

looks very nice.
now just to find a why to get it

Release date is supposed to be April of this year.

I’ll buy this shit. <- Just in case. <- A review of the game with a little more info.

There has to be at least two characters not on the cast page, because Daigo (fire guy wearing blue) isn’t on the cast page but is in the trailer quite prominently. And I’m assuming there must be some kind of boss character, so there’s probably a good chance Kaen will make it in if she’s as important as orka says.

i’ll be buying big bang beat

fo sho

also… sae is hot

include her in the game!! >:O

sad thing is tho, this might the only way other than perhaps KOF and GG that were gonna get new games for your favourite genre.

If this game doesn’t have air-recovery, it’s gonna have a shitload of infinites.

Looks like a GG clone to me.

Looks more like a Jojo game due to the crazy looking combos.