Big Bang Beat

Big Bang Beat (Better Business Bureau)

Since FGD is on a weird fighter kick lately.

Company: NRF
Name: Big Bang Beat (or Better Business Bureau)
Website:, and
When: 4/2007
Characters: 9 so far

Sword chick looks like a more interesting Kamui from AH. I like the look of this game, appears to be Akatsuki-ish but has more hot chicks in it (and more than 4 characters :V). The Pocket Fighter-esque gems are kind of weird though.

Yeesh, someone make a doujin fighter subforum all ready.

Edit:My foot is now planted in my throat. This game rocks.

Agreed =P

Wow! This looks really good!

I can’t seem to find a download link other than the trailer.

It’s not free (more than likely) or released.

Ah cool cos that would be too good to be true :slight_smile:

I click on the trailer link and I’m prompted to download some DivX update. I do so. I’m then prompted to download FireFox. I do so(and get a virus for my trouble). My anti-virus handles it. All installations are done. I still can’t view the trailer.

Does it specify which system its coming out on? Arcade only? PS2? etc.

Game looks really good :slight_smile:

It’s a PC doujin game. :V

Rioting Soul: Just open it in IE and save yourself the trouble. Divx Web Player doesn’t play well with Firefox in my experience (and what website prompts you to DL Firefox anyways?)


Found a youtube link of the trailer


Also found this. Could be just the intro movie or something.

First link: saved to favorites

Second link: I think that’s what the game is based off. Like how Melty Blood is based off Shingetsutan Tsukihime.

Yeah I guess so its titled BigBand Age whereas the game is BigBang Beat. Lol what weird names. :wtf:

EDIT: I think its another game ands whats strange is that when you try googling info about it (Daibanchou: Big Bang Age) you get results about Hentai games?! :wtf: :wtf:

re: 2nd link: That song is from Nanoha A’s, btw. It’s sort of like an anime music video type thing.

Found the game it’s based off of; a H-game named “Big Bang Age” by Alicesoft. (Not work safe) Seems like they opted to use some of the male, non-fuckable characters instead of going with a predominantly female cast, which is a pretty nice change from the norm.

:xeye:…:confused:…:rock: This game is gonna ROCK!

Another hentai derived FG?

Was Melty Blood previously a Hentai game?

EDIT: Never mind.

Melty Blood was an official sequel to Shingetsutan Tsukihime, which started as an H-game, yes. (The H wasn’t very appealing at all.) Melty Blood itself was never H.

the original game (big bang age) this is based on is actually really good.

pretty interesting story, a lot of srpg battles with tons of characters, great art, and of course… the bonus. :lovin:

I’ve HEARD that the sex in the game wasn’t for hentai purposes but for legitimate storytelling purposes.

Also, that boxer looks beastly.

EDIT: Well, since hardcore players don’t care about story anyways. Let’s play a hentai fighter!