BH Combo Thread

This thread is for combos, DHC’s into, and out of BH, and combos into and out of BH’s assist[s].
Although they don’t need to necessarily be practical, practicality is recommended.

I will be editing this post occasionally as well.

Many of these have been posted elsewhere

/= or
This design isn’t necessarily optimal for BH. It does give BH some interesting basic combos however.
=Call+dlk,dmk, Inferno/JD/SJ ad-hk[Mid-screen only], follow up with anything except the infinite [too close, barely not enough time…,]

=J[in any direction]Sent-a+lp, micropause, mk, airdash forward, JD, DHC HSF [ouch!!]
-This is for if your opponent is in the air. Kinda like the Jump lp, Call Capcom,mp, inferno vs a jumper.
-so much for that triangle jump you guessed on, and you could airdash out of range if your first attack is blocked or misses [only Sent is vulnerable for the most part]

Magneto’s projectile assist isn’t that great for BH in terms of combos. It’s more of a don’t advance along the ground while I superjump or normal jump type of thing. You’ll probably want to be using Cyc with these 2. Not a good idea unless your name is Samnang and your Mags is insaine.

=Call Mags+dlk, dmk, inferno, HOD and if you have good timing it’ll combo.
-Sometimes you can do a Judgement day instead of an inferno, but that’s really tough.

=Side Combos=
=Mags-BH-b Unmashable [Samnang]: Call BH-b+launch, hp, Tempest, lp,lk,mp,mk, Airdash UF, lp,lk,mp,mk, Tempest, fast DHC to Armageddon. This should kill an average stamina character instantly. If not, InfernoXXHOD for final chip or sj and airthrow them.

I developed a way to pull a Yipes Mags-Storm combo with Magneto-BH.

1]Dhp. If it hits, call BH, sj hp, ad df hp, hk, dhk.
-If you did it right, the person is otg’d by the inferno, and hit by the dhk before they are sent into the forced roll.
2]Continue the combo with one of the following…
-Hypergrav into whatever you want
-Sj cancel into the Rom infinite
-Shockwave super

NOTE: These are just what I was able to pull of since my Magneto sucks. There’s nothing to stop you from doing the slide infinite out of this.

-I’m adding this into the compendium.

the practical stuff is so simple that it’s not worth mentioning since it’s usually lk, lk + assist, super combos…

bh & sent-a, canceled into sj canceled into airdash immediately cancelled into RH
(this will all connect and if you jump right as your opponent is touching the ground from being hit by the RH they’ll bounce really high into the air allowing you to do whatever you want to them)

sent & bh-b

in corner with unflight…launch,,, + assist, ff.fp,, uf.fp, upward rp
(delayed hit from the inferno should connect after the ff.fp so that the upward rp connects)

bh & cyclops (aa) + assist, cr. lk, pause til second hit from connects, fp inferno
(I usually mash the fp b/c it seems to makes the delayed juggle hit from the inferno connect more often)
after they bounce on second hit…

  1. timed inferno for a second hit
  2. jp. rh cancelled to dash (infinite set-up)
  3. launch to air combo
  4. switch in another character like cable to follow up with, jp.fp, ahvb

more to come later

True, but what I’m after is a thread that encompasses both practical and trickshot combos alike.

Imagine landing a ground combo without an assist that ends in the opponent eating a proton cannon, a hailstorm, or a HSF? I have some. The problems are that I’ve only tested them on a Dreamcast, and they’re fucking hard. I’m highly tempted to keep this quiet, but I decided not to.

=Armageddon fast cancells=
The Armageddon starts much faster than you think. If you can figure out the fastest DHC out timing, you can stun the person with one of BH’s attacks [only a few of which will work…,], whiff an armageddon, and then BANG, they eat a hailstorm, a proton cannon, a HSF, or some other madness.

All of these are trickshots and or possibly impractical.

=Standing hk [first hit] will combo with a Hailstorm using the above trick [tested], and using the same logic, a proton cannon will as well [untested]. Don’t bother with HSF in this situation. You’ll be lucky for it to hit properly, and if that hapenns, the person will not be jugglable for linkage. Sometimes the person may be able to roll out of it.

=Dlk, DmP [yes this is a mp] will combo with a hailstorm, a proton cannon, or a HSF using the armageddon Fast cancell trick.
-Mid-screen only for the HSF. Knocking someone into the corner with this reduces it’s hit-stun, and makes it more likely for an asteroid to hit the wrong way ruining your combo. Hail works fine, Proton cannon should work too vs cornered foes [forgotten].

=Jump back hp vs a ground dashing or standing foe, Armageddon [whiffed] will combo into all 3. This means mid-screen or with your back to the wall, a VERY careless opponent can eat a HSF, a hailstorm, or a proton cannon.

If you want to hit a HSF off of BH you’re as well just either going for random inferno/JD DHC into it or my weird BH/Sent/Commando DHC that nobody besides me seems to get consistently. (One of these days I really should meet up with Preppy and his video camera and demonstrate that yeah, it CAN be consistently done.)

If armageddon has a quick enough startup time that you can combo anything into a hailstorm with it, then you ought to be able to do a version of Team Combofiend’s “low short of doom” with BH/IM/Sentinel as well. I personally would far rather use Team Watts than Team Blackheartfiend though. Who knows, though, it might almost be worth working with for giggles even though my Iron Man is utter poo.

The timing for my DHC with Watts is fairly simple. You basically want your opponent to drop about a Cable body length below the scoreboard off of Commando/inferno/whatever, then cancel to HSF. Once you get used to that timing and spacing it’s really no more difficult than the Storm/Sentinel DHC. It’s pretty much one size fits all since they’ll always be at the far side of the screen. The only character that it’s hard to do with Watts against is Sentinel due to the screwiness of getting Commando/inferno to hit, but if you substitute other assists like Cammy or Guile AAA for Commando it’s roughly the same there. If you’re doing it with HOD (which is the easiest way to do it without having to think about where on the screen you are) and you actually hit someone with demons, you probably let them get too low before you cancelled it.

I agree that it can be consistently done, it’s just so wierd that I haven’t been able to do it consistently. Actually, I did do this to someone in a tournament that I knew sucked [so there was no pressure], but I need video of it working to get it to work with any remote degree of consistency. I’m not saying that it’s impossible to get down consistently [far from it actually…,] I’m just saying it’s not something that can easily be put into words.

That’s kinda what I was thinking. I’m dreaming of a BH-Storm-Sent-a. Part of the reason I figured out that this is possible is from watching and eventualy extending Samnang Koy’s Magneto combo…
=Launch+Call BH, sj, hp, wait, Tempest, lp,lk,mp,mk, airdash, lp,lk,mp,mk, Tempest, DHC Armageddon. After figuring out you can go tempest Armageddon in the high air, I was curious to see if there were other methods to use it in combos.

For Sentinel, you can use an artificial corner trick. By delaying your assist call by just a nanosecond or 2, you can do something like this on him. Even at mid-screen where the problem is…

=Dlk,call Capcom, dmk, Inferno, HOD. Blackheart begins throwing the inferno alittle before the Capcom hit lands, so the person is lifted up into the inferno [which grazes them] by Capcom. You can even double-bounce some characters with it.

Yeah… well, I can understand that. Let’s see if I can manage to put it into words any better.

Basically, you know the first few phases. Poke into Commando on the ground or, if you want, if you manage to hit someone with sj. rh air-to-air and then land and standing short/fwd/Commando. Hit the inferno at the usual timing, HOD. That part’s easy.

What will happen at this point is that the inferno will bounce them up into the air for a short straight-up arc before they begin to fall back down. They can roll on the ground but they can do nothing until they touch the ground. Basically what you’re really doing here is comboing into Commando/inferno/HSF right out, and the HOD is just a whiff startup to get the drones to hit. The critical point that I always watch is where the bottom of their body falling down in the inferno column is. On the screen, the inferno after the Commando hit will bounce them up into the scoreboard on the way up, and then they’ll drop back down. Cable and Magneto are my most typical measuring sticks, partly because they’re also the main characters that I usually hit with it. Cable needs to drop far enough down that his feet spinning in the air upside down have just barely passed below the scoreboard. Start with that and memorize where Cable’s head at the bottom of his fall is, and print it onto your brain where that horizontal level is for everyone else you do it on.

There is both good news and bad news for ease of execution of this as compared to Storm/Sentinel. The bad news has two parts. The first part is, that unlike Storm/Sentinel where you only have to momentarily watch a slight drop after a lightning storm, BH/Sentinel/Commando requires you to watch them first get carried up by the inferno and THEN drop, which is a slightly more complex sequence of physics that is further obscured by the inferno column. The other part is, the HOD rising up slightly cuts down on your margin of error for getting it right. If any of the demons of HOD hit, the DHC won’t work and the HSF drones will unfailingly whiff. However, Storm/Sentinel’s margin of error isn’t THAT much either, so it’s not just drastically harder to do, the short bounce up is ultimately trickier to account for than the HOD. The good news is, you only really have to work out the timing for one range, because Commando/inferno will always put them at full screen distance regardless ofwhere you start, so you don’t have to vary anything once you’ve got the base distance down.

Another piece of good news is, if you do happen to get this in a corner, you can dash up and launch with Sentinel at full screen for an air combo and save yourself a third meter. You don’t have to wave dash or juggle or OTG to do this. This is a function of the fact that the timing for the DHC will always drop them into the top row of drones, unlike the normally more forgiving Storm/Sentinel DHC where you might lose the launcher if you drop them into HSF too low and a lot of damage potential gets wasted. HSF/launch/short/strong/RP/fierce/rh will do roughly the same damage as HSF/fierce/RP/HSF/fierce/RP for one fewer meter. Either one of them does in the low 120s to Cable off of a straight poke… not 100% but enough damage that in most real match situations it will probably kill someone. If you’re getting it off of a sj. rh it might do a little more, I haven’t measured that in training mode.

Yeah, that probably would work if you were high enough on the screen. Armageddon does come down pretty fast, just that I’ve never bothered to use it unless I’ve got a point blank inferno hit to work with. Doing it off of a jab inferno against airdashing opponents might also be a cute use for it, although I haven’t attempted to do this in a match yet.

Hmmmm. Yeah, BH is fairly easy to double bounce off of Commando if you throw it fast enough. Maybe I’ll have to experiment a little more with Sentinel timing on it in casual play. Most of the time that I DHC into Sentinel with BH is usually more of a thing where I’ll throw JD into HSF from when Sentinel is flying around too much. Usually one of those situations where they’re trying to stay at full screen, so I’ll call Commando and inferno/whatever. If they don’t stop flying and they think they’re going to wait for me to do something silly, that gets dangerous fast.

The inspiration behind the combos I posted also came from your Inferno, whiff HOD to HSF combo. I forgot to mention that.

I’ll have to go to the Dreamcast to test your combo some more keeping this new stuff in mind.

If you have screwed up bad and let your assist get snapped in [and killed], perhaps some of this stuff I mentioned can save you. If some of them become easier to do that is.

As a side note, I’d laugh at someone if they were dumb enough to eat a rocketpunch at full screen in a team with BH first and Ironman second. That’d be too funny [whiffed armageddon XX Proton Cannon, HSF, dhp, rocketpunch, hsf, dhp, rocketpunch. This can be done on reaction to a rocketpunch hit at any range btw so you can guardpush someone into a rocketpunch potentially…]

On that subject, I wonder if I can do this with drones too? I’ll have to test it sometime.

guys you’re doing things the hard way to catch sentinel in the hod to hsf

just, lk, HP thunder, hod.

the HP thunder will always connect from the assist on sent and the hod will always connect from the HP thunder. Plus you get added damage on sent as the hod keeps him at the perfect height b4 canceling to HSF

as for the BH/Ironman/sent team. I mentioned that being my new fun team a long time ago. There’s all kinds of tricks and combos you can do with it.

the most basic (and damaging) combo is, lk, jd, cancel to proton cannon
(look at the height and distance of the opponent to know how many hits you can get from the jd b4 cancelling to pc) this does like 130 points of damage if all the JD connects first

you also have a guard break you can do on an incoming character that’s proven to be very reliable to me regardles of what the oppenent does. with your characters in the order of bh/sent/iron you just……that’s it, the will guard break them into the ironman assist. from there you can inferno, hod, cancel to hsf or not.
If they push block they usually still get caught in the ironman assist, and if you don’t want to chance it you can just hod cancel to hsf and they’ll come down from the pushblock right into the hsf
if they take the hit and you’re quick enough, you just just quickly tap jp again and it’ll combo into the ironman assist

and on another note, due to my insomnia, I’ve spent many late nights just messing around with combos so if anyone wants me to try something for them, just let me know. I want to actually record some of these tricks and combos with my webcam and get them online for others to see

Lol, actually I forgot about that one. Sometimes I execute a tag combo to bring in Sentinel [Dlk, call Capcom, dmk, (sj cancel hk, airdash, hk, land)X2 ONLY, tag…,]. Not that I won’t or haven’t used that one in the past. Thanks for reminding me.
Despite the simplicity and ease of DarkthunderXXHOD off Capcom, doing this combo to someone’s sentinel makes them look like an idiot.

OUCH!!! With damage like that, if you DHC in Sentinel, you can go dhp, rocketpunch, and forget about the next HSF. That’s a kill right there!

Do you use Ironman alpha[projectile] or beta[anti air/repulsorblast]? [personally, I prefer the unibeam]

Can’t wait.

The main gripe I would have about using BH/IM/Sent-A is just that your main space control assist to help BH out is IM in that case, which potentially leaves him vulnerable to getting damaged. On the other hand, if you’re not planning on using IM as a character much (and I wouldn’t) that might not bother you much.

poke/poke/Sent-A/JD/PC/HSF, eh? That’s actually pretty nice, I should have thought of that at some point.

I knew about the lightning/HOD one, and yeah, it’s pretty easy to DHC into HSF as well. I usually wind up botching this one just because the timing’s different than inferno to make it hit, and it also doesn’t tend to come as easily off of air-to-air hits that a lot of other things get set up by. Although the fact that I don’t play nearly as often as I used to probably has something to do with it.

I really don’t like BH/Sent-A teams, the main reason being the B&B won’t work unless you delay the crouching forward after the crouching short. That’s too much for me. Yeah, I’m a scrub :slight_smile:

I use the beta assist for ironman for the simple fact that it stay out for a long time and makes those coming over the top more cautious. There’s the guard break using the beta assist and also some pretty nasty combos and crossups using the assist that I do.

Also if you’re playing an msp that’s giving you trouble, you can just start sent and the team gives mags and storms plenty of trouble if you know how to use sent right. As for ironman getting damaged and all stilt…that was an issue at first but then you learn the timing of everything and it makes it damn near impossible to actually damage him without getting raped for it.

The basic gameplay goes like this depending on where the enemy is…

Enemy on ground - sent and retreat with FP. You can also anticipate a ground dash and, to the sent assist and jd/inferno/hod (whichever you prefer). The point of this team is to not spam your assist but use it accordingly. If they’re on the other side of the screen don’t use your assist.

Enemy at jump height - use jumping pokes and the ironman assist. Again, don’t whore your assist if they’re at full screen. You should just just use the j.FP

Enemy at super jump height - this is when your options kick in. you can either time a j.fp while dashing back and calling the IM assist or call the IM assist and go under them so that they have to come down blocking. You can also anticipate the dash in the air and sj. RH with the hopes that they’ll run into the demons and be in the infinite set up. At which point you can JD to PC or (if you don’t have the bars) switch in IM and infinite them to PC to HOD to HSF.

This team is really ground oriented so you should avoid SJing unless it’s to follow the enemy.

Yeah, BH by himself becomes the main aerial power in that team, so if he winds up getting hurt there’s a strong reason to not want to get him killed, especially if they’ve got Storm or Cable to stall on the lead and they’re any good at doing it.

I would tend to use IM mainly as a countercall if BH were in front and more liberally a bit with Sentinel, where BH does most of his own space control until an assist comes out. Although if people got too close up I might have to use him more, and then get used to the timing of doing something evil with it once it hit. You could probably hit inferno/armageddon off of that, or even just armageddon in general, and it’d probably do a ton of damage.If you were worried about the placement of the inferno column for whatever reason, jab inferno could probably cover that issue.

You can’t hit poke-poke-Sent-A consistently Dasrik? Damn. Yeah, it’s a little slower than poke-poke-Commando but not by that much. And it’s so much minty donkey punch goodness that it’s worth it if you can get used to not being able to use the drones to cover over BH’s head.

I just said “minty donkey punch goodness.” I’m frightened. :sweat:


If you were to add Doom Rocks to this combo:

cr. lp, cr. lp xx sj. lp xx ad f, ad. lp, ad. lk, ad. lp, ad. lk

Would the rocks break flying screen, or would the rocks be too late for that??

back when I used this team consistently I used to do this combo to put people into the infinite set up When I was trying to be flashy.

It actually works best if you do cr.lp + doom, cr.lp xx xx (, ad.lp,

The part in the parenteses (spelling?) should be done fairly fast so that the fly screen places the enemy on the ground right as the rock hit them. From there you just sj (this causes them to fly hit from the rocks) with the RH and the enemy will be bouncing.

also with this team using the BH self gb that I mention early in the corner, you can do the 2nd lp + doom xx,, rh as you start to fall and the opponent will be bouncing in the infinite set up.

if ever you hit the opponent with a rh when they’re in the air and they’re bouncing and you don’t have meter to punish them, you can launch + doom xx delayed ad slight delay, air throw. The throw will throw them into the doom rock and if you rh as you’re on you way down, the rh should hit the putting them into the infinite set up. This will put them right back where you hard them, but you should have half a bar more now to work with.

I really should put this stuff on video lol

Stiltman is BLACKHEART!!!one of the bh player’s i’ve played…

Thanks for all of that there man, my BH/Doom’s getting better because of all of that.

I do have another question for anyone who uses BH/Sent-a/Cable, or has at anytime.

If I were to connect this on someone: cr. lk + Cable, cr. lk, short pause, Inferno xx HOD,

Is there a chance where that I could DHC out to Sent and drones their ass? Or at least Plasma Storm em?

no prob man I’m all about helping out the fellow BH users. As for your question…

it’s possible to connect that combo to the hsf but I’ve found that the cable aa isn’t as reliable as the commando assist when setting the opponent up for a dhc into hsf. I’d say it’d be easier to actually + sent-a,, inferno xxx hod

from there you’d have to wait til right b4 the super blows them away to cancel to the hsf. The timing is tricky at first but the way I see it, it’s no harder than connecting from the cable aa and worse case scenario is that you miss. But even if you miss, you’d still have done more damage than you would had you tried to combo from the cable aa

The other part of that is, you also have to get the inferno to life them off of the rising psimitar blade or else it’s just not going to work. It probably could be done, but I don’t know that I would try it because I wouldn’t trust it to be very reliable. Probably the most reliable combo with that team is poke/poke/Sent-A/inferno/HOD and DHC into plasma storm. This doesn’t do nearly as much damage as the one with Watts and dropping them into HSF out of Commando/inferno. It might be possible to do poke/poke/Sent-A/JD into HSF, but I have strong suspicions that Sentinel doesn’t have enough time to both jump out after the rocket punch and then DHC in as well. JD doesn’t burn enough time for it. OTOH, if you wanted to do BH/Sent/Tron, you can do poke/poke/Tron/JD/DHC HSF just fine. That’d probably do more damage than my Watts DHC, really, but I don’t know if it’s really worth giving up Tron for Commando on that. I might try it out, though.

I’m going to be headed to the bay area in the very near future, so once I find where the good arcades are there I’ll have plenty of chances to test.

Thank you for the replies again guys.

BH/Sent/Tron??? Does that team work well? I’d try it out, but I know I have a horrid Sent/Tron.

By the way Stilt, thanks for that detailed explination of the Watts DHC. I pull it off 100% of the time now.