Beware of DarksydeFelipe

[s]Hello, everybody. Not sure if everybody will agree with this or find it any funny, but I got quite a plan for EVO 2017. Personally I found it quite funny. Although the more of a surprise this is to DarksydePhil, the better, because, oh boy, this is gonna piss him off a little bit.

So my plan is the following: soon I’ll be taking a loan (pretty much like DSP did back in 2006 just for the sake of comedic effect) to pay the trip expenses and everything to go to EVO 2017 cosplaying DarksydePhil pretending to be him and do his antics in public there. Not sure if it will, but if it gets recorded to the public, bonus points for sure. With this loan I’ll reserve the hotel, the airplane trip and, of course, all the material to be able to portray EVO’s most infamous 4th place, which basically boils down to several DSPGaming tshirts and a makeup black crayon for the gout or goatee. There’s the added bonus that I’m overweight which fits in well to the DSP aesthetic.

The name “DarksydeFelipe” will come in for sure into the tournament. Of course, I’m very open to any outcomes that may source from this, I really don’t care, I just think it would be hilarious.

So, how’s the plan look? It would be nice if the staff at SRK did know at least just in case they might be confused with the name “DarksydeFelipe” itself, just thinking it might be the real Phil himself (which by the way, it’s not, it’s just a troll, or, so he calls, a “sociopathic detractor”).[/s]

EDIT: I have to ditch this plan, not worth getting in financial risk to do a DSP stunt, even for comedy sake. I might still keep trolling him the traditional way.

EDIT 2: Follow DarksydeFelipe on Twitch and get ready for some scrubbage:

You guys have 24 hours, 48 if its really amusing.

Wait, is the registration gonna close in 24 hours? Might wanna hurry with the goddamn loan probably.

EDIT: Nevermind, I’m fucking stupid ha ha, just looked at the EVO website and I still got 17 more days apparently.

youre taking out a loan to go play video games.
ok yeah this generation is fucked.

Hey, DSP did it back in 2006 to go play video games, that’s the point.

Sometimes you just look into these kind of details just to get a perfect mockup of the original.

DSP is single now and begs for his rent, pretty sure there’s a more direct way to dickride him than this now.

I don’t really think it’s a way of dickriding though, it’s more likely to mock him in public. At least that’s my intention.

I just want to see DSP’s face when he realizes there’s an impostor making him an embarrassment in public.

Op is fucking weird. I mean I laugh at DSP but this dude WANTS to cosplay as a chubby pale white dude who eats fast food and snorts.

That is, for the sake of making fun of DSP. I can think it’s gonna be entertaining, at least for some people.

Shut the fuck up and take a walk scrub :tdown:

This is ridiculous.

And sad.

And ridiculously sad.

Come back when you’re crowdfunding money to wear blackface and get into Viscant’s face before a money match.

OP wants a small Trump loan to make fun of DSP, when there You tubers now are getting paid to do that exact same thing and none of them have to fly to Evo.
Hell, those Youtubers could even make the Evo Trip a Patreon Goal, like “Hey if I make it to X mart in Patreon funding I will fly to Evo to make fun of DSP in person”.
And nothing has to get paid back other than taxes.

LOL, This thread.

JMAA, do your self a favor and rethink your plans here, its not worth going into financial ruin to make fun of DSP.
Between SRK, You Tube, and 4Chan there is enough forces making fun of DSP to take all the sport out of it.

[details=Spoiler]Almost everything why everyone Hates DSP. I few things are lacking like why Tech Talk specifically hates DSP for his Drakon/Doujindance level of Arcade stick modding.[/details]

Well, I have to admit, kinda right on that.

I just want this to happen and not net the intended purpose.

You could get the loan and binge on fast food and cosplay Marn and roll on to the stage or cover your face in wax and look like you’re melting like Floe always seems to be.

Darksydephil’s celebrity status will always confuse me… Watching someone stuck at games isn’t that fun.

You’ve been on a tear lately. Everything okay?

Do you need a loan to go to Evo too?

We can talk later.

I’m better than I was years ago, if that says anything.


OP should look to jordan belfort and his outrageous life for inspiration.
mocking DSP is like booing at the special olympics.