Beware of DarksydeFelipe

DSP is already excellent at making himself look stupid. Just save your money and GTFOH.

jesus youre a colossal dildo

like you really came into GD, cheesy grin plastered on ur face, and said “hue hue hey guys imma cosplay as dsp but call myself darksydefelipe hue hue whatchu think?”

are you over the age of 18? because there is no passable xcuse for a grown man to be making this thread.

your last hope to salvage this fecal dump of a thread is to post pix of you in your DSP cosplay so we can laugh at you and call you retarded

This idea is stupid, and you’re stupider than the man you think is stupid.

Bruh this would be great if some how Dsp had some mafia dudes after him for whatever reason and then this unfunny fuck comes into the picture with his over the top antics and they actually get the two of them mixed up. The punch line is op ends up taking a long swim in the Hoover Dam.

it might have been better received if someone did this just out of the blue…no setup or explanation for the gag. Any kind of joke or prank, etc seems to work best when it’s unexpected…

…the other risk of it falling flat is the issue of how many people still know who DSP is…it’s a dead-end if you happen to be in a room of people that never heard of the guy.

If OP had any balls he’d cosplay as Mr Wizard and see how long he could stay before getting tossed out by security.

Bag full of McCribs in tow

Mr wizard Plays Wii tennis sitting down

DSP soulessly masturbated on cam. Maybe you can ride his cock so he doesn’t have to that. If you’re going to dickride like this, you might as well go all out.

Its been done.

Leave your fat guy cosplay at home.

Can I come?


Ok, so I ditched the plan away, not worth it getting in financial risk, even as funny as it may be doing the same shit than the fat lard.

Though I may still troll DSP the traditional way. Maybe if I happen to buy off the same game as him on online, I might pull a Cerulean86 on that pigroach.

Taking out a sizable loan from a bank to cosplay some online videogame personality that you’ve never met is some next level white nonsense.


As your new manager, I expect a 80% profit cut and pics of DSP’s fiance, since she’s obviously gonna join team bad boy as soon as you start getting significant subs.


I’ll do your makeup.

A cerulean86 is sex act that is banned in most countries by the way

Jokes aside, that would be actually a good idea.

Quick update, lads! Get ready to watch streams here:

First is gonna be Mortal Kombat X as soon as I get up my black makeup marker.