Best stick for PC?

i need to play on my pc. i dont really wanna spend $100+ on mas. i have a DC agetec and i bought a converter from DC to PC but it didnt work at all.

any suggestions?

i am a hardcore player that needs very precise sticks, so no cheapo’s please.

i got me one of these way better than x arcade crap uses all happ parts

U can always mod ur agetec with a PS pad or even a usb pad along with the DC guts…

I use my PS2 joystick with a USB converter I got at Radio Shack… no lag and works great. Mod your stick with a PS PCB and use a converter.

Hack A USB pad.
That’s what I did.
Just DO NOT use the Gravis GamePad Pro.
It sucks bad.

I don’t recconmend this.

In Kawaks, I noticed input dropping with every PS2\USB adaptor I tried. Not lag, but actual dropped input. QCFs would sometimes not go in, or gunfire would pause during sustained mashing. Of course I was using a PSX PCB.

It might only be Kawaks, but it might not. What I am suggesting is that the adaptor may not be as clean as a solution as it seems.

This solution is guaranteed to work… that is, if you hack it properly.

Hacking a USB pad is a good solution. Like dummyface said stay away from Gravis GamePad Pro, they have a ghosting problem when hacked. Also stay away from Logitech USB game pads. They have a similar problem to the Gravis ones. I haven’t tried any microsoft pads yet but I hear they work great for hacking. You could also just use a GP-Wiz from they don’t have any problems at all and are guaranteed to work great.

As for PSX to PC converters I haven’t had any problems with the Radio Shack converter. But I haven’t tried it with Kawaks. I just use MAME.

i dont speak the language of hacking and converting and all that. all i know is i have a dreamcast stick, and i would like to use it for my pc. if that is not possible, i would like a good pc stick.

if ps2 is referring to playstation 2 controllers, i dont have any and i dont own one.

i need either a stepbystep to covert dc to pc or i need to mail my stick to someone that can do it.

Adding in a USB cord is pretty easy, much easier than adding in a PSX cord. You should either find someone locally if your lucky, or make a deal with one of the hardware guys here.

get a USB Joypad and have someone hack it for you. preferably a cheap chinese one. i got a Dilong USB Gamepad for like $6 and it’s working much better than the converters (i also experience the dropped input that Monk mentioned.)

welll if you want to use your stick for pc use only, then hack in a new pad, otherwise you’ll have to get another DC to usb converter(anyone here have one they can recommend?).

one of the best options would be to hack a usb pad, but i would recommend an xbox pad(any cheap one), and to use redcl0ud’s excellent xbcd drivers( hacking a pad is easy even if you have minimal soldering skills, so if you have the time, just do it yourself. either that or get someone to do it for you or keep messing around with converters? :xeye:

uh n/m on the xbox pad, just remembered you’d need an additional xbox to usb converter(which isn’t hard to make yourself btw).

If you can still find them, i suggest you get a saitek p180. This is what i use for my PC stick and it has worked flawless

It has 6 face buttons, which i use for the 6 capcom buttons. It also has 2 shoulder buttons, which i use for start/coin in mame. If you need more, then this pad won’t work for you, but with most games you’ll be just find, especially capcom games. It also features a common ground, so daising chaning won’t work.

I have also tried saitek p220 I think it’s called. This requires about 3 different grounds, which I do not like, so i recommend against this one.

This is just my experience though, Good Luck.

i have a saitek p150, it has the 6 buttons plus L and R. can i hack this to my agetec dreamcast stick?

Is their A specific Logitech pad that has this problem?
I have A wingman precision I was going to hack, Butif has the same problems then I’m not going to bother.

You can daisy-chain the ground wire to all signal pads working from a common ground.

You can hack the controller plug on an XBOX to allow a USB connection, since XBOX controllers are basically USB devices.
Very easy tutorial, and you get both XBOX and PC compatability. I did it with my SFAC stick and it works great. :tup:

The downside to hacking an XBOX controller is that it requires a Driver to be installed. It doesn’t show up as a generic game pad when plugged into Windows XP. Could find it inconvienient to have to install a driver onto your friends computers if you ever want to bring your controller over to their place to play.

OOPS! I don’t know what i was thinking when i said won’t. I really meant will. Thanks for pointing that one out.

Actually I think mine are P150 as well, i thought they were 180, my bad. It’s just been awhile since i’ve hacked them.

So what are you saying, you want to wire up the USB pad, and put it inside you’re agetec? Do you want dreamcast function too? If you don’t want it, then wiring up the pad, then putting it inside your agetec might not be a problem, depends if you can fit the PCB inside. If not you can always house it outside with a project box or something.

If you want function of both DC and the USB pad with the agetec, you can try using parallel ports. Wire up the buttons and stick to like a male port, and wire the pad to a female port, and just switch them when you wanna play other systems. Again you can house the boards in a project box outside so it’s easily accessible. This is how i do my sticks.

If i’m anwsering you’re question wrong, please say so. I’m just trying to help out.

that’s a damn cool mod. even though i’ll probably never do it. lol.