Best soul calibur game?

I’m totally with the SCI crowd on this. I didn’t know other people liked that one the best to.

yes, i played a ton of SC1 and have gone back to it a few times. I still prefer SC2, neither game is perfect and the only reason i like SC2 more is the feel of the game. Its the pinnacle of 3D movement in a fighting game. Everything else feels a bit slow or controls in a somewhat counter-intuitive way.

ive never really played any of them competitively but just looking at high level videos of sc1, every other installment looks fucking boring as hell in comparison

the best one for high level play is the one the most people are playing.

SCI may be more balanced, but I think SC2 was still better overall, more fun, more high level, movement, the look, and no weird star wars characters (LOL). SC2 was just so damn fun

SC4 is the worst imo. crap.

the critical finish indirectly ruined sc4 imo

in and of itself it isn’t too bad, but it forced namco to nerf frame advantage all over the place since constant pressure into guard crush would be retarded. thus you’re left with a very predictable game flow - if something hits you have advantage (and not even then if it’s a low lol), if it gets blocked you’re at disadvantage, and nobody cares and evo replaces you with tvc next year

soul blade/edge is obviously the best

isnt this how it was in 2 and 3 too? all i remember seeing when watching match vids of those is guys trading blocked attacks back and forth :I

So how was Soul Blade/Edge for high level? Love those crazy jumps. I played the shit out of that game, but I was a kid and a scrub so I can’t talk about balance or advanced stuff. Also (and this must be like the billionth time I say this on SRK…) it has the best music in the series.

As I have a PS3 now, I ordered SC4 yesterday and am gonna try to get into it. Glad some people put it up there with SC2.
I gather SC series is the most popular in EU region?

soulcalibur ONE

best 3d fighter ever made

That’s how all the other Calibur games work too. SC4 is actually the odd one out in that tons of moves are at disadvantage on hit.

i dunno if there are any good sc2 taki youtubes but she was nuts, stance cancel rushdown all day. she got it the worst in 4, to the point where like every good taki dropped her.

cervy could also pressure really well with back-turned just frames (basically doing another move and switching to a BT move in the middle), yoshi had spinning backfists, and i’m sure there’s more i’m forgetting. some of this stuff was still in 3 (esp taki), but in 4 it’s all gone.

and again, there’s the lows. i remember talking about this with shardz since he’s way more experienced with sc than me, and he said that specifically was what he hated about 4: in the previous games every character had at least one low with + frames on hit, but in 4 there are only a couple.

oh yeah, and sidesteps took a big hit in 4. sc really needs good movement to be fun, another reason 1 owns.

This is like if 8WR or the defunct CaliburForum had a topic on the best Street Fighter game…

Most SC players would say 2 is the best, but we’re all playing 4 now because it’s the newest one that’s out.

You know, it’s funny…I have a group of friends that love LOVE Soul Caliber IV and refuse to play anything else. They scoff at Street Fighter IV. :sad:

I dunno all I own is II and IV, I like them both about the same really, in a casual sense.

Soul Calibur 1.

The epic fanfare stage music while you hear The Voice of God saying “Kilik…was seriously wounded…but the soul still burns”

It’s little details like those that really make me believe that SC1 was a work of art.

SC 1 >< SC 2 > SC 3 > SC 4

They literally got worse and worse after SC2. True shit.

I made a topic waaaaaaay back during SC4’s release saying Critical Finishers ruined the gameplay, and they bitched. Glad to know I was really right in the end, but you know what else ruined Soul Calibur 4? Too many moves with additional properties.

Its not uncommon for a character to have a move that will have:

-quick startup
-high damage
-tech crouch
-low crush

    • frames
      -CF damage
      and to add insult to injury, some of them fucking auto-guard impact. Its just TOO MUCH. Way too much. And then the input will be something like A+B. Ridiculous.

You can LITERALLY mash on buttons until SOMETHING works. Guaranteed. The system in place is only viable in theory fighting because once you TRY to punish something that should work, you get smacked with one of the additional properties that null why YOUR move was supposed to work in the first place. Does that make sense?

Then theres just a lot of stupid shit about SC4 that just makes no sense at all. Verticals track better than horizontals. Moves whiff at close range. The game has become more and more combo oriented since SC3. They keep changing character movesets COMPLETELY. No arcade release. No beta-testing. Shitty online. Shitty console-exclusive characters. Shitty 1-player mode extras. No patched updates.

Im really fed up with Namco. And I can speak for the bulk of old Soul Calibur heads.

That’s what happens when you exclude the arcade release completely. Namco wasn’t the first to do this.

dont know why but i still prefer the DC version. keep coming back to it

We should hold major SC2 tournaments to spit in the face of Project Soul.
I cant throw acid in the face of everything Namco does though, as I love my Tekken.
I miss the old Talim. :sad: