Best soul calibur game?

out of all the SC games which one is best for high level play? sorry, i’m not that much of a SC Player

Honestly? I’m going to go with SC on the Dreamcast… Yeah that was awesome.

Oh now I should say that is total opinion so… there.

I’ve always heard that SC2 was the best, but the community for it is pretty small and everyone mostly plays the newest one. Although I am biased because 2 is also my favorite in the series.

soul calibur 2 w/o a doubt

Most people are going to tell you the second one was best.

I’m a huge fan of Soul Calibur as a series, but 2/3/4 all have their problems. I never played the first Calibur game enough to have an opinion on it.

Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast…it felt so right.

Yeah… I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Well I have, and its obvious 1 is the winner. Even the worst character in the game, Seung Mina can hold her own against the top four; there’s no match-ups below 6:4. Air Control is the best in this game (moreso because of the lack of walls), GI and parry timing was just right, the movelists are balanced in the fact that you can Incorporate just about every technique into your personal flowcharts.

Additionally it wins on the aesthetic level as well because SCI hands down had the best music, character and level designs IMO. Training mode was great, especially for a 1999-2000 title and the graphics still hold up against the rest of the series. Hands down the best and most competitive title in the series.

Too bad the Xbox release didn’t have online play.

SC on DC.

I actually started playing this series when it was still called soul edge. I still play it, but none of the other games was at SC’s level.

SC1 is the most fun, 2 might be the better high-level game idk

1 was another example of everybody having crazy stuff and being able to hang with each other. Sophie’s glitched unblockable, Cervy’s iGDR, Maxi’s stance pressure (seriously he’s been so sad ever since this game), Lizardman’s ring-out game…you could go on forever with this.

Are you serious that Seung Mina was the worst character? Are you serious? I played Seung Mina all the time and LOVED her… more proof that the game is awesome… and I really do have a low tier addiction LOL

I love my Jap DC version.

I’ve played 2 the most and it’s my favorite, though I wouldn’t know exactly what the scene says. SC4 is what they’re playing at tournaments so some make the switch just to compete (hey, Street Fighter 4!).

You might wanna ask the guys at

Yeah, kilik (her gameplay clone) was better than her. She had range but wasn’t really that fast (has good punishes though) didn’t do damage all that significantly (despite SC1 has probably the shortest lifebars) and her throw game sucks.

Still she has good area control, nice follow-up options, reasonably safe, some nasty ‘unblockables’ and after playing her for awhile I see she has some very good mindgames going with her stance and the cancel points off of those.

The top four were Hwang, Xiang, Cerves and Maxi. Then peeps like Astaroth, Sophitia, mid-tiers were like Kilik and Mitsurugi and lows were Ivy and Seung Mina. But honestly it doesn’t matter, everyone can hang.

Probably 2 followed by 4 for me.

I agree with k4polo. My Nightmare seemed more effective in SC2, but 4 has grown on me a lot.

I like two the best. I think its the most traditional and its fairly balanced.

These other SCs with these milky way characters (sorry I don’t watch Star Wars) and funny hats, don’t make good games. I am little impressed with the characters you can create though. Lets focus more on game play.

Next SC they will add John Cena or King Leonidas from 300.


Most people probably played 2 the most because it was pretty well promoted as well due to each console’s own special characters. I’ve also played 2 the most and enjoyed it a lot.

Um, can anyone just honestly answer me when they say 2 or IV is the best and say they actually PLAYED SCI?

I mean no offense, but almost all the people that say that have not played SCI, either at all or very little (playing a few random casuals with your scrub doesn’t count) yet say the titles they have played are the “best”.

I’ll be honest; I use to say SCII was the best in the series as well. After I re-bought a copy on Amazon; I was all for asking Heartnana and Flow for criticism, spending time in practice mode, etc. to get really good. But then I started taking a good look at SCII’s high-level meta-game and what it takes to be really competitive and it just destroys what makes the series the best it can be. Additionally many characters as the series progressed became one-trick ponies to me; its like the movelists became little more than window dressing. After really getting into SCI I just couldn’t go back to SC2; the system is just too solid. The only advantage I’d say that SC2 really has over SCI diverged the character clones a bit more and added Talim. I can’t even stand playing SC2 for casuals anymore; I went back completely to SCI.

SC1 is probably my most favorite 3D fighter of all time.

And I dont like SC as a series.