Best Looking Super In Marvel 3?

**I’m going with Magneto’s Level 3 :rock:


Shit is too epic.

Deadpool’s Level 3 is a close 2nd.**

Doom’s Level 3
Tasky’s Counter Hyper

I’ll say Ryu’s Shinku Hadouken.

Dormammu Level 3.

Dormammu’s Level 3. Wolverine’s Level 3. Taskmaster’s counter Hyper is a personal favorite. It just looks cool.

Actually, this topic has reminded me that there aren’t very many cool-looking Hypers in MvC3 at all. Iron Man’s Level 3 doesn’t look nearly as awesome as Tekkaman Blade’s Level 3, for example.

There was something different about TvC’s hypers that made them look really cool… I don’t know what it was though.

I like Storm’s Elemental Rage.

Taskmaster’s Counter Hyper for sure

Another vote for Magneto Level 3.


is pretty cool, also Trish’s is pretty sick.

Dormammu’s lvl 3 is my favourite. I also like Iron Man’s level 3, you know when you hear ‘UNLOCK POWER INHIBITORS!’ someone is going to die. I think Morrigan’s Shadow Servant looks cool, too. It’s not exactly exciting, I just like it Better looking than Magneto’s Shockwave to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shit, lots of pretty hypers… uhh…

Genmu Zero, Dark Dimension, Aegis Counter, Weapon X, X-23’s Weapon X, Sweep Combo, Final Haggar Buster, Lost in Nightmare, Duet Pain and Full Throttle all look pertty cool.

Iron Avenger and ShinSho look okay too.

If I had to pick two it’s probably Genmu Zero… not that flashy or over the top, but to the point and really brutal, and Aegis Counter… too bad Aegis does such piss poor damage.

I dunno, I thought a lot of TvC’s hypers, especially the level 3s ( Joe’s and Zero’s come to mind as big offenders ) look really… stiff.

Easily Wolverine’s Weapon X, Doom’s level 3 is up there though.

deadpool lvl3

sunday driver

dormamu lvl 3

Best ones I think are Iron Mans level 3 Iron Avengers as well as Trish and Ammys Level 3

I would HAVE to say that Iron Man’s Lvl 3 Iron Avenger has to be the coolest looking special in the game to me.

Death Penalty! (Skrull’s Level 3)

Welcome… to my realm.


Also a Good one … I like Skrull in general as a character on this game too.

Elastic Grab basicly gives you an Easy Guaranteed Combo into Super :slight_smile:

1st. Ammy’s Level 3
2nd. Dormmamu’s Level 3
3rd.Wesker’s Level 3

Dormammu ball buster, Magneto’s ‘YOU ARE DEFEATED’, and Haggar’s 720

Cuttin’ Time
Gravity Squeeze
Weapon X
Dormammu’s level 3
Haggars pile driver
Weskers level 3