Best in S-Groove?

Im debating on who I think is best in S-Groove, I think its one of these characters - what do you all think?

Kyosuke - besides his notorious infinite combo I’ve never got to work his projectile super is nice since it stops other projectiles and still deals some decent damage.

Maki - her flying kick super is awesome

Dhalsim - anti air super, anti ground super, yoga noogie, and projectile make him pretty untouchable if good (unlike me who sucks with him)

Zangief - pretty much same as Dhalsim

Todo - his projectile is great

1.) Sagat
2.) Rock
3.) Akuma
4.) Kyosuke
5.) Chun-Li

I’m not too sure if Chun should be there, but I do think S is where Kyosuke may have some domain, and Sagat, Rock, and Akuma all have great lvl1s with good utility, and they make good use of run, dodge, etc… desperation can only help too. I just threw Chun in because of her wicked set-ups and whatnot… Some other possibilities are Ryu, Geese, Yamazaki, Hibiki, Athena…

EDIT: Oh yeah, I have to agree Dhalsim is pretty great in S-Groove.

Athena! To be serious for a moment…Todo’s lvl1 projectile super is hella annoying.

Edit: curse my bad grammer!


Okay about this:

Top Tier -
Cammy: Level 1 Reverse Shaft Breaker has an almost instant hitbox (do not confuse this with priority). Her two dodge attacks are CLOSE STAND FP and STAND ROUNDHOUSE. She can RUN and SHORT JUMP. This is like a poor man’s K Groove, and shit, if you’ve got meter charged, which you should always when you get the chance, you’ve got an Alpha Counter which will save it against A Groove.

Yamazaki: Fuck his other dodge attack. His knockdown attack is STAND ROUNDHOUSE. Too good. Both his supers have nearly instant hitboxes at Level 1. Shit, Drill is a fucking grab. You can Run, stand lk and Drill, I’ll bet you’ll catch people with that shit like three times. Command grab. Running pressure. The only thing he loses is maybe one of the most annoying RCs in the game which is Sand Kick.

Ken: Level 1 Shinyuuken is like Reverse Shaft Breaker. On top of that, his knockdown Dodge Attack is probably also his farthest most useful zoning poke, stand roundhouse. He’s a fucking Shoto. Hell, you’ve got a command roll if you really want one real bad (yes, you can actually use this sometimes in a pressure string).

Morrigan: Holy fucking shit. Before Critical Life, she’s Magneto with fast fly, a Dodge Attack knockdown that also will anti-air (stand roundhouse), and a another Dodge attack that will chain. Level 1 Cardinal Blade is almost as good as Reverse Shaft Breaker, Guillotine, and Shinyuuken. In Critical, she’s just fucking nasty. Every time you land a cross up mk, you can combo a Cardinal Blade. Valkyrie Turn will get you out of the corner at any time, for free - it can’t be thrown, DPed, supered, or pissed on as long as you don’t hit a button. Shit, you can jump in for free on anyone sitting on a Level 3 meter. Bait a Level 3 Direct Lightning, Valkyrie Turn, Blanka wastes a whole fucking meter and you land for free on the other side, running away like Storm.

Anyone else is pretty mediocre. Athena is the only person that qualifies as high middle tier for S Groove, because she has a high priority normal and a Level 1 Super with an instant hitbox even if you’re crouching at her. King has the only Level 1 super that will match it, but she needs Roll Cancelling to make her useful at all.


His dodge attack is fast, and his knockdown is HK. You can runaway and build meter and rush likabitch. His level 1 is unpunishable even by instant hit super and has alot of priority. He is probly one of the best in S.



It has a HITBOX that appears almost instantly. christ

S-Yamazaki and S-Morrigan, yes, they are very good… but Ken isn’t too hot in S, and Cammy isn’t particularly special either IMO.

My top-4 was based on versatility of lvl1 supers mostly, and Chun is at 5 because she can knock off half a life-bar with a set-up -> kick super -> j. RH combo. That, my friends, is desperation. Akuma has great utility, but I think he still falls behind Chun. Sagat, Rock, Akuma, and Kyosuke have some serious utility in their lvl1s. Athena and Dhalsim have some great lvl1s, but I don’t think Athena really makes top-ten because there’s plenty you can do about SCB. Bison doesn’t have enough utility in his lvl1.

  1. Sagat
  2. Rock
  3. Morrigan
  4. Kyosuke
  5. Chun-Li
  6. Akuma
  7. Yamazaki
  8. Ryu
  9. Cammy
  10. Dhalsim

I think it’d be something like this… then close after is Ken, Geese, etc… Athena is 11 probably. It’s my opinion that these top 10 and Athena are the main hot shots in S.

Ryu has alot going for him with Shoto rushdown and such, not to mention link any weak into low forward super. You can’t judge on versitility of Level 1’s alone though. Ken has more mobility and better dodge attacks. S Groove characters have to be… “tricky” because they’re making up for not having something as abusable as a Roll (RC) and not something as good as a JD or Parry. His dodge attack kick has about one entire character length’s worth of range - he might be able to low strong low fierce fireball, but I think he’s a better option.

For intance, have you ever played a hardcore rushdown S Cammy? She can dodge for free. her punch dodge attacks comes out so fast it can actually hit you before your throw will connect. Then it gets followed by a link, special/super (because the dodge attack punch almost chains, unlike the normal stand fp). You can safely cancel a run by dodge press punch. Cammy HAS to be higher than Rock and Kyosuke in ANY Groove. Dhalsim shouldn’t even make the cut. He’s an unplayable character (trust me, I know about unplayable characters, I push King to the limit). Gouki is a tricky Shoto, which makes him good. But there isn’t a reason to play him in S, not when you can play him in A and it’s godly - Ken has almost as many tricks, better Dodge Attacks, and better vitality. The only person who has a low ass vitality and can make up for it in this Groove is Morrigan. Plain and simple.

I’ve been playing Rock since Beta when he was top tier (his Shine Knuckle at Level 3 in beta testing was two times faster). His only good Groove is P, and maybe K.

I’ll give you Chun-li. If I think about it, run and short hop with stand strong,, and is pretty sick. But her Dodge Attacks are absolutely worthless. Absolutely.

Sagat I will also give you. Dodge attack punch is stand fp, and kick is stand rh that will also knockdown/anti air. And low fierce XX low tiger cannon for free is too good, espeically since he’s basically Sentinel for vitality.

I will add Sakura. She has the only other low hitting super in the game and it has has a near instant hitbox. She’s mobile, her dodge attacks are decent, and she’s got alot of tools.

The most important thing to remember about S Groove is that you MUST be willing to play your character WITHOUT SUPERS.

No offense, but I credit your list to be half ridiculous. This is the way it really should look like:

Top tier - (in no paricular order)

Middle tier -
Chun Li

actually i have to cut this short, I have to to light a bowl real quick. Sometimes the gorilla brings the jungle my friend.

well first off Mummy-B I have no idea if you are lighting up or taking a shit… anyways…

I’ve been experimenting more and more with S-Groove and this is the tier list I’ve come up with so far:

[in order]

Top Tier:

  1. Kyosuke
  2. Dhalsim
  3. Morrigan
  4. Maki

Middle Tier:
5. Todo
6. Zangief
7. Kim
8. ChunLi

Low Tier:
9. Sagat
10. Rolento
11. Eagle
12. Joe

Everyone else for the most part is not worth using in S-Groove … this excludes Cammy who I just dislike using so didn’t even try her in S-Groove.

It was a close call between ChunLi and Kim since both have short range supers but I gave it to Kim since he has more level 1 supers for added variety.

I dont care what people say but Athena is top tier in s groove. That shit is just fucking nuts, Peachy does the shinning crystal mixups on the run now, its fucking sick. I can do it as well just not quite as good as he can.

I still stand by my list somewhat closely. I’m not nearly familiar enough with daodge attacks, but if that Cammy DA is ture, then she’s higher up. Although it’s true that you must no need to rely on supers in S, look at the list and tell me who needs the supers. Akuma does vs. CAN, I’ll give it that. Rock does work well in S, it’s the same as any other good Rock when it comes down to it, but his desperation is his one means of finally having a way of turning a match around.

I didn’t compose the list based on versatility of supers. That was a factor, but it’s involving a lot of ‘doesn’t need supers to do well.’ Ahem… Sagat. I won’t take offense to your comment about my ‘half-ridiculous’ list.

I agree Sakura should be included.

Actually Athena’s dodge into fierce is really good, its quick and it hits for good damage. Not to mention you still have her roll which is one of the best in the game and run.

Please explain to me how Kyosuke and Dhalsim make the the cut. Please.

Please expain how one of the most diesel ass top tiers is low tier.

Kyosuke? HOW?

I’m agreeing with Mummy-B for the most part…but why no Iori mention? Certainly S isn’t his best groove, but he’s deadly with that dodge.

Yeah, but his Roll is so much better, and he has undoubtedly one of the best RCs in the game. Both of his Level 1s are pretty useless.


Well, this is just terminology, because what you call priority, I call invinciblility. Your “instant hitboxs” are what i’d call priority. Potato, Potateo. Same shit.

Anyway, just a couple things.

-I don’t think Sakura is that good in S. Her level one is valuable, but i think her not having a ROLL makes her matches against other top tier very hard.

-I think you should consider Todo in middle tier. His level 1 counter super is good. And you get an almost guaranteed command grab after the cross-up (cross-up J.Forward, C.Jab, Kara command throw with C.Fierce to grab). If you have desperation, you can grab and combo wave super off of C.Fierce. Plus, his wave super is good. He looses tiger knee air waves, but is that really that bad?

-And about Kyosuke, I agree he’s probably ass. But, I don’t play him in S, so I can’t say. What I do know is that his level one pillar super (i think) has instant hit boxes. Also, his level one fireball super has instant hitboxes.

Yes, I am aware of Kyosuke’s two supers being pretty alright at Level 1. I was more concerned about his lack of utility period. You know, the whole I don’t have priority or any really good pokes that won’t leave me open and I can’t combo into my launcher which would really be the only real point to playing me thing.

The only reason to play Kyosuke is to land Final Symphony Remix. In that case, play him in K Groove, because trust me, you’re going to get hit alot, so you might as well get a Level 3 for free out of it.

Todo I also agree with after screwing around with him some.


See, this is what confuses me. I understand you completely. But why then, do people way Level 3’s have the highest priority? Shouldn’t they say it has the most invincibility in this case? :wtf:

Any character who has both an anti-air super and a ground super or a move that plays both fields can easily be used in S-Groove. Dhalism, for example, has one move where he torches the ground with his breath, and another where he spits fire into the air. Rock is the same way, only with Shine Knuckle and Raising a Storm. Using people with abusable supers is the key in S-Groove. Or at least that is what I believe.

IMO, Eagle is one of, if not THE best character in S-Groove. Dodge kick is his boffo standing mk. Dodge punch is his HUGE range stand fierce (just watch duckers). Charge baiting is made infinitely easier with his “Why the fuck did that counter high/low?” qcf+mp. QCF+P moves also work very well out of a dodge. And in desperation, his lv.1 out-ranges MANY attacks, it also puts them in that weird hit-state that Balrog’s lv.1 puts them in if they counter-hit, so IIRC, you can do another lv.1 and continue the combo.

I find it nice to combo level 1 supers into each other. The same towards level 1 supers into level 3 supers.