Best GAMEPAD for fighting games?

I know that everybody plays with Arcade sticks (me too, the most time) but i was wondering… what gamepad is considered the BEST for fighting games? specially for PS2 and PC.

Its some kind of hard to introduce new people to fighting games with Arcade sticks, they saw it like a accessory from the past or something like that, and of course, buy a dedicated one is too “hardcore” for noobs and starters, so…

I heard that the most accepted gamepad for fighting games is the Saturn pad, there is a PS2 version of the pads. I love it and it works very good because of the buttons, but i never liked the D-Pad too much since the day one, it doesnt always work as i want… but at least i prefer it over PS2 pads.

I know that some people will find this crazy but for PC the Genius MaxFire pad series are godlike for me in the D-Pad department: Its EXCELLENT, i played a lot with him on emulated games, titles like GGXX#R and mostly all Doujin fighting games and i can do everything, the only problem is that they got just 4 buttons in the front, there are a 6-button version but the D-Pad is much worse… that really sucks.

So, preferences?

Ack, sorry =/ i will check the thread.

there s only 1. the neo cd pad. best damn dpad ever made. think arcade stick style perfect motion but without any durabilety at all though…

I was very fond of the Dreamcast Dpad. Was hard to complain about lack of precision. It was also very resilient, but many a fighter have had to buy new ones over time. Still, they got it right making it cross-style with no corner filler. Nightmare on the thumb wear and tear, but damn it was accurate.

I’ve enjoyed these blue logitechs (there’s a PC version as well that’s not transparent):
and PC:

For their unusally “loose” d-pad.
It’s kind of raised and “floating” like the SF anniversary pad, but much looser feel.

I actually liked the original xbox pad. The shoulder buttons were a bitch, but the motions i could do on the pad itself were fine

Saturn, SF4, Genesis 6 button (non turbo version), or ASCII

neo geo for ps2 also.

I think the Saturn/Genesis 6 button Pad and the Basic Xbox 360 control pad (I use it for GGPO) are better than the PS2 control IMO

Saturn pad. If you’re using anything else you’re a pad scrub. You’re still a pad scrub if you use a Saturn pad actually but at least you’re using the most credible form of a pad.

I prefer the slim psone default white pad. the d-pad on it works so good.


You might just be the only person on planet earth with that opinion, lol

Whoever said they like the 360 pad needs to enter that GameStop SFIV tourney. They will crush the competition. :lol:

I was raised on the SNES pad. I still love it.

Quoted for truth and justice.

If I ever have to use pad, it better be a PS2 pad, other D-Pads are usually too clunky and weird to do any motions, but everything always seems fine with a PS2 pad.

I hate saturn pads, Xbox 360 pads, Dreamcast pads, and any other pad that has a D-Pad that’s in the shape of a saturn pad.

Still, no pad is the best pad.

Yah, ps2 pad has been the best thing for me.

Gray Dual Shock PS1 followed by non dual shock ps1.

Some of the newer ps2 ones like the colored ones (green blue), are not as good as the old ps1 ones.

I think the Wii’s Classic Controller is really good. Since mostly SNK fighters are the only ones that are available for the Wii, it does a really good job considering the button layout. Also works great with TvC.

I always liked playing on PS2 pads, I never had a problem doing anything on them.

The worst pads are of course, the 360 and the Dreamcast. Then again, I found the Dreamcast to have one of the awkward controllers of all time. I could play better with fighters on a 64 pad over a DC.