Best emulator for CPS2 games?

Right, I’ve been using kawaks for a very long time… well, not that long lol :smiley: but I went onto the “godweapon” server and I’ve notced that everyone was using MAME32k for CPS2 games which I find to be quite laggy. why do they do it!? :S if it’s better for netplay can someone plaese tell me.

Most people use MAME simply because of the sheer amount of games it plays.

Someone need to start making a switch becuase Mame32k .64 is just out dated.

Final Burn is simple and good.

It runs most fighting games.

MAME should run just as well as Kawaks, provided that your computer isn’t a piece of shit.
Kawaks has desyncing issues with most Neo Geo games, and it also has problems recognizing diagonals on keyboards.
That’s mainly why people stick to MAME.

No one’s gonna make a switch unless something huge like NAOMI emulation happens.
A million people have tried to get a switch going long before you ever did, so don’t bother.

Fatherbrain, i don’t think thats the case, as there are many newer mames with netplay which support alot more games.

Fabio, i’ve never used finalburn, but doesn’t that thing have desync issues aswell as an easy macro function.

thats pretty blunt kyokuji, but true.

We are in a state where mame32k.64 in the US servers and Kawaks in the europe servers has just become the standard, most people understand that there the emus people use and those emus play the games people are most interested in (a3, kof98-2003, sf2 varients, etc), so they might as well use them aswell if they want to get a game.

To further emphasize Kyokuji’s point, i’ve noticed theres a bit of a craze going on in the euro servers atm, where epsxe playing issonline(football game; thats soccer to you Americans) has just blown away everything else; probably due to the World cup. Which to me means that people will only start to switch emus, when newer games(ones people want to play, ie. 3s, mvc2, etc) come out which would run on new emus.

Will cps 3 ever be emulated -_-. I feel like I’m in the 90’s each time I open Mame playing the same games. It’s not a bad thing, but I’m sure some genious could bring cps 3 to Mame.

It’ll happen one day, just wouldn’t hold your breath as it will be no time soon.

Anyone know how well espxe plays on the net? Any issues with desynching?

cps3 isn’t going to be emulated anytime soon. It took YEARS to break the encryption on CPS2. They have the roms, yes, but the security on them is SO much stronger it’s not even funny.

I only played one game on kaillera using Epsxe - Tales of Destiny. I never got a desync…surprisingly, I don’t think I ever lagged out either.

No one’s going to bother breaking the encryption on the CPS3 board.
It has like… 4 games, and I seriously doubt most of the programmers working on it are ‘that’ interested in Third Strike or JoJo. Add in the fact that the MAME team wants nothing to do with the project, and you’ve got something that’s really going to go nowhere.

My guess is, we’ll see Guilty Gear, and Third Strike, and MvC2 and all that online eventually, but it’ll be on a PS2 emulator not an arcade one. It would kill a ton of birds with one stone, because along with the above games, we’d get:

Tekken 5
Tekken Tag
Soul Calibur 2
Virtua Fighter 4: Evo
Dead or Alive 2 (For those who want it)
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (For those who want it)
Melty Blood: Act Cadenza
King of Fighters XI

MAME is slower that Kawaks and FBA, it’s just that it’s only noticeable if you have a slow computer. On my old comp I could play Batrider at full FPS with FBA, but not with mame.

ps2 emulation coming along quite nicely atm, i was playing hsf2 on it the other day, but only at 50% speed, however i hear the latest final fantasy and some other games work at full speed on it.

Also isn’t there a atomiswave emu indevelopment also, but i doubt they have gotten very far.

Epsxe works very well aslong as whoever your playing has got the exact same configuration (apart from resolution) as you, You have to play in full screen and turn off sound(in the emu) to minimise the chance of a desync though.

What is the emulator called? I heard there is one that can play kofxi…but with no sound.

I believe it’s this one:

Back to the whole Mame-standard discussion:

One thing i’ve sorta’ noticed with trying to “convert” Mame players to Kawaks is the fact that so many players use autofire/macro/whatever it’s called (or at least did). No one’s gonna’ make the switch to Kawaks just to suck all over again and have to relearn how to play the game properly. That’s what I got out of my attempts.

I havent been into the scene for a while so I dont know how things have progressed since Godweapon started testing for steroids… I mean autofire.

wtf…Mame has no macros, it is KAWAKS that has the macros built into it.

Grrr i just wrote a big intelligent post, but it got deleted cause i wasn’t logged in.

Anyway basic jist,
[*]autofire and macros suck,

[*]macros in kawaks don’t work online,

[*]Autofire on some pads isn’t detected,

[*]people use macros on pads

[*]wouldn’t be so bad if people said before hand if they were gonna use them, so you could decide whether or not to play them, challenge or use your own,

[*]people who deny using them are only in denial about thier own skill.

end of rant, grrrr

wtf…Did you not just read what I said? Let me quote;

“One thing i’ve sorta’ noticed with trying to “convert” Mame players to Kawaks is the fact that so many players use autofire/macro/whatever it’s called (or at least did).”

Let’s look at that even more closely;

“…the fact that so many players use autofire/macro/whatever it’s called…”

Now, let’s select one part out of that statement;

“…autofire/macro/whatever it’s called…

Now, Emil, what does that say? Evidently you didnt read what I said completely. If you did, you would’ve noticed I said more than just “macro” which you seem to think. I said autofire, macro and “whatever it’s called…”.

That means I wasnt exactly sure what it’s called, but tried to cover all the bases.

sigh Your point doesn’t make sense. You seem to have claimed you couldn’t convert mame users to kawaks, because mame users use autofire, macros, etc. THis seems to suggest that kawaks would not have these options. Soo…your point is meaningless.

I’m sure Kawaks has autofire usage. And if it doesn’t, the reality is that hardly anyone uses autofire in the Emulinker servers because of the detector. Their autofire (if they used it) would be from the pad itself, not from Mame.

The reasons people won’t convert are obvious - it is easier to convert one person to join the majority, than to have the majority switch to something. In the latter case, the one person who doesn’t have what the majority has, has no choice if they want to actually get competition. This isn’t rocket science…