Best Console Version of 3S

Hi Everyone,

 I know that this may have been asked many times before, but I can't the answer anywhere.  I heard that the PS2 SFAC version of 3S is probably the best becauase of blatant problems in the DC version of 3S, and the noticably higher speed of the XBOX SFAC version of 3S.  Can anyone confirm for me which version is the closest to being "arcade-perfect"?  Much appreciated.

I Played and had all 3 versions and the all seem fine to me:wonder:
anyway its not like am a harcore 3s player so i would not know wich one is the best:wgrin:

Hmm. I’ve considered getting the xbox version (it’s on the Street Fighter Anniversary, correct?) so I’ll just rent it and check it out.

Arcade > Xbox/PS2 > DC

I prefer my xbox version to my ps2. Dont really notice a difference though. What where the problems on the DC version?

CPS3 >>> PS2 >> Xbox >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dreamcast

Dreamcast problems were:

  • unblockables removed
  • game resolution was fucked up, but can be fixed with resolution code, still it was fugly
  • some things are harder to hit confirm
  • only arranged soundtrack, not so much a problem, more like a nitpick
  • longer loading compared to CPS3/PS2/Xbox
  • speed is a little weird

edit- beat me to it^

So I guess it’s a general consensus that the PS2 AC 3S version is better than the XBOX AC 3S version, if we take it the fact that the XBOX version has online play?

PS2 speed is a bit closer to the arcade than XBox speed (whioch is a bit too fast).
Neither is 100% faithful.

the character sprites on the dc version r also smaller. the links vary from non existant to impossible to do in that version. it also has missing frames. damage scaling is different for some moves (yun genei jin st fierce).

What about damage? James Chen had said something about that he thought the damage had to be up to 3 stars instead of the default 2 stars? Can anyone confim? I have a arcade board but the cart just went out on me so I can test.



U all do know this has been debated before correct…see the 3s forums…this has been discussed to death technically.

Xbox seems to run a little smoother to me, at least, but in terms of gameplay, Xbox and PS2 are essentially the same.

DC version doesn’t have the Urien unblockable and is missing some frames. I find it harder to do Yun’s Genei Jin in the DC version too. Maybe I have poor execution, but, I can do it on the PS2/Xbox versions easy.

This info has been very helpful to me as well. I’ll probably go pick up/rent this game today. If I can.

yes but you have to remember… there is always new people coming into the 3s scene and you cant ignore that… in fact… 3S is probably @ its peek popularity-wise in the USA… the entries @ evolution proves that 3S is now getting more recognized… just a thought…

I’ve owned the ps2 and dc versions; The ps2 version was closer to the arcade original.:nunchuck:

I own DC, xbox and PS2 version of 3rd strike. The game play for PS2 and Xbox are identical, but xbox version seems to run a little smoother on s video

Now that i think of it…i play on xbox but in a local tourny it was on ps2 and i swear everything seemed slower and laggyish.

I honestly can’t really tell the difference between the Xbox and the ps2 versions of 3S. I own and practice with the Xbox version, but I play all the time with my friends on the ps2 version, and any speed differences are minute.

Picked up the Xbox version. I can’t really compare it to anything though…