Beginner match analysis / gameplay critique thread

Update (11/12): Second Fight Stick up for most helpful poster, this time it is an Xbox 360 Madcatz Pro Fightstick. This one runs from today 11/12 to 12/15

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Update (9/17): Thanks to iantothemax and Trouble Brewing for the first page mention; if you would like some help with your game now would be the best time to post a video, it doesn’t have to be super high quality, I’d just suggest putting it up soon while there are more eyes on the thread to to give you feedback.

Critiques of beginner gameplay video
I would have done this a long time ago but I thought there was some rule against this, but seeing as there are threads for the same thing in other forums I’ll just put it up.

Posting video of yourself playing is 10X better than writing what you are losing to, because what you think you are losing to may not even be what you are losing to, or it may be the only thing you see when in reality you are actually losing because of 10 different things. I know in the other thread people mentioned that they don’t have a capture device, but you don’t really need one, if you have a phone or camera that can record well enough for someone to make out the gameplay clearly then that will work too.

I’m still working on a side project in this area, but for now I’ll just leave this thread here and see what happens.

(Reserved) just in case

Best of luck.


wham, first video ever :slight_smile:
if the framerate is not okay, tell me, I recorded at 60fps, but rendered at 30fps because it kept crashing and I was getting annoyed :confused:

First of all thank you, second there is some a few things from the first few matches that could easily and quickly be improved on but I’ll save that for when I get off work and can watch the entire video. Being on SRK at work seems to be no problem for the most part, but focused analyzing and rewatching of youtube videos might cause some issues.

BTW just in case anyone was unclear this was never meant to be a me only thread so anyone with the time to watch please feel free to offer help whenever you have the knowledge to do so. Oh and its not neccessary to quote videos when you quote people, in fact its better if you don’t leave the video in the quote.

First match vs Deejay: Way too much jumping, way too much sweeping, doesn’t seem like you know the match that well. You didn’t throw out too many fireballs when he had meter, great, but you kept throwing out low pokes when he was in safe sobat kicks range. I’m not really sure what you should be doing, try stand forward. Sweeps should be limited, too. You get punished a lot because you are throwing them out randomly in the hopes of whiff punishing. Almost every character in the game can ultra Ryu’s sweep on block, a lot of them don’t even need to have very quick reactions to do it. When you’re playing footsies, sweep if you think you can, but you have to rely on cr. forward (xx fireball).

Vs Blanka: Well right off the bat, that was wrong spacing for roundhouse as an AA. It’s good that you know to go for it, but you gotta learn your spacings, if you can dp it, you should almost always be doing that instead. Same problem with sweeps, you lost most of your life getting whiffed punished on sweep that first round. You didn’t jump as much, but this time the problem is you aren’t AAing, so you’re letting him get pressure for free. Against blanka, you need to throw a bit more fireballs when he’s got no ex bar, and less when he does. You also gotta be careful stand teching his hop shenanigans, incase he frame traps. Good reactions on what I can only assume is a mashed out dp. Mashing correctly is also something you can practise.

Vs Guile: This guy was bad. Terrible even. After the first round I could see you’d caught onto his “strategy”, but you still couldn’t figure out what to do about it. Some of this is character specific knowledge, but you are missing important combos. With three bars, you could have done about half his health. You should at least be able to cr forward xx tatsu after he whiffs a flash kick. The first thing you gotta realise about Guiles online is that they mostly suck. They are going to jump a lot, sweep a lot, and flash kick a lot. So what do you need to do? You need to look into what you can do against those things. That’s for later, though, when you’re improving on your own, so I’ll tell you now. You had some okay AAs at the end there, like I said, you have good reactions. That comes with a problem though, and that’s that they were too fast. You hit him too early. You gotta wait a fraction to get the full damage off the AA. Guile also has no jump ins to beat a late strong srk, so you can just use regular and save that bar for fadc ultra (which I hope you know). Flash kick, you gotta just figure out when they like to spam it. A lot of them will just do it when you walk towards them with charge, most low level guiles will ALWAYS do it after a block sweep. Finally, the sweep. You can mash srk between the hits, or just focus ONE of the hits, and then combo. Practise one of these.

Vs Juri: Sweep punish/footsies still in full force, but your AA has suddenly become much better: Well done! You gotta keep practising that. I’ve noticed when you jump in, it’s always with roundhouse, and you always do it early. That makes it far easier for people to AA you. You should also vary what you’re attacking with, Ryu’s fierce is powerful, forward and short cross up easily, strong has two hits, breaking focus. Practise your meaty fireball time, if you’re going to do them too. Nice effort though. Don’t see many beginner Ryu’s doing that.
Okay, at around 7:20 Juri is just standing there. You have the life lead, the meter lead, and she is doing nothing. You need to evaluate what’s happening. Why is she waiting? Does she want you to come to her? Is that a good plan for you? No? Then wait. Does she want to just sit there? Do you have a life lead? Just wait. Does she want you to throw a fireball? Will that help you? Maybe, but it might be what she wants (again, character knowledge here, dive kick and her teleport thing). So you do not throw a fireball. She has to either walk in (time to throw a fireball or a footsies) or dive in (AA again).
In the last round, you jumped like crazy. And you know what? It worked. Sometimes you just have to ignore convention if you feel like you got a read on someone. And as soon as she AA’d you, you cut that shit out. That was smart.
A note on bad Juri players: They will do random pinwheels all the time, because they think they are safe (for some reason). They can be safe from certain ranges, but mostly it’s like Kens doing jab dp ex dp because hurr online. Something you need to be wary of, practise you punishes.

Vs Blanka 2: Electric Bugaloo: Okay, immediately you missed dping the up ball. I can’t tell you ever facet of every match you’ll play, but that is easily punished and lands in zero frames (I think, you can’t punish him when he lands). This is better so far. Cr forward xx hadoken, air to airs (ground to airs are better, but damage is damage, and you’re telling him not to jump), less sweeps, the jumps you are doing are pretty solid.
Time for another random thing I’ve noticed, you don’t mash dp on your wakeup. That’s awesome, most people will expect. The problem is that you are getting jumped at on your wakeup, and I don’t think any of them have been safejumps. If you can recognise when something isn’t safe, mash like fucking crazy. The one I’m looking at specifically is around 9:00 in.
Speaking of safe jumps, it’s something you really need to be doing as Ryu. He’s got probably the easiest one in the game (learn them for both his throws aswell). After a sweep, hold up forward. This is a four frame safe jump, so it beats everyone that isn’t zangief/oiled hakan/thawk/ken/ryu/akuma/seth with meter, as far as I’m aware. A lot of people will mash, and if they don’t you can throw/cr forward xx fireball/whatever.
Blanka’s U1 is character specific again. Point blank you need to block low high mid. Further away (which you were), just block standing.

I hope this run through of your matches does not sound too harsh, you have a lot more going for you than most Ryus of your level, you really just gotta practise the basics more.
Also your very editing is pretty top notch. Wish I could do that, can’t work fraps for shit.
And do forgive the rambly parts, I was writing as I wrote.

First of all, thank you so much for replying, in order to answer I figured I’d just use quotes, but that might be a bit too cluttering, so I will probably edit this out later, this way just makes it easier for me to respond and put down notes on the really important stuff (bolded).
It’s funny you say that my editing is top notch, considering I barely did anything haha ^^
Fraps is easy, I can explain it to you if you want. Also, don’t worry about “rambling”, it’s something I do myself, so it’s no big deal.

Yeah I started out (a week ago) mostly only sweeping and it became a terrible habit quickly, but I’m trying to get rid of it. And you’re right, I don’t know the match very well at all, barely ever played Deejay, and never one that “good” (he has a lot of points after all haha).

Not much too say here, I don’t know how to play vs. Blanka. He seems really cheap and that kinda pisses me off during the match, so I tend to play even worse than I already do. It also seems that DPs just kind of trade unfavourably for me, which is why I barely ever use them, at least in comparison to other players.

Yeah, I saw that he was bad, but I had no clue on what to do. Also, the sweeps are annoying as fuck. I tried to punish them with something of my own, but I always ended up hurt. Didn’t think of DPs.

And concerning FADC Ultra, yeah I know of it, but I can’t really do it reliably, even less so when I have to do it from the right side, which is where I am most the time.

Yeah the meaty fireballs, I usually hit them all the time, but that match (or entire day of matches) I was just so out of it, it’s surreal.

Here’s another reason why I barely DP. Whenever they crossup, I just DPed in the wrong direction. Now, it seems there’s a way for this NOT to happen, but I couldn’t find it out, so I got stuck with just blocking!

Oh yeah, about safe jumps, I literally have no idea how to do them. I’ll check it out though, thanks for that! :slight_smile:

And the Blanka Ultra really pissed me off, I thought I let go of the stick first, but no sir, blocked that wrong. So annoying…

To auto correct dragon punch, do the motion (forward down downforward, or downforward downfoward), and then press backwards and punch. There are some crossups that are too ambiguous and it won’t work, but it should help a lot.
Glad you’re taking the advice, just spend a while in training mode whenever you can, and read the Ryu forums for ideas and setups. Finally,
This is a fighting game players bible. Good luck anyway. Try and get some practise in and throw up some more videos. Happy to help you with whatever, and we can see how you’ve improved.

I know Op was talking more Sf4 but if anybody that plays marvel is willing to give me a critique/analysis than that would be awesome. Its a set between me and another player ft20 so its pretty long. I got bodied 20-6. Im datdudeiceman with the team of Nova/spencer/Magneto

Matchup tip
If theres a matchup that you don’t know go to your character’s subforum and check for matchup tips there, but also go to the subforum of the character that your having problems with. It will help you understand what that characters general gameplan against you is. It may also list things people playing that matchup should not do, which is from your side is a list of things you should be watching out for or exploiting or punishing. If it has a list of things they should be using against you, figure out what your best options are against those.

Nah, I never meant for this to be a SF only thread.

in regards to that street fighter video, that Juri player made my fucking breakfast come back up. Shit was atrocius. Anyway when you see a Juri throwing
EX divekick back to back while at very low health, it means they are desperately trying to land Ultra 2. It also means they probably have no other setups into it outside of a focus attack crumple. Bottomline: A tell tale sign of a scrubby Juri is spamming EX divekick back to back at low health. These people are normally just hitting buttons trying to land hits.

Yo i was getting hype when you read that guiles sweep and ultra’d, that was godlike xd! Only real advice i have for you is to jump less and practice doing to fireball (i think i saw you do it once or twice in there) to the point that you can more easily do it in game. Also id focus on finding more opportunities to chuck plasma, maybe instead of jumping in some cases you could just throw some fireballs. Entertaining games though, best of luck!

As Dundle said excuse me if I seem too harsh, but this how this used to go before you weren’t allowed to to come anywhere close to hurting someones feelings on here

  1. Please stop jumping so much usually people who jump to much are going forward, but you keep jumping backwards and as a result you backed yourself into a corner in the first four rounds in a row. Hold you position and make your opponent work for the space they want don’t keep giving it away for free.

  2. You’re basically only using 3 buttons for normals. There are 2 shorts and no jabs and no strongs in the entire Dee jay fight, and none of any of them in the entire second match or third match in the entire video you may have used less than 5 light normals.

  3. Guile C.RH is a very telling move and it usually makes someone look bad, in this case its kind of making both of you look bad, as a guile player you should never be running that move if its not guaranteed to hit and even when it is you usually have better combo options, if a guile is just throwing out c.RH they are really really really bad at the game, on the other hand it also says something about the other player if they let the guile player do c.RH more than once without smashing his face in. Hes wide open between the kicks and its something you have to punish him for. That one thing would have won you that match, not just from the damage, but he would have been forced to change his strategy or keep getting punished and it didn’t look like he had anything else in his bag. Practice interrupting his c.RH for 10 minutes in training mode and you will never have to worry about this level of guile player again.

  4. You don’t seem to ever be pressing your opponent. You only went for two crossups in the entire video and on most knockdown you follow up with a fireball which forces your opponent to block but not much else. In the Juri fight you finally got a knockdown in the corner and you immediately jumped backwards. None of your opponents are ever forced to play on your terms you have to start holding your ground and pushing them back toward the corner.

Things to work on in training mode

  1. Shoryuken consistency
  2. Shoryuken FADC Ultra
  3. Combos starting from light attacks - they will give you more damage and a safer way to score a knockdown than a raw sweep
  4. Hit confirming off your light attacks
    5 Just go in and play around with your normals, your current usage is telegraphing your skill level. When shoto players first start playing they usually only use the hard attacks and as the learn a little more they move on to using forward, to cancel into fireballs. Just like a guile that runs c.RH a shoto who still hasn’t worked their way down to the light buttons is a dead giveaway. Also using lights will improve your chances of landing throws.
  5. Safe jumps after throws.
  6. Combos in general - because your damage output low you A) need more initial hits to win a round than someone who get more damage off of each touch. and B) you arent discouraging your opponent from taking risks. Losing 40% life if the move i’m going for is blocked or whiffs might cause me to reconsider if the risk is worth the reward where taking a simple sweep will not.

Oh and it may seem like odd advice but you should play for a little while without jumping, AT ALL. Play a few games with the express condition that you can’t jump and every time your brain tells you to jump think of another option to use in that situation.

Accidental post I guess i’ll use this for the other one

Nice thread, I recorded a video myself too, hopefully the quality is ok I tried to make the file smaller but it seems youtube made the quality a bit worse than the original, so if its too bad I"ll upload a better quality version later

Im playing sakura


Thank you very much for the criticism! I think that in a way, it’s sad that you have to apologize for sounding “harsh”. If someone wants criticism, he/she should expect it to be “harsh”, since most criticism is.

Regardless, I think all your points are valid, and I’m thankful for the list you provided, it really gives me a goal to work towards :slight_smile:
Oh yeah, I already jump less by the way. Once I saw just HOW MUCH I was doing it, I put it on my training list and worked on it the entire day. Worked quite well, got hurt way less, since I wasn’t jumping :smiley:

Just a quick question : Which Shoryuken do I use for the FADC Ultra? The strong one, right?

I know I suck, but something I can tell you is, that you let the Bison absorb way too many fireballs with his FA, but you don’t punish him for that. For him, that’s free Ultra Meter.

With ryu you can only fadc lp srk and mp, lp is slightly stronger if you fadc

edit: fixed

Stuff I noticed
You aren’t really doing anything at mid range…well besides XX shouoken but back to that in a second.

  • Most of the time you are either close enough to your opponent for a cr.short to hit or as far away from them as you can possibly be on the screen. Sakura is good at close and mid range (just outside of her range or closer) but shes not to great at full screen trying to fight akuma from full screen with sakura is a recipe for fail. Sakura is scary when shes on top of you and lands a hit but past half screen shes not much of a threat. You weren’t doing to bad in close, in the first and last match although it looks like you don’t know the bison fight, you got caught not respecting the slide a couple of times and once on the ultra, and trying some bad punishes.

  • You are just throwing out into shouoken and I can see why, most of your damage is coming off of it, but at the same time you aren’t hit confirming into the special so you have to keep burning two meters to FADC out, its even worse when you go for it when you don’t have the bars to FADC.

I was trying to figure out a better way to explaing this, but the video is probably easier, watch the distancing between sakura and her opponent and then rewatch your video and notice how much time you spend beyond that range. Also note the use of her hadouken and ex hurricane kick on block as opposed to shouoken.

Once you start getting in on people you can work on your combos and blockstrings of course but the positioning thing just stuck out for me.

Thanks a lot, that was really helpful, the video showed exactly what you were talking about, and it also would explained why I sometimes have trouble getting in and burning so much meter doing ex fireball. I’ve noticed before when I watched my own replays, how I walked back a lot , but I never realized how much effect that would have on my overall game plan. I can see Uryo basically never leaves midrange and always stays in their face.Even better its as if he’s got this imaginary bar in his mind that shows exactly where the optimal range for her is so he knows exactly where to stand

The mk xx shouoken thing and lack of hit confirm is spot on too, I think I abuse it too much and not always at the right times or range. The fact that I have to fadc a lot leaves me usually with no meter to ex tatsu, which I should be using more to set up her stronger combos.

Time to hit up training mode!

I think I’ve linked this video 2-4 times before in the newbie forum, but I find it really helpful when showing new people how to play Street Fighter, basically the earlier that someone understands this concept the better they will do.