BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds

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NLBC Pre Release Tournament

Character trailer 8 and Yang gameplay

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Hmm, I wonder if they’re going to put any Guilty Gear characters in this? GGXX sprites might be a bit too incongruous, but I can see Sol Badguy making it in even if they have to make a brand new sprite.

What’s with this ridiculous thread name? The game has a proper title.

Lol, gotta let everyone know who is involved. I like the idea of this game as there were some character designs in UNIB that I thought were cool, but I never got a chance to own/play that game. Though with the significant differences in the core mechanics between games, I wonder how they will manage to integrate them all without breaking anything.

While they are it, they should add some reps from Arcana Heart and DaemonBride.

Wonder if they’ll add a groove like system to allow certain mechanics from each game to be in different grooves

No one payed attention to it before, so it’ll stay like this for a bit to get some views B)

Give me Ryougi Shiki and I’ll instacum. Linne is close but no cigar.

Im not against a game being clusterfucky as that can see be fun. But how are you gonna have this with out GG? You have all the AC sprites. Its to easy not to do… Dont give me a stupid reason like its not HD enough either. Theres AC+R, for ps3 etc and that looks fine scaled slightly up. Its certainly not as bad as something like the random sprites in cvs… Plus lets be honest, BB, and persona do not animate as well as GG does in the first place. If anything in birth characters are going to look the best.

Anyway neat and random. But really huge ball drop by not having GG.

Oh god, I didn’t think about that :rofl:

I would love to see a rep from Kunio-kun.

RIP Capcpom.

Akihiko + Azrael Day fucking One

Tager X Waldstein X Kanji.
Any combination with those 3 would be heally hype.
BTW, is it me, or does this game have a free tag mechanic?

This game is literally going after Infinite’s throat. What’s funny is that this game was likely in development at the same time as Infinite, without either company knowing their games were a thing until reveals.

That’s delicious.

Too lazy to photoshop them running side by side. Team best girls.

Also not as optimistic as to expect Makoto to be 100% in, but we’ll work with what we get.

Something I discussed before: remember that this game is pulling resources (sprites) from other games, meaning spriting and animation work is pretty much already near completion, or already completed for anything new that needs to be added. That means that this game is becoming the very same thing MvC2 was, but without being a golden piece of shit.

It’s very possible each side could have 8+ characters each, and that’s already over 30 immediately.

What’s unfortunate is since RWBY characters have no spritework before this, they ALL need new spriting, and that means it could lessen things depending on their development schedule, though I doubt that since it means more workload went to their sprites than everyone else.

I wouldn’t mind if RWBY side had less characters than the other series’ just so we can have a lot of characters immediately, but we’ll see.

RWBY teams

Hopefully Reese makes it

Some fighting examples:

At least the main four will be there.

Wait wait wait I know what I want now