Baylor, Waco Fighters>?

Where do people from the Waco area at Baylor post?

shut up

I don’t think there are ANY players in Waco worth playing.

…waiting for someone to prove me wrong.:stuck_out_tongue:

They post on

And I heard they play Street Fighter Alpha 1 over there. No marvel dawg.

I know there’s somebody from the Waco area or someone from Baylor University in Waco who posts in here. I want in on Marvel action!

um, my friend told me somone posted about playing in waco. I go to baylor and i play marvel, but i haven’t played in a really fucking long time. Anyway, if you want to get some games in let me know. the last time i really played was in austin and that was long ago.

He speaks!

Awesome! I should be attending in the Fall. Whenever I arrive, I will get info for gettogethers. Do you know anyone else at Baylor who plays 3S or Marvel? Where do you stay at Baylor during the year? I think I am in the Arbor Apartments, not sure yet.

What’s the word on the local arcade scene?

Local Arcade scene sucks. We got a tilt at the mall. They have svc chaos,tekken 4,mvc2, and GGX2. We don’t go to baylor, but we play all fighting games. Never played Marvel Vs Capcom 2 though. We really play Tekken 4, SFIII, CvS2,and SC 2. But we got alot of fighting games. Theres about 6 of us that play,and we’re not scrubs. Just because its a small city doesn’t mean we can’t compete.

there is no mvc2 comp in waco at all. last year i used to go to austin on certain weekends to play marvel b/c no one here really plays. as for other fighting games here, i don’t really play much except marvel and even that i really just stopped playing. like i said though if you want to get some games in just let me know. oh, the joysticks for marvel get pretty messed up sometimes here so it kind of sucks. anyway, just letting you know whats up. oh shit, i almost forgot, i have some friends that stayed at the arbors last year, its a decent place, but why are you not in a dorm? just thought i would ask.


I’m in arbors because I applied late. I shoulda been in the new apartments/dorms place they built by the engineering building. Oh well, maybe I could switch out a little later.

I play a lil 3s, so I could game with you guys. Do yall have custom joysticks or what?

Since the arcade scene is dead, looks like I will be attending some FNF’s in Dallas. Maybe even some tourneys in austin.

In most of my free time away from studying, I wanna get some games in whenever I can. Just something to do.

As for my dawg Chief, you guys should prove him wrong. Make a name for Waco on the Texas scene. I will definitely do my part. Im comin for you Chief!:

Are there tournaments at baylor, ever? I’ve been waiting for friendly competion from other people. We don’t have custom sticks yet,we’re gonna build some though this summer, well mod our pelican sticks anyway. Not to jump ahead, but if turns out theres more people into the fighting genre. Maybe Waco could host their first tourney,surrounding area included(temple,hillsboro,etc…).

Balyor = Rich stuck up faggots :eek:

Once I get familiar with the area I am moving to, I should be down for any tournaments held nearby. As long as there is a Marvel v. Capcom 2 machine there for me to play on. HOPEFULLY WITH 360’s.

I have my own custom joystick, and if you guys are looking for one, you should PM my homeboy DreadedFist. He specializes in making the sticks. That’s my boy Phong up in D-Town.

nmbr1krush: I only play MVC2 competitively, but I have been seen experimenting with a little Third Strike.

Jason: What’s this I hear about your MSP?:smiley:

There are a few MvC2 machines around, you’ll have too look. I’ll ploublay go on a little adventure to find machines Friday. Wacos a nice size city,the good thing you don’t have to drive far to get places, the bad: not a big selection as a bigger city,but they’re constantly building stuff now. I know there’s alot of SF players out here, we had a tournament a year ago and about 30 folks showed, from just T.S.T.C,so there is potential. The hard part is getting the word out.

I’ve already ordered the buttons n joysticks,might go ahead and build a stick w/ the pelican pcb,but also want to include the dreamcast if possible.

I don’t want to play this game for a year and then all of a sudden quit. I always need my fix of Marvel or some kinda gaming every so often. Maybe 3S too.

Lemme know where the MVC2 machines are. What’s TSTC?

My joystick is made for the ps2 with 6 button configuration, and a dreamcast converter. I probably have the sweetest art known to man on it courtesy of my homeboy in DFW. How far from Baylor do you guys live? I sure hope I dont have to be driving through trees and shit to get to peoples houses. :lol:

I’ve heard some stories about pelican sticks:lame: . I’m all about the 360’s. Get a 360, theyre onsale at Happs for 25$

Doh!!! I ordered the comp sticks…dang, didn’t know they were on sale. I’ll ploubly order them anyway.

We dont live very far from Baylor. We just go down speight,get on I-35 take the exit n we’re there, 5-7 minutes. Waco can be kinda confusing, but 10-15 minutes max for most places to get to.My friend lives in one of those apt complexes at baylor(forgot the name).

T.S.T.C is a local college. Tech school. They have tournaments there, but its always HALO:mad:it seems like !!! At gamecrazy they have tournaments,its every 2-4 weeks,its all games, not just fighting. They had a MvC2 tourney a few months ago from what my bro told me.

the only mvc2 machine that i know of in waco is at richland mall. i play there sometimes. Um, as for mvc2 tournys in waco, i have never heard of any myself, but if there are some being held, it would be cool to play in them. hey, are you coming to baylor at all during the summer?

I remember one at fuddruckers,hamburger place. I went scouting today. Got caught up in other things though. I forgot about Doc and Laddys, they might have it. Its not that far from me, I’ll ploublay check it out. I did break down and buy the x-box version. It’ll be my first time to really play MvC2, and I got project justice also.

Once you get a 360, you never wanna go back to anything else. Everything else is uncivilized. I should be coming on August move in. I think the date is Aug. 17.

How are these MVC2 machines? I have some stories about shitty machines. Oh boy do I! Stargate owns all in Texas, but there’s gotta be one decent mvc2 machine somewhere.

You didn’t tell me you were going to Baylor, you fag!:stuck_out_tongue: