Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Thread

Hey guys! the demo for the new game has been out on the ps3 and was just released for the 360. Feel free to discuss :wgrin:

Tutorial vid: [media=youtube]ABojzt5fxYI&feature=player_embedded[/media]

Official Field Manual

Soldier stats!!

Weapons and Gadgets: [media=youtube]jxxuGkxs42g[/media]


Your thoughts? favourite classes? initial impressions? etc

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I shot down a helicopter with the UAV drone.

Playing on PC

Man i havnt even used the drone yet. Is it easy to control? ive heard that the flight controls have been simplified. Luckly i was in a squad with my friends, two were sniping (giving me cover) while i was arming crates. It seems at one point i was the only one in all the team getting crates. The same shit happened in BC1…

Yeah it’s easy to control, it’s fun when you unlock the MG for it. On PC, it’s a little annoying though since you have to use the R and F key to ascend/descend, might end up hitting E to get off the machine and you can’t get back on it because of cooldown.

They have to fix the revive; if you stab someone or shoot them in the head, a medic can revive them. Really dumb.

I like sniping in this game, its way better than in MW 2. What I hate about this game is the knifing/melee and the sound audio. The sounds are very bad, you can’t tell if people are walking behind you or in front of you lol.

I prefer MW2’s graphics over this game though, this game looks too fake.

I’m very excited for this game. No kill streak garbage.

Agreed about footsteps, but otherwise the sounds in this game are most excellent!

I was not going to buy this, having just played (read: raged in) BF2 after christmas, but today’s my second day with the beta and I’m fairly sure I will actually pre-order it.
They removed most things that made BF2 bad (prone, ridiculously OTT spread and bulletdrop, grenadespam, vehicle dominance, etc) and it’s pretty good fun to replay the one map included in the beta over and over, so…ya. Unless they screw it up by increasing explosives’ damage and radius or do something similar to make it a dumb, spammy game like MW2 I’m definitely getting it. Hope they tone down the grenadelauncher a bit, though- it’s my best weapon by far. Giving both ammo resupply and a nadelauncher to assault… :looney:

What’s most important to me in this sort of game is to not die to seemingly random stuff I have no idea where it came from- not much of that in BC2 it would appear. :slight_smile:

Also, quite the resource-hog; I got an i5-750 (stock), 4GB G.Skill 1333, 8800 GTS 320 and my system is struggling (to maintain 75 FPS) on anything higher than “low” settings. Granted, my GPU sucks and they are yet to optimize it properly, but with a bad CPU…wouldn’t want to try.

Shot down two cobras with a tank and got a headshot on a blackhawk pilot.

Friendslist for pc is still fucked up

PC player here!

Man for the longest time I was contemplating make a thread here for this game but didn’t know if it would even get noticed. Glad someone else made it instead. Just be prepared that I’m a freak for this game and I’m about to spam this thread like no one’s frikkin business with new/videos, ect. Reason being is because I was in the PS3/Beta and it rocked even over all the bugs that were present. (which of course were majorly overhauled)

Solid Snake Style

I been stuck watching any/all X360 and PC Beta footage that I can get my hands on (and loving it)—>

What can be accomplished with a serious AH64/Apache pilot:


P.S. If any of you have even anything close to being considered a ‘good speaker set’ at home then I suggest playing this game/demo/beta with them. This game has **amazing **sound engine.


People with Core i7 builds are reporting sluggish FPS (25-35FPS) at highest settings yet people with dual core builds at highest settings are getting better FPS; no clue why but makes me wonder if BC2 uses all cores or not. My rig (Q6600, 4GB memory and 4870) gets 55FPS on medium settings so I’m happy for now.

The game is good so far and Engineer class is much more fun to play. Repair tool lasts longer and regenerates health quicker, wider selection of weapons and blast radius of tank shells and grenades mean that I don’t die anywhere near as often as Engineers did in BF2/BF2142. Damage from RPGs seem the same to me with 2 rear panel/3 sideskirt/4 frontal armor shots to put down tanks.

Lowering the blast radius on grenades and tank shells is a welcome edition; anti-personnel tanks/APCs were insanely good in the previous games because of the grenade launcher and holding out flags were way easier if you had one with a few Engineers to mitigate any damage. You just aimed in a general direction with them and masses of people got lit up. Not even the artillery did that in previous games. :looney:

Haven’t played any class besides Engineer/Medic but the weapon damage seems way toned down from BF2. It took about 10 shots to the chest with the Engineer’s starting weapon and 3 shots from the Saiga-12 to put someone down. Maybe it’ll make me aim for the head more often. :rofl:

And the damage is ***WAY ***up from BFBC, which is good. It’s the perfect medium IMO. And yeah definitely aim for the head whenever you can…and get them extra points.


I don’t understand how people can snipe in this game…I’ve played over 7 hours as assault/medic/engineer now without getting pissed off, thus I decided to try sniper…fuck that shit, fucking mist and snow everywhere, can’t see a single damn thing. And that’s long range, can completely forget about close-combat twitch-sniping. :confused:

I hope I can help you with this. First thing you seriously have to do is totally forget all that you know with shooters like HALO and MW, ect. Bullets are shot on rails/lasers in those games and it doesn’t work like that in BF games where there is semi real-world bullet mechanics present.

Bullet-drop, bullet travel time, loss of power [at range].

Simply all you need to do is adjust for moving targets (lead/shoot ahead of them or the direction enemy is traveling). I’ve noticed that they reduced the bullet-drop in the X360 Demo compared to the PS3 beta. it’s less severe, but no less fun.

I personally love this aspect of BFBC2. And this works/is present not for just Recon either but any other kit, when shooting at targets that are at range. You will need to ‘lead’ targets with anything. (ARs, Heavy MGs, RPGs, ect)

There is NO weak-ass ‘quick-scoping’ or ‘twitch-sniping’ to be had in this game. A lot of gamers are struggling with this ATM, but they’re learning. (yeay!)

…watch the tracers of the shots as well to get an idea of how they fall. This will be a game where ***SKILL ***takes precedent over who shoots first. (and where, i.e HSs)

And if you’re just complaining about the environmental changes/visibilty, you ain’t seen anything yet til you try Recon up in the Atacama Desert in the middle of a sandstorm! Players just need to adjust.


One of the moreamazing looking maps, with big potential IMO.


Thanks for trying to explain but I’m aware of bulletdrop etc, I have played BF2- that’s not where the problem lies.
In the PC version all you can play is some shitty snow map where you literally can not see anything most of the time (that montage…oh I wish the aforementioned map had that degree of visibility).

The problem with lack of “weak-ass” quick-scoping etc is that it reduces snipers to sitting in one spot, rather than moving up with their squad and actually being useful instead of playing their own minigame of sniper vs sniper.
Apart from that it is beyond me how anyone can belittle twitch-sniping, since it is much more demanding and pressuring than sitting behind a rock aiming for still targets but hey.

Anyway, guess I’ll save sniping for a different map.

After editing my post several times I realized that I probably went overboard on you. My
fault. But dood, I seriously hope you’ve taken a look at the picture settings menu. There’s
a ***specific ***option to lower/increase contrast/saturations, and I made good use
of it even in the PS3 Beta where the desert map was initially waaaay too bright by default.

Also, I’m not gonna tell you how to play Recon but since BFBC, and then the BFBC2 Beta,
the longer you play the more you will come to appreciate this kit compared to other games.
And then also the longer the game has been played, the more you will see Recons at the
front lines
, and then doing everything else in between. (like making use of their C4 gadjets).


Ugh, this game runs like crap on my computer, it’s a wakeup call that I need to buy a new one.

WHAT THE FUCK is this yellow typing shit. I’m not reading that on SRK white, fucking attention seeking motherfucker. Do you drive around your town on a unicycle while blaring awful music yelling at everyone to look at you also?

Good info, but I must say Halo (as of Halo 3) actually does have bullet projectile mechanics and they are not ‘laser points’ anymore.

This game is awesome. Can’t wait to rock XBL with the full game.

News to me. Good to know (and for the franchise I’d imagine).