Battle High: San Bruno - XBLI fighting game

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Battle High: San Bruno

Just tried this game out and it is actually pretty fun. Every other XBLI game has felt nearly unplayable, but this one feels like one of the older 2D fighters.

Haven’t really dug too deep into it, so I can’t say if there are any broken elements there. If you have some time to kill, this game is worth a look and is only 80 MSP ($1). There is a demo too if you’re still iffy about it.

This game is riddled with horrible design decisions. It’s funny as hell and it’s a dollar but it’s a bad game.

Main character has an infinite that’s literally stand jab x rush punch. This is akin to ryu having an infinite that’s c.MK xx hadou. Also it’s really easy. There’s no air block and after you throw a projectile, you can cancel the one that’s on the screen, from limited testing, this means it’s literally impossible to jump on on the fat kid from anywhere but point blank. His charge time is like .5 second and has sonic boom recovery (but does no hitstun so it doesnt create an infinite as far as I’m aware).

I’ve played this game for FIVE MINUTES.

I may be wrong about the infinite. for some reason the game randomly decides if you can cancel into a special move a 3rd time or not. don’t understand the system at all. i think the guy accidently made an infinite then decided to end it instead of making good design choices.

Yeah theres probably just a weird random occurance where you can randomly just do infinite dash punches, but otherwise, its limited to 2 per combo. So infinites are random. Nice.

Fat kid is probably broken because of no air blocking and the ability to spam cards without any retaliation.

I’m not saying this game should be on the Evo roster or anything like that; but for an indie effort, this is a great game.

I’ve only really played as the main character (Jiro) and he has great rushdown with his dash punches that you seem to be able to hit confirm from practically anything. I didn’t get any infinites with him in my time in training mode. My favorite combo so far is when you have an opponent cornered, you do LP > c.LK > “rush punch” > “power geyser”

There looks like to be potential for crazier combos with the “dash canceling” system they have where you expend one stock of your super bar to cancel a move into a dash (SF4 inspired, i’m sure). You can also use those same stocks to air dash.

I certainly don’t regret spending $1 on it

I see a bootleg potemkin in those screenshots.

Random details / things you mighta missed:

You can dash cancel in mid air to create a chain of jump kicks… because it’s fun!

You have a button for throws, and a button for short-hop style overhead attacks. You can combo into shorthop with some characters, and it’s a good thing to throw in while Dash-Cancel-Rushing.

Some special moves cancel / link into each other. Best examples are Bio-Com-a-like’s qcb+HK->qcb+LK mini-loop, or Mai’s fireball into Ice spear.

Most character can do some good links, like weak punches into kicks into strong punch, or something of the sort. These aren’t normalized at all (Which is nice for an indie), such as the Masked guy’s ability to A bunch of crouching weak punches and kicks into his crouching HK.

I’ve seen at least 4 colors for the characters; Y, X, A, and a trigger. This not only changes them, but sometimes their effects as well.

Pushing the BACK button in training mode, resets character to neutral start positions.

The Button config is the fantastic “push a button to assign it’s actions!” method that not enough retail releases use. Hence, button remapping is a since, and the game is very joystick friendly.

The Journal records your progress, and I’m not sure if the game autosaves, but it dates each accomplishment. It also seems to give you tips and hints as you do more in the game, by highlighting your Journal entries.

I haven’t played single player yet, but I can say that in VS, the characters have a wide range of lines they sya to each other on the victory screens. Of course, lots of inter-connected relationships.

If you pay attention, not only are some special moves inspired by other fighters, but also some normals. Especially from KoF!

All in all, a great game for a dollar. This and Chu’s Dynasty are easily the best fighters on XBLIG.

Wow this game is pretty fun and a bill to boot. I’m feeling the dash cancel system, you can even do it on whiffed moves. I’d like an option for infinite meter but you can press select to reset position so i can settle for that. Back to testing!

Think I found a corner infinite w/ H.W., (c.LK > Overhead xN)

Wasn’t this game posted a while back as a PC demo? Had no clue it became a live game.

Your link doesn’t work.

Looks like SF2 and KOF mixed together in something that was probably made in the 80s.

Main character design looks kinda like the guy from Rumble Fish.

Im playing this right now. its fun, the combos can be ridiculous. I hate the small juggle limit, which you can only extend if you Dash cancel.

It seems the game has a limit on how many times you can use a set move in a ground combo. since you can do only 1 of Rykens(metal Arm guy) Drill in a combo.

I want to say Mai might be the best character,but she requires a bunch of meter. j.LK(which can crossup),c.LK,(c.HP XX Ice spear XX dash cancel) is real easy and does like 70% damage.
also her super makes her have hyper armor and is invulnerable to throws.

Khais pretty good too with his powerful combos for no real cost. his Knee does good damage and can juggle afterward into possibly super, which does GREAT damage for how comboable it is.
EDIT: BTW he has a braindead infinite, (, stepforward)xN

Ill post more thoughts later. H.W.s infinite is retarded. I think everyone is broken in this game, except Ryken, I havent found anything with him.

I’m liking the demo so far. Only played the story mode once and challenge mode twice and got stuck lol. I’ll plug in my stick to see if it’s just temporary execution failure though.

Anyone know if the dev has a website, I can’t find one and it’d be nice to know if he’s planning on fixing the infinites if they are so retardedly easy, not that I have anyone to play this against really. I’d still like to support him, you never know, he might be making Evo games in a few years.

edit: found the website - Pointfiveprojects

I’m a little jealous i don’t have a box. It’ll be interesting to see how this game would turn out with some more revisions and polishes. Shoot, for a buck that’s a good deal. I hope we see more Fighting mini-games approaches like this.

Seems Shinji got an infinite as well (c.LK > c.HK > 214+HP xN)

Yup found that myself

I’ll put sum vids up later

I really hope XBLIG becomes another outlet for indie fighting game devs. It seems like a really nice starting bed.

First Chu’s Dynasty now this

didn’t the creator himself even post it here back in the day?

I don’t think you were trying to be insulting, but it’s a disservice to call it a “mini-game”, granted it doesn’t have the polish of an oldschool KOF but it’s not far off. The game even has challenge mode to teach you combos and apparently endings for all characters.

@MOB712: I’m looking forward to the vids. Link 'em here when you upload if it’s not too much trouble.

I just had a thought, more people have played and enjoyed this than MK9, maybe it will get into Evo!!


The challenge mode is pretty cool. lots of nice combos in there. its good to know that the Devs REALLY know whats possible, but it also makes me question some design choices.