Battle Card System

UPDATED: With SUPER Street Fighter IV links

Hi guys, I’ve been creating a program over the passed 6 months or so in my spare time and I wanted to share it with you guys. Hopefully get some feedback on it or comments.

Please let me know what you think. That would be great!

Street Fighter IV
Battle Card System

Battle Card System program

Blank file

Download and run, installs to Personal documents

contains STATTRACK.FDB which is a blank database file used with the BCS.
Keep one of these blanks handy in a folder where you keep the BattleCardSystem.
It will let you start fresh if you just overwrite the one that came with cardsystem.rar

The Battle Card System is a mock “card” system which imitates the ranking functionality of Japanese Street Fighter IV arcade cabinets. In Japan you can acquire a card which is tied to you mobile phone (I found that part the most impressive Razz ) which tracks your wins/losses, gives/takes “Battle Points” and lets you accumulate “Zenny” which is like in-game currency used to buy titles and costumes for characters. It also has trivial things like a gamer tag style name input and motto. I only wanted to get the stat tracking functionality, the motto and zenny stuff is irrelevant to the system.

Main Features:

  • Adding new Players.
  • Submitting a match.
  • Results page.
  • Display player.

Main Screen:

Displays the list of players and statistics.
Broken up by character. Shows Player name, Fighter, wins, losses, battle points, grade, best streak and current streak. You can order each column by clicking on the column header.

Adding Player:

You enter a player name and then select a character for that player.
Player names are case sensitive, and a player can have multiple characters, you’ll just need to add them in one at a time.

Submitting matches:

Once you have at least 2 players registered you can submit a match.
You select a winner, winner character, loser and loser character, you can type these values in and it should predict what you’re typing. Make sure the casing is correct.
Margin is defined as the difference between the rounds.
If you play best of 5 rounds (3 rounds to win) and you win 3 - 1. The margin is 2; 3-2, margin is 1; 3-0 margin is 3.
Too easy. Works for best of 3 rounds as well… I don?t see why it wouldn?t work with Best of 7 either but… that?s upto you.


The Results page shows all the submitted matches. It will show you the Winner, Winners character, Loser, Losers Character, Margin and how much BP the Winner gained. There is an undo button which reverts the changes of the last entered match. This works if you made a m

I really hope people give it a chance Pyro. I wish we had a card system here in Australia like they do in Japan, but since we don’t, this is the next best thing. It makes those RanBats all that more exciting and have more meaning.

Thanks Exc

Thanks man, will put this to work for when i play matches with friends and people around town.

thanks man, i will try this out and let you know what i think

Daigo’s favorite aspect of ‘IV’! :bgrin:

in one of the screens for the ‘new mode’ trailer, didn’t it say something about ‘Battle Card’?

thanks for your sharing…

This needs some sort of online database/leaderboards. Seriously.

The idea might work with an online database but that would require moderation of match entries and junk. Also internet connectivity whenever you want to use it…

This. It can work for SF IV tourneys, but when SSF IV comes out maybe it can be a universal system?

Expansion is very easy, I can surely implement the new characters without a problem.

Did you mean universal as in a version for Tekken and another version for like… Smash or Soul Calibur or 3s?

Just a quick update.

  • Layout in the BSCLeaderboard tool (how it prints stuff out looks nicer)
  • Added additional tool Web

Also a side note:
Starting to do a small collection of webpages for it.

wow nice hope this works

i would totally love to use this for arcade infinity ranbats.

i wanted to get some type of ranking system down like ELO, and somehow find a way to parse data from a tournaments result file, or from a text file with comma-separated values. i do have programmers friends but i think theyre all much too busy to make a ranking system for sf4.

is there any way to format it or for use on a webpage, asp or whatever, so that stats and career player stats can be viewed online?

Yes there are a few tools included.

There should be an executable inside called BSCWebLeader which will create a HTML file in the current directory with some stats output into a table.

I also have a personal tool that I wrote (but didnt include) which outputs to a bunch of SQL insert statements to add to a mySQL database. I didnt include this because I havent provided the DDL for that database so you would have to write your own DDL to use with the DML output.

tl;dr: Use the BCSWebLeader.exe, have a look at Leaderboard.html
Results are somewhat like this:
(using PHP for mine, but the output is the same…with less style)

Updated the site

Looks a lot better now.
Graphics and design by BossLogic

Much more interesting to look at now Pyro, hopefully people give it more then a glance now that it doesn’t look plain.

Nice work to all involved and I can’t wait to start using it in 2010 for both SFIV and SSFIV.

This is awesome, hope it gets some well deserved attention.

same stuff, but now on a new address.
Comments page is now up also :slight_smile: