Batman: Under the Hood animated movie confirmed, directed by Bruce Timm

There were rumors of this, but this and the image solidifies it.
I have yet to read UtH, but I am looking forward to the movie. =3

jensen ackles? interesting

The thing I’m wary of is that its by the co-director of Superman Doomsday which I thought was terrible. Easily the worst of the DTV features.

Yeah, the fact that the guy who did Superman Doomsday is working on this is kind of worrisome. Superman Doomsday had blessedly awesome action scenes, but was marred by having some of the worst dialogue and plotting out of all the DC animated movies (sans Public Enemies, that movie was horrible). Plus, it’s about one of the silliest retcons ever, so yeah. . .not too excited about this.

The good thing is that Jensen Ackles is doing the voice of Red Hood. The guy does a fantastic job on Supernatural, so it’ll be interesting to see him in a voice acting capacity.

Agreed. That and this storyline is not exactly the first I would think of as a good choice for a DTV movie. They are far better off the less continuity they have behind them.

After watching Gotham Knight, it’s too bad they’re going back to the same squarish DCAU artstyle. And yeah Doomsday was pretty lame.

Yep. I don’t understand why we are getting Red Hood stories when The Long Halloween is begging to be animated.

Hulk vs. was great >=3

Need I remind you that Bruce Timm is working on it as well? That should get rid of any worries you might have. In fact, think of it this way; Director of Supes: Doomsday= -1, Bruce Timm= Infinity.
Infinity + -1= Infinity= Bruce Timm.

Also Public Enemies was all about them dozens of DC characters which they did pretty well. Action was good too.

So Bender’s voice actor is doing Joker in this movie huh?

Neil patric harris as nightwing?


planet hulk was fucking piss and hulk vs thor was only good because of the comedy. thor screaming like a girl had me laughing out loud.

i’ll probably download this and not expect much, maybe that way it won’t be so horrible.

I hope it doesnt end ambiguously with joker blowing everyone up like in the comics.

God dammit. No one gives a shit about anyone voicing Bats and Joker except for Conroy and Luke Skywalker. Christ, what is the point?

Props for doing this arc though regardless. Probably the last DC arc I’ve enjoyed reading. Hopefully they keep it in the PG-13 realm or even GASP give us an uncut version (since the arc was fairly gory).

Doomsday wasn’t all that good and i was wondering why it was even called that since Doomsday was barely in it. That’s a bad sign right there. I’m not familiar with the comic so I can’t place any judgement on that department. I liked Gotham Knight though. It came on TV one time before The Dark Knight came out and just didn’t show up again which was weird and then suddenly it was put on DVD months later.

Gotham Knight was horrible. Trying to capture Batman in an anime style just didn’t fit well and none of the stories were good. How in hell can you not cast Conroy and Hamil? LOL at Neil being Nightwing. Then again Robin is gay so it fits well.

yeah i dont think anyone but conroy and hammil can do batman and joker and make it believable for me anymore. if its animated shell out the cash and get those 2 because they are straight amazing.

Nah, NPH did a great Flash voice for New Frontier

Batman: Under the Hood trailer…this batman voice I do not like.

pfft not everyone is gonna follow in conroys footsteps. his voice is fine, everyones voice is fine as long as their not trying to do the dark knight i smoked too many cigs voice.

ellos no tienen Kevin Conroy
Bruce Greenwood es no Batman

Do they realize how much more hype/viewers they’d generate with Kevin Conroy doing the voice?

I cant imagine any other voice doing bats or joker. They are the definative concerning these voice over roles.