Batman: Gotham Knight DVD - anime style prequel to Dark Knight. Dir. by Bruce Timm

Here’s some actual info on that leaked Batman anime DVD.

Read this on another forum, I’m 50-50 about but it had better not look like Child of Dreams…

Animation is going to be done by Production I.G. (Kill Bill), Madhouse (Hajime no Ippo, Trigun) and Studio 40c. I don’t think its going to look like Child of Dreams.

Batman?, anime?, azzarello?, rucka?!?!


As much potential the 6 stories have i hope they don’t don’t get ret-conned or swept under the rug by TDK movie cuz i’d love to see some bats-anime comics.

EDIT: i liked child of dreams:sad:

Looks interesting. Hopefully they aren’t too beholden to the conventions established by Batman Begins.

from SMB:

Animated by Production IG and Madhouse, and directed by Bruce Timm? Holy fucking acorns, Batman! I gotta watch that!

Please get Kevin Conroy, please get Kevin Conroy

This is the only post this thread needs.

Child of Dreams was drawn by manga artist Kia Asamiya, who is most recognizable for the Manga/Anime Silent Mobius(the style between the two is really recognizable). Unless she drew the art for this(which I highly doubt), I’m sure the art will look solid. I.G. and Madhouse are top tier, but I never heard of Studio 40c…I would be concerned about that if anything.

+1 for Kevin Conroy please.

Since I think he might be in the DVD, so… please get Mark Hamill, please get Mark Hamill…


I wouldn’t be too worried about the studio doing this. I think they’ll do a good job, considering that they are getting a HEFTY budget to work with thanks to Warner Bros.

I’ll be happy as long as it isn’t done by the crews that did Jackie Chan Adventures or Every-woman-looks-like-a-man-and-every-man-looks-gay-on Flux.

Good for you :tup:, I just didn’t like the art it turned me off.

is brian azarello the writer on 100 bullets? for some reason, the name sounds familiar.

Yeah, Azzarello created and writes 100 Bullets.

100 bullets is the truth:tup: i can forgive the art.

This is going to be nice. Can’t wait to see Batman beat up some thugs in anime style.

hmm that is going interesting

Small update


  • The upcoming direct-to-video animated feature Batman: Gotham Knight may be released alongside the upcoming re-release of Batman Begins on DVD.

Warner Home Video recently announced that a new Batman Begins DVD release, called Batman Begins: Ultimate Collector’s Edition, will be released later this year for both standard DVD and Blu-Ray. Rumor has it that the Batman: Gotham Knight DTV DVD release is expected to be released in conjunction with the new Batman Begins: Ultimate Collector’s Edition DVD, though it is currently unconfirmed at this time.

Stay tuned for further updates.*

As long as it is like Fox Batman, has Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Richard Moll, Efrem Zymbalist (sp?), and Bob Hastings, they are good to go. I dunno just get Dana Delaney or something to do the Rachel Dawes character if it is a direct prequel to Dark Knight.