Do you guys enjoy it? I went to a club one time since i can drink… damn i didn’t know how expensive everything is but i got to dance with a girl with banging music and i was chugging them drinks… :lovin:

I want to go out more but work is stopping me :sad:

The majority of clubs and bars I know around here fall into two categories, shitty pub with dodgy looking alcoholics/drug dealers/psychos with nothing going for them except cheap drinks, and shitty clubs playing repetitive crap dance and hiphop music at about 200 decibels with stupid ned cunts everywhere.

Luckily I’ve found one or two decent places that play nothing but metal, the drinks aren’t too costly, always seem to have random anime or football playing on their lcds and the women there aren’t dumbfucks covered in fake tan and can actually hold a conversation.

I would love clubs if they actually had decent non commercial music but clubs usually have sucky ambiance and douches all over. Oh and forget trying to pick up women there it’s useless.

What’s with the rnb/hip hop/rap hate? Those songs are crowd pleasures and even though they aren’t deep stories n shit you can dance to them IMO

Let’s say swag surfin came on… i would dance to it cause it’s fun… you know?

Bars/clubs for everybody i guess

Really crazy people at the bar hmm? Never thought of that lol :wink:

Clubs are only appealing to me when I’m single. Get wasted, find loose women. Bars are great just so long as you don’t go to the same ones over and over. My old favourite pub is now hated as we’ve spent far too much time there. Mix it up, find new places and new crowds and you won’t get bored.

Inb4 a bunch of people bitching about having to come into contact with real people/ leaving their precious 2mm safety zone when they go to clubs.

I usually go to a local bar to watch a UFC PPV. Its usually lame though unless I’m with a good group of friends. Typically the clientele is a bunch of douche bags who cant stop smoking for 2 seconds. Since smoking is allowed indoors in my county, I usually end up smelling like a burnt cigarette for a few days afterwards. Im not a smoker and cant stand the smell.

Sports bars are usually more fun since the crowd tends to be younger and they enact no smoking indoors.

I never go to clubs.

The clubs around here are filled mostly with a bunch of teenagers who do stupid shit, so I hate clubs.

However, bars are ok if they have a chilled out atmosphere. Watching UFC and eating wings at a bar is top tier!

Any social place where you need to scream over the music to have a conversation is fail.

There needs to be more bars like the one in Cheers.

Tucson has lots and lots of dive bars which are awesome as shit. The kind of place that’s like the bars in like Death Proof or any Tarintino flick. But every now and then I go to a gay club.

I better not never hear another dance remix of Bad Romance. I fucking abhor Lady Gaga.


But for the most part, clubs are fine in moderation.

I’m glad I’ve never been to a gay club then. But then again I’ve never been to any club :frowning:

Psytrance parties though… that’s where it’s at.

That’s where raves (well…those at houses anyway) come in. A majority of the houses here in Tucson are laid out in a very weird way (lots of side rooms/wrap around porches, huge wrap around porches) come in. Though most of the kids here listen to silly dubstep, every now and then, I’ll come across one that plays Jeff Mills or some nice Detroit techno.

Hell…if gay clubs started playing really house music, I’d be there every day.


Holy crap you people don’t go to DANCE CLUBS…???

Wtf i know this is a game forum but trust me… even if you don’t like “club music” once you get a few drinks in with a few of your friends you’ll have blast… shit i know i did

Why you people being so picky about crowds? Do you talk to all of em? heh i agree going to same club but unless your in a really big city got to go to same places…

Clubs just get more and more retarded. Everywhere in toronto is a 20 dollar cover and your paying 7 dollars for drinks atleast. It’s full of young idiots that just want to go out and get in fights, and most of the chicks end up getting so wasted their friends are dragging them out of the bathroom puking. Sports bars or irish pubs drinking pitchers and pints is the best way to go.

Not sure if it counts as a club, was really more like a concert but with some awesome techno music, and a bar on the sides. Was fun as shit, so much hype, people just dancing, jumping and shit.

I don’t think there’s anything like that in Georgia. I’m not exactly in the know but the local music scene appears to be shittons of awful rap, some mediocre DnB and a random psytrance group (ATLPSY) that kicks ass. I’ve never even heard mention of Detroit Techno or Dubstep. Not sure how to dance to Dubstep though. Do people just brood menacingly?

But what if you have no friends? :3

Clubbing/nightlife is fun as shit. Just gotta know how to spend the least amount of money.

Protip #1: Go early (9pm-10pm-ish) to avoid or reduce cover charges.
Protip #2: Pre game at a friend’s place. Get your drink on there, then go to the club, get a cheap bottle of beer. After killing the beer, go to the bathroom and fill it with water. A lot of broads will not talk to you if you don’t have a drink in hand. Don’t ask me why. This eliminates that problem. Plus the water helps you sober up quickly. If you really need to get twisted, you can always keep a flask on you.
Protip #3: Go with the right people/friends. Some friends will make your clubbing experiences a nightmare, because they don’t know how to get down in a club, or are PCCs, or hate the club environment. Do well to never bring those friends with you.
Protip #4: Bring a broad or two with you. It doesn’t have to be someone you’re fucking or trying to fuck. A friend will do fine. Sometimes if a venue is close to full capacity, a dude with a breezy will be given priority over a dude with his boy. All clubs do whatever they must to facilitate attendance by broads, because dudes will go wherever the broads are, and clubs take advantage of that.

More protips to come later.

I’ll go with you if im ever in georgia… i got fam near atlanta.

I only go to clubs where I know the staff/promoters and I’m getting in the door/VIP for free/discount, or if it’s a dance-heavy atmosphere. Clubs with ‘I’m a miserable whore with spring-loaded spread-eagle action’ or ‘I’m the most shallow, fuck-you-looking-at, humorless piece of shit you’ve met in the past 6 minutes’ types of atmosphere are a waste of my time.

i am the club.