Banned characters.

For some reason I’m suddenly curious as to what characters have been deemed too good for tournament play. So far only ST Akuma, MSH Cyber Akuma, CoTA Magneto, and 3S Gill come to mind. I’m wondering if anyone can help me with other characters from other games. While I don’t want this to turn into a heated discussion I’d also like input on what characters most likely would have been banned if their games were tourney games.

If Critical Blow (PSX) had been a tourney game, the robot Berserker would have been banned.

Berserker winning strategy: SPAM LAZOR! (and if you have super, do the SUPER LAZOR!)
It doesn’t combo, but there is seriously nothing you can do to get out. You’ll just sit there getting chipped to death, or try to jump/dash/special your way through but that will just lead to damage.

It’s too bad, because I liked the game.

They were banned for being so broke , that if they were legal- most tourney matches would be banned char vs banned char.

The other major reason for banning chars is to emulate arcade conditions, though this doesn’t always happen. SFIV had the tourney chars legal in the US.

If you look at KoF11, the console chars were banned for a long time to keep it more like the arcade, but they’ve recently been allowed back in, with the exception of Shion and Magaki, who are gdlk.

Petshop in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one, IIRC.

I didn’t ask why there are banned characters. I’m curious as to who’s been banned.

Generally secret characters or console specific characters are banned. i’m assuming because they are generally tacked on, and most of the time the developer didn’t really try to test or balance them. The case with boss characters is that they usually just try to give them lower HP than the computer version, but this isn’t enough to make them tournament legal. There is always controversy when it comes to allowing playable bosses in tournament play.

As to who is banned:

CVS2 - Evil Ryu, ROB Iori, God Rugal, and Shin Akuma
CFE - Pyron and Shin Akuma
STHD - Akuma (not sure don’t follow the game)
SFA3 - All console characters are banned
SFA2 - Evil Ryu was banned originally, but over the years he has become legal because he sucks.
KOF2002 - Though the playable Rugal is only avaiable through a BIOS hack, he is not legal when he is available.
KOF 2003 - Maki/Chizuru, Magaki, Adel (not sure about this one)
RBFFS - Nightmare Geese


ST - O. Sagat (Japan only)
LB2 - Zenestsu (Japan only)

SFA3 Console characters? Really? I never really followed this game, but Fei Long, T. Hawk and Guile don’t strike me as game breaking. I can see how Dee Jay’s fireball could make for lots of weird shit.

Really? Im curious to know why he sucks

I only play SF so clearly Akuma needed to be banned SFII, nothing in the game can stand up to his air fireball.

If you dont know why Gill is banned in SFIII, just look him up on youtube videos, his super arts either take away nearly 75% of your life and his other super art heals himself…ridicoulsly OP.

Okay, it’s a bit of a long story. But there was once a game called SFA3, referred to as SFA3 vanilla by the community. It was released in arcades, and it had all sorts of nice things like walk cancelling, unblockables, and crouch cancelling infinites. Despite this, the game still saw massive play, and was a staple arcade game for many many years to come.

There was then a port of the same game on the PSX, and it included tons of new console exclusive characters.  Back in 1998 consoles weren't anything anyone took seriously.  So as a result, if you had the balls to run a console tournament, you wanted it to emulate the arcade.  So the new console characters were ignored and banned in serious tournament play.

Fast forward to 2001 a new game was released called SFA3 Upper. It saw limited distribution in Japanese arcades and was ignored and unplayed. It took out a lot of glitches, and included the console exclusive characters. However, this did not replace the original, but despite this Capcom decided to go ahead and port the game adding newer characters along the way.

Fast forward to modern times and now we have a game called SFA3 Double Upper or simply SFA3 Max.  It includes tons of new characters that weren't in the original version and is pretty distant from the original version.  But since this game is based on the original SFA3 upper, which was ignored and never played, people always revolve tournament rules around the original arcade SFA3.

Probably more than what needed to be said. But you can ignore the other paragraphs and look at this statement. They aren’t banned because they are broken, but because of the version that they are associated with.

Well he isn’t terrible, just really mediocre. Like Akuma he doesn’t have good BnBs, which is okay for Akuma, because Akuma has really good mixups. His supers generally suck. His CC isn’t really all that damaging. He has poor defense all around. Oh and he has no mobility Overall, he’s the worst shoto in the game, in a game where much of the upper tier is dominated by shotos. There definitely is nothing special about his beyond a few little gimmicks here and there.

That’s not the only thing that makes Gill ridiculous, the icing on the cake for sure, but let’s get down to the creamy filling.

Gills normals do block damage

His normals have fucking sick range and hard to parry on reaction. Some of his normals hit twice

Godlike damage and stun on his normals

A FAST projectile, hard to parry and harder to punish.

Normals give him incredibly air control

Safe after nearly everything he does

Sick ass juggles that tack on a boatload of stun

Hell if resurrection and sepharim wings is all he had, he MAY be God tier.   But simply just God tier.  No he'd still be a fucking beast without them.  The supers just make an impossible to beat character even more impossible to beat.

Seeing as CvS2 is mainly off the major tournaments, if someone runs a side tournament are console characters now allowed? At least the non broken ones.

I’ve always wanted to know, how broken was Gill from SF3? I didn’t know just how good he could be until I watched this one combo video of him on Youtube, and damn, the things he could do was unreal. Would you say a intermediate player as Gill could beat guys like Wong, Mester, Nuki, or Daigo most of the time?

I mean it’s like Capcom went out of there way to make Gill the most scariest Mofo ever to appear in a fighting game in comparison to the rest of the cast. Did they ever make a tier list with him? I’d love to see that, it’d have to be like 9-1 across the board with maybe a couple of 8-2’s I guess.

Probably not an intermediate player.

Maybe like a low tier pro

i would actually want to see that lol. Put up like Valle against daigo and see what happens.
and it would be 10-0’s for most of the cast, minus the mirror match.

I believe in Eternal Fighter Zero, that angel girl boss character was banned even though she was selectable.

Not sure about Unknown though.

I think Gill has issues with Chun-Li. He may only be slightly better than her without meter. If Chun-Li gets meter, then Chun-Li SA2 pretty much put Gill at a stand still. He can’t stick out anything or throw any fireballs for fear of eating the super. I also think Makoto could possibly give him issues as well. One good guess, and she can kill him clean before he is able to resurrect.

Having played against some scrubs, I'm familiar with the matchup (lol, so ashamed to admit).  There are a few things I've learned to do in this matchup with various characters.

Gill is vulnerable during Sepharim Wing,  you almost always have free damage if you're using a shoto, just do an air hurricane to knock his ass out.  The drawback is that he doesn't lose meter until after he begins the super.  So yeah, he still has the meter even when you knock him out of it.

Makoto SAIII has a shitload of invinciblity. Activate it while Gill is ressurecting, dash in grab, and kill him. If she activate, she won’t be pushed away.

 Upon Resurection, SAIII Ryu can fully charge a Denjin, free stun, followup with any damaging combo.

Mashing jab stop some of Gills normals. Yeah, his limps are so long, he’s almost like Dhalsim to a degree.

Gill is beatable, definitely has an advantage over the cast, but I’m willing to say it’s more like 8-2 instead of 9-1 or 10-0. Believe it or not, everyone has some exploit they can use against him. Well except maybe Twelve, Hugo, and Sean. Q with SAIII can be annoying to Gill.

The funniest thing is a free Aegis upon resurection. I love when Gill players save their meter for resurection, get free mixups and combos all day.

You have to play against Gill differently like you’re playing another game. Basically you will find yourself using a SA that is generally impractical like Makoto SA 3. You will generally not rely on parries, they mean nothing in this matchup. You have to knock him out of his supers, and force him to resurrect. And then go apeshit and burn your meter.

It’s the only way I’ve been able to beat a human Gill player. Anyway my asshole friend who played me with Gill all of the time decided to give him up and actually learn how to play 3s. But man, I invented so many anti-Gill strats it’s not even funny.

Nightmare geese

Definitely banned. Unknown wasn’t in the arcade version. The console version of her allowed her to switch fighting styles AT WILL. Meaning she was a amalgamated character with little to no risk, since she could just switch styles anytime she wanted. Have a bad matchup, time to switch to a better one. It may be random to WHAT she’ll switch to, but still a pretty fucking assholish design in either case. Too damn gay, definitely ban worthy.