Balrog (Boxer) Combos

Discuss/post combos and glitches here detailing the specifics/damage/stun using standard abbreviation conventions.

Don’t worry about impracticalities if it works it works.


Six Button Notation

LP: Light Punch/Jab
MP: Medium Punch/Strong
HP: Heavy Punch/Fierce
LK: Light Kick/Short
MK: Medium Kick/Foward
HK: Heavy Kick/Roundhouse

Joystick Notation

[LEFT] F - Forward - Tilt stick forward/towards the opponent. (X-axis)
B - Backward/Back - Tilt stick backward/away from the opponent. (X-axis)
U - Up - Tilt stick upwards. (Y-axis)
D - Down - Tilt stick downwards. (Y-axis)
QCF - Quarter circle forward/Hadouken/Fireball - Tilt stick downwards, then to downwards and forward, then forward.
QCB - Quarter circle backward - Tilt stick downwards, then to downwards and backward, then backward.
HCF - Half circle forward - Tilt stick backwards, then to downwards and backward, then to downward, then to downwards and forward, then forward.
HCB - Half circle backward - Tilt stick forwards, then to downwards and forward, then to downward, then to downwards and backward, then backward.
DP - Dragon punch - Tilt stick forwards, then to downward, then to downward and forward.
360/FC - Full circle - Complete a full rotation of the stick.
720 - N/A - Complete a 720 degree rotation of the stick.
Charge - Hold a tilt - Hold the stick in either B or D (Depending) then move to F or U respectively.


+: Used between two other pieces of notation to signify that they should be performed at the same time
> (Sometimes -> or ,): Indicates the next part of a sequence
xx (Sometimes x): Used between two other pieces of notation to signify that the first should be cancelled (Interrupted earlier than it would finish otherwise) into the second
~: Indicates that the preceding action should link (immediately follow with) into the next action
/: Used to show when two or more options are available at that point in a sequence, invariably to show that they both produce similar if not identical results


EX: EX moves are given special properties requiring one bar of super meter.
J. : Jumping
C. : Crouching
CS. : Close Standing
FS. : Far Standing
Dmg: Damage

B’n’B Combos

All of these combos(Barring the last four) can be started with a J.HP/J.HK or SA lvl2/3 crumple

  1. C.LPx2 ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 176 Dmg, 280 Stun

  2. C.LPx2 ~ C.LK xx HP Straight Rush = 148 Dmg, 280 Stun

  3. C.MP xx HP Headbutt = 230 Dmg, 300 Stun

  4. C.MP xx HP Straight Rush = 190 Dmg, 300 Stun

  5. C.MK ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 228 Dmg, 310 Stun

  6. C.MK ~ C.LK xx HP Straight Rush = 196 Dmg, 310 Stun

  7. CS.HK ~ C.LK xx HP Straight Rush = 226 Dmg, 410 Stun

  8. CS.MK xx HP Straight Rush = 210 Dmg, 300 Stun

  9. HP/EX Overhead Rush ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 258 Dmg, 410 Stun

  10. HP/EX Overhead Rush ~ C.LK xx HP Straight Rush = 226 Dmg, 410 Stun

  11. HP/EX Overhead Rush ~ C.MP xx HP Headbutt = 298 Dmg, 460 Stun

  12. HP/EX Overhead Rush ~ C.MP xx HP Straight Rush = 266 Dmg, 460 Stun

Notes: The reason why I have added Straight Rush into the combos is that HP Headbutt whiffs on a CROUCHING Blanka no matter the situation. Headbutt will also whiff certain characters after HP/EX Overhead Rush.

Intermediate/Advanced Combos

Again all of these combos may begin with J.HP/J.HK or SA lvl2/3 crumple

  1. C.LPx2 ~ C.LK xx EX Rush Upper ~ C.LP ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 239 Dmg, 415 Stun

  2. C.MP xx EX Rush Upper ~ C.LP ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 323 Dmg, 495 Stun

  3. C.MK ~ C.LK xx EX Rush Upper ~ C.LP ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 308 Dmg, 475 Stun

  4. CS.HK ~ C.LK xx EX Rush Upper ~ C.LP ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 338 Dmg, 575 Stun

  5. CS.MK xx EX Rush Upper ~ C.LP ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 343 Dmg, 495 Stun

Notes: All of these combos require the target to be standing. EX Rush Upper will whiff on crouching opponents.

Overhead Rush Followups

Big Thanks to Jay Wang for putting together this easy to read pdf file!

Super and Ultra Combos

  1. C.MP xx HP Straight Rush xx Super = 466 Dmg, 300 Stun

  2. CS.HP xx Super = 465 Dmg, 200 Stun

  3. Lvl 1 TAP xx Super = 475 Dmg, 200 Stun



Would it be possible to take combo #1 and replace the headbutt with c.lp, ex rush upper for as many bars of EX as u have (let’s say the whole super bar for example), while throwing in the headbutt and possibly ultra at the end?

Also, which characters does c.lp x3,, headbutt/straight punch work on?

Yep you could do that but its generally a waste of meter as damage scaling is very steep in sfiv.

I’m not sure about everyone but I think c.lp x3,, headbutt/straight punch works on C.Viper, Zangief and the shotos…will confirm when I have console as I don’t use this combo in the arcade.

I believe that combo works on all those characters. When I do dash punch I always do it with Jab for some reason. The fierce has been too slow to link in some situations I think or I just might of been too slow. But when facing Zangief I dont recommend ending the combo ever with a dash punch. I believe he gets a free SPD. Also I believe that when you do Balrogs overhead punch you cant link the crouching short on a Balrog or Sagat. When fighting against Sagat I just do the overhead into crouching strong into dash punch. I have connected a headbutt after the crouching strong but im not sure who it works on under what circumstances. Also standing jab into low roundhouse will link as well on an opponent for a quick 2 hit combo.

Appreciate the help guys. Who are the player to look out for in Canada in sf4/hd remix?

Takes notes

EX Rush Upper eats through Gief’s lariat and can combo xx Headbutt -> Ultra for some nice punish.

It keeps him from spamming the move when you got meter just have to make sure you mix that in I think he can do the short one and do spd when you coming in to EX Upper

Not all the time, depends on when you do it and how far from Gief you start. If you start just before one of the lariat’s hitting frames from kinda far away, the lariat will hit you twice and break your armor before you can hit Gief.

Yeah if you don’t cancel quickly into the fierce dash punch it won’t combo. Gotta cancel early. Gief doesn’t get a free spd but you are at a -1 frames so if the gief is mashing on spd during combos then make sure you jump or dash back after. Definitely not a smart thing for gief to be doing to often. I’ll add the notes about the overhead and the s.jab > c.roundhouse soon. Thanks Keno

i use overhead,, on those chars. solid damage. u can c.rh if u want too.

balrog combos

wanted to know i anyone can offer any sage advice/guidance to using balrog…in terms of executing his combos. im new to sf…dont really know how to “cancel” a jab etc…and i dont know the right thumb placement to charge his punches…etc. been using him in sf hd remix for the 360…and executing his combos most of the time by accident. if anyone would have the patience to tell me the right way to execute combos it would be greatly appreciated. For instatnce…how my thumb should roll into combos…etc… ALSO. would it be better to get arcade for sf4 or the mad catz 6 button d=pad?

You must get the arcade tournament edition stick! I am willing to answer any of your questions and give you advice on Balrog. PM me and I can let you know everything.

keno is the nicest balrog player you will EVER meet…

one of SoCal’s finest :smiley:

Thx keno… oh btw…when i get stick…how would u prefer setting it up? on a coffee table or something. Placing on lap is terrible.


thx guys…much appreciated

Can u anti-air an opponent with the rush upper into super/ultra?

will not give you enough juggle time with rush upper… might as well headbutt ultra…

Dan you get better every time we play. I hardly EVER see you around. Its like once every week and a half. You just don’t get better out of nowhere. Where have you been training?

haha ever since my speeding ticket i haven’t had the urge to go to 94 (i come from irvine)… got the same one kai had…

since then i’ve been playing hdremix balrog for the fundamentals… i still try to go though… you just ain’t around :wink:

anywho… as soon as console comes out… we better be invited to ptown man… get some games in and party at your pad HAHA

SoCal represent :smiley: