Balrog Beginner Thread

Am a pad player and I really struggle with cancelling his dash straight into his super. Can someone also give some basic bnb’s to start learning Balrog. Thanks in advance.

instead of doing down back to forward, do it like you would throw a fireball and that’s your first qcf motion

Aight cheers for tip. Switched from the dpad to the analog stick and this seemes to work better for me. I will keep practicing.

Any good videos yet?

I just want meaties and frame traps like brain dead Ryu

They’re there for the taking - aren’t you being “brain dead” by not figuring them out? :wink:

yeah. All my focus is on preparing for college and, so, I don’t have the luxury of figuring things on my own like I used :confused:
Sucks because I find it the most fun hitting the lab for hours trying to find something concrete and improvising ideas; its, like, mining for gold. Uh, now I resort to videos. Videos I could’ve been making :frowning:

There’s a few on YouTube

Found this one by “Face”, pretty good.

Have Balrog any invincible moves for wake? (as DP)?

Nothing other than super, you can ex flash kick but it doesn’t have armor on start up so a meaty or throw will beat it.

Thx. Only block(

Is Balrog a charge character?

Can anyone explain how to do KKB into st. MP. I tried mindlessly spamming st. MP to get it to connect at the earliest possible moment and it just gets blocked 100% of the time.

Any suggestions on what i’m doing wrong would be awesome :slight_smile:

Before KKB is even done you hit MP. Almost immediately after KKB you have to decide follow up and stick with it.

Fightstick question, do you guys press mP+mK(Vskill) with thumb and middle. If so what buttons do you prefer to press to cancel the Vskill into a P/K? Find it a little awkward pressing Vskill then canceling into P/K.

I use my thumb and middle finger. I generally cancel into punch unless there is a specific reason to use the kick (fighting against charge characters or chronic crouch blockers). I find that the kick just telegraphs too much but it is +5 on hit so and can lead to some nice damage punish combos on projectile users especially if you have vtrigger. You cannot combo from the cancel into punch without a counterhit though it is still +2.

I don’t understand why they had to take away the headbutt. QQ

Head butt is v reversal