Balance requests for Ono

Ono-San please hear us out. Gouken received only fixes in his changes for 2012. Not really buffs. Only Denjin Hadoken was buffed in the changelog. Everything else was fixes.

You gave us a hit confirm in AE that did not work, which is now fixed in 2012. You gave us a worse Kongoshin where high kongoshin did not work well at all. You have fixed this in 2012. You took away the wrong Senkugoshoha in AE but put back the right Senkugoshoha for 2012. Also, new LP senkugoshoha had no range.

Gouken has never been good in all 3 version of this game so far. Why are you so afraid to make him average?

Please, on top of the fixes you did for 2012, make EX Tatsumaki Gorasen hit low. Make LP Senkugoshoha combo from maximum range crouching light kick. Close Standing Middle Kick should activate from farther away or make it a command normal (forward+middle kick). Increase block and hit stun on crouching middle punch so GoHadouken cannot be focused when comboing.

Also, some impressions of your fixes have them not working. Specifically, the hit confirm into EX Senkugoshoha still missing sometimes and jump ins still hitting HP counter.

Please make this character better.

1.** Make regular Tatsumaki Gorasen unpunishable on hit. Make it like EX Tatsumaki Gorasen or have it cause hard knockdown on all hits except the last one.**
2.[S] Fix our hit confirm to work off of neutral jump or cross up (close standing medium punch linked to crouch hard punch cancelled to EX Senkugoshoha[/S] FIXED!


  1. Crouching Light Kick to 4 frames
  2. Standing Far Light Kick to 3 frames and special cancellable
  3. Give Sakatsukudaki (Towards + Medium Punch) more hit stun


  1. Light Punch Senkugoshoha: Frame data the same, combo from crouching light kick max range - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
    [S]2. Extend Hard Punch Kongoshin activation box downward to cover more jump ins[/S] FIXED!
    3.** EX Tatsumaki Gorasen to hit crouching attackers and 3 frame startup - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE**
  2. Hyakki Gojin to hit overhead
  3. Faster charge for max charge gohadouken
  4. Hyakki Goheki recover in 4 frames

Allow Denjin to wall bounce juggle off of air hits

I like how you used the actual names for goukens moves. Im allways too lazy to look them up or remember them Im fine with the list I have no more suggestions! What about everyone else?!?

What about the new lp / old lp / mp Senkugoshoha? (Eliminating HP?)
Or will the adaptation to the new lp movement do the same job as the old lp?

people apparently want to keep HP palm so it was removed in favor of improving lp palm

A new thread for discussions? Don’t get me wrong I always appropriate attention and afford for the goal to make gouken more “usable”. In my opinion he really needs it… and deserves it as a legendary secret char.

I personally would be so happy to had a safer game… like cr. MP link into Hadou or as you mentioned the st. LK into specials…
A slightly faster recover time for the Kongo and the most important things…

Hit confirm, hit confirm hit confirm.
True block strings needed.

Jab, jab, LP Palm/ Tatsu

Even: LP, LK + special would make the wohle “more” usable than the whole risk guessing game. And I don’t mean “easier”

For the record: “Capcom/ono why do you do this to me? Why did you make the gameplay of Gouken so frustrating and extremly hard?”

/end of random whining, frustration. Thanks for attention…

I just want to be able to do Jab Jab Jab LP palm and I will be happy! Thats all I want for hit confirms along with standing mp goodness we will be set and solid.

my only additions:

re: overhead dive kick , trust me we dont want it back. somehow they will slow his gflip up to make it work.
if it was that Op in Vanilla we would have seen some kind of outcry against it back then.

Lol its already slow as hell. Well tell Reipin to add in to keep it the same but to add overhead properties to it.

Have you guys checked out this thread, its pretty interesting lol

Gouken is in favor of Major buffs lol

i have a feeling im not going to be happy with gouken after this rebalance…

It doesn’t matter if you chain 3 cr.lp in a row so long as you LINK the st far lk you can cancel.

Chains cannot cancel buy if you LINK the last hit you can special cancel.

Well given the last two attempts to rebalance Gouken, I don’t blame you.

No matter what happens I will still play gouken. He will just end up becomming my secondary character if he dont get any better or is he gets worse. Right now im trying to find a more solid character to learn along side gouken.

hmmmmm Ken? Abel? Ryu? Dudley? Eh I might just main RYU. Hes very solid ^_^. Gouken and RYU hmmm I like that team.

dont get me wrong i will always play the old man, i will just have to surmount whatever the hell they throw at me this time.

Despite all the information we make readily available to Capcom, we’ll just get some random obscure change on a move that was fine as is while all of Gouken’s glaring flaws remain broken.

That’s what I predict :frowning:

as long as they leave glfip and backthrow , jmp>air tatsu, and sweep and all their respective properties intact i will take whatever they dish out

Flip Kick being an overhead again? Are you serious?

Actually links from cr.lp why wouldn’t a 3 frame

Some people seem to want it. I’m not a fan, good players know to attack a flip, the others know how to block high and a sweep/throw give no advantage to Gouken. We’re not Akuma. We also don’t get a nighty little armor break/hard knockdown recover in time for more shenaningans/safe jumping fist of doom.

So what are you "you serious"ing about?

i still want to cancel into tatsu, shit even far mk, cr.lp>>>>tatsu would be sick as fuck.
given the way it seems CAPCOM does their shit my requests may be the ones silently honored…i may even put money down on it.
for his 2 st kicks to link to tatsu make tatsue a formiddable weapon. they dont cost many man hours to change programming wise and they require no new animation or truncation of any existing code.

watch closely for these …